The Big Book of Relationship Red Flags

The Big Book of Relationship Red Flags

by Anna Moss


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The Big Book of Relationship Red Flags by Anna Moss

Dysfunctional Relationship? 458 Pages To "OMG"

"What is wrong with me that I have attracted this sick man into my life?"
"Nothing is wrong with you, except that you have been targeted by a predator."
Are you typey-classic, attractive, archetypal? The Perfect Gentleman wants to make you into his dream woman.
Are you burdened-busy, overextended, stressed? The Great Guy shows up to save the day, then uses you as his ticket to a long vaca.
Are you hardworking-responsible, loyal, trusting? The Wounded Man wants you to make all his troubles disappear.
Are you successful-accomplished, connected, secure? The Fun Seeker has his eye on your address book and your bank account.
These scenarios entrap good girls and wonderful women all day long. Why? Because they never see it coming.
The tools of social predators are powerful-that's why they work. They get in because they are unseen-that's how they destroy.
It's where love causes pain, effort yields failure and tears bring torment. Logic does not apply, intuition does not help and appeals to conscience fall on deaf ears!
"The Other Cancer"
Abusive relationships, "the other cancer," strike at the same rate as the biological disease-and they reoccur if conditions don't change.
Using neuroscience, psychology and discernment, Moss reveals how a woman becomes prey for a predator and what to do about it.
RELATIONSHIP RED FLAGS brings context, insight, strategy and encouragement to bear on the exponential increase of interpersonal abuse. Moss does not give relationship advice, rather she shows how relationship literacy opens eyes and saves lives.
Abused No More
No one is born to be mistreated. If you think you're doomed, ruined or have failed because of domestic violence, dating abuse or a psychopathic bond, think again. If you've got a pulse, you've got a chance.
This guide explores abuse fundamentals, weaponized behaviors, intensifying techniques, psychological concepts, mindset dynamics, myths of conventional wisdom, neuroscience, self assessment, exit strategies, resources, stories and statistics.
Different From Other Relationship Books
In the words of one reader, "She goes deeper into it than any other book on the subject."
A former technical writer, Moss draws on firsthand experience, critical thinking and nerves of steel to decode the human evil in abuse. And she comes out swinging:
Taking issue with established practices that perpetuate abuse.
Exposing the "financial death penalty" dealt to many women.
Making the case for a definitive response to perpetrators.
Hammering home the connection between animal cruelty and domestic violence.
Offering solutions individuals and communities can implement at little or no cost.
No Substitute for Experience
This guide delivers over 400 detailed examples from real life-with no extrapolation and no sugar coating.
The untouched will see what could be in store for her (domestic abuse), her children (family violence), her pets or livestock (animal torture), her assets (financial control), her social life (isolation), her work life (sabotage) and much more. Those who have been touched will get clarity, compassion and validation. All will receive new tools for their relationship toolbox.
Turning the Tables
By the last page of the book, you will be equipped to detect potential red flags in any setting. Walking down the street, reading the news, attending a class and sitting in a restaurant will become revelatory. You will not only be reading people, you will be connecting the dots and developing discernment.
Two things will start to happen: the cast of characters in your life and all of your relationships will change-for the better. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen.
Not one woman in a thousand possesses this knowledge-be one.

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ISBN-13: 9780615908427
Publisher: Saxony Hill Press
Publication date: 02/13/2014
Pages: 460
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Anna Moss spent 22 months in a violent marriage. She spent the following 74 months studying the links between self image, abuse, fear, shame, recovery and relationship pathology.

Author of the 5-book Red Flags Series, her newest book is RELATIONSHIP RED FLAGS, (Saxony Hill Press, 2014).

Anna writes from experience and research. She resides in the mountains of the great American west with her surviving animals.

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