The Bleeding Worlds Book One: Harbinger

The Bleeding Worlds Book One: Harbinger

by Justus R Stone


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Our reality is founded on secrets. Beings with god-like powers pass through society unnoticed. Some aim to protect us. Others seek our destruction.

Guided by prophecies and twisted beliefs, they all watch for the Harbinger. Many believe it heralds the ultimate end, Ragnarok. A select few see it as a tool to manipulate creation itself.

Gwynn Dormath knows none of this. He's a barely noticed kid going through the motions of his every day.

That comes to a halt when Sophia sits down across from him.

For years, Gwynn has admired her from afar.

When the most shocking words he can imagine come from her mouth, he knows his world is forever changing.

It begins with a simple date. A date which ends in explosive tragedy.

Injured, confused, Gwynn realizes he sees things no one else can. He begins wielding powers no human should. The world is cracking open, its secrets bleeding out.

In those secrets lay the revelation of grave danger. Forbidden agents of darkness gather, intent on killing thousands of worlds. And they believe Gwynn Dormath is the Harbinger.

Combining his love of anime, light novels, and mythology, The Bleeding Worlds is the first novel series by YouTuber Justus R. Stone.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780995969742
Publisher: Red Bucket Publishing
Publication date: 05/20/2019
Series: Bleeding Worlds , #1
Pages: 266
Sales rank: 879,810
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Justus R. Stone's writing combines his fandom of light novels, anime, video games, and mythology. His first series, The Bleeding Worlds, is a very anime-esque retelling of the Norse end-times myth Ragnarok.

In addition to writing, he runs a YouTube channel ( dedicated to his love of light novels (the source material for numerous anime and manga). He posts several videos, including news, reviews, and podcasts, on a weekly basis.

Justus R. Stone was born, raised, and still lives in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. He loves interacting with fans, so he can be found on numerous social media platforms, but posts most often to Twitter and YouTube.

Table of Contents

The Fine Line Between Dreams and Nightmares

Be Warned of Another’s Woe

Touching the Maelstrom

Tales From the Past

Instrument of the Shadows

Luck Only Lasts So Long

The Girl He Used to Know

The Script of Creation

Closets Never Stay Closed

The Man on the Other Side of the World

Grasping at an Offered Hand

Refusing Destiny

Reaching for the Moon

The Sword of Sorrow

The Workings of the Soul

Places You Can’t Go Back To

Questions of Trust

Shaping Reality

The Blood of Others

So Close, Yet Worlds Apart

The Truth Too Hard to Face


The Family He Never Knew


Facing Betrayal

The Children of Odin

The Dragon that Fed on the World

Closing Doors


About the Author

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