The Blood King

The Blood King

by Liz Long


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ISBN-13: 9781984237965
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/31/2018
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

Liz Long is a USA Today bestselling author of 11 independently published works and is an editor for a magazine publisher in Roanoke, VA. She is also a public speaker, covering topics such as self-publishing and magazine writing. To learn more about Liz, including info on her books, plus writing, marketing and social media tips, and writer pep talks, visit her website at

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The Blood King 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Candice_S 4 months ago
Full disclosure - I totally thought I had this book figured out pretty early on, and then BAM - no I DID NOT. Which is to say, I ended up super enjoying this book, despite the fact that it is not my usual genre at all. Some days you just need to read something that is outside what you would normally read, and this was the perfect book for that. Liz writes wonderfully developed, human characters, and I quickly fell in love with Reina - so much so that I am now deeply curious to check out book 2 to see what happens next. I loved the action and mystery, and I found I didn't even mind the bits of romance sprinkled in. More than that, I loved the parallels between the current state of affairs in the US and the storyline in the book - it somehow makes the story all the more believable, dystopian or not (I don't know if that is a good thing!) For me as a reader, I just really enjoy being able to connect with a story, which I absolutely did here. Overall, I think this is going to be one of those series that takes right off, because once you are in, you are HOOKED. Pick up the first book friends, you will want to be hooked on this one!
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
I liked the premise of this story quite a bit, but there were times when it lagged a bit for me. With that being said, there were parts that sped along a little too fast. I enjoyed most of the characters, but the romances/attractions were fast and felt forced. Reina seemed to jump from one person to the next too easily. So, it was hard to believe in them as actual meaningful relationships. The King was intriguing, and I hate to say that because the dude is evil, but at the same time, it was hard not to pay attention to him. He's a wild card. You just never knew what to expect from him. Aspects of this story certainly were intriguing. I'm curious to see where it goes. While this book may not have been a favorite, I love this author's work! If you haven't checked her out yet, you really need to! The ARC of The Blood King by Liz Long was kindly provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.
EGRGRY More than 1 year ago
A year ago you could have told me that dystopian was dead and I may have finally believed you. Every possible story I could think of had been told and honestly overdone. But then came the incredible Liz Long. With two wildly successful series now under her belt and completed, I have to say that althought I was beyond excited for new words from Long, I was leery about those words being in the dystopian genre. It may have taken some mental convincing, but by the end of chapter one, I was sold. Save a space on your shelves between The Hunger Games and Divergent, there's a new dystopian series ready to fill that spot! The Brighton Duology is shaping up to be Long's very best work to-date. It's fast-paced and an edge-of-your-seat thriller from the word go. This one is entirely binge-worthy and will leave you chomping at the bit for the series completion. The plot is fresh with characters that really steal the show. Our MC Reina is a breath of fresh air to the YA world. Diverse and unique, I couldn't commend Long enough for writing characters that are reflective of today's society. That being said, this read does have some LGBT+ themes, however that is merely a disclaimer and in no way effected my views on the novel. In fact, if anything it made me appreciate it even more. Not only does Long write a great MC, she also gives us one of the most compelling villains I have seen in young adult literature in quite some time. King Magnus is as cunning as he is terrifying. His essence jumps right off the page and into your heart as you read the terrifying future he's created in Reina's world. Don't write off dystopian quite yet, I highly recommend THE BLOOD KING to any reader of YA, dystopian, sci-fi, or really anyone looking for a read that's new and exciting to ad to your TBR. This is definitely something that'll leave you talking. Get ready for the greatest adventure with Liz Long yet. THE BLOOD KING is a bloody good read. FIVE STARS!