The Boardwalkers: Second Edition Redux

The Boardwalkers: Second Edition Redux

by Frederick Schofield

Paperback(Second Edition Redux)

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IN THE FABLED PLAYGROUND CALLED ATLANTIC CITY, where Frederick Schofield colorfully defended the accused, this fast-paced legal thriller and who-dun-it reveals the resort's underbelly. A gripping saga unfolds as a young immigrant rises through Mafia ranks, a respected criminal lawyer finds himself charged with gruesome murder, and a strong-willed female prosecutor delivers unwavering justice.

Seventy salty years of Atlantic City are exposed from prohibition to the birth of casino glitter palaces. Here you learn of true love from a killer with a heart, search for your soul among the soulless, and hope to snare a murderer before it is too late. So, put on flip-flops. Join lawyers, judges, cops, hoods, players, preachers, street angels—the good and the gutter snipes—in pleasure reading that is perfect for any beach, airport, hearth, or comfort zone.

Deadly Intrigue, Drama, Turmoil plus Action and Adventure make Boardwalkers a titillating read!! This is stunning and emotional. One you will never forget. On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, down by the sea the reader will find a variety of three dimensional characters with human flaws, complex personalities sharing dynamic experiences that will lead to tangled web of secrets, lies and murder. This book is filled with plenty of twists and turns that will keep your attention while you try to workout all the details. A trial lawyer's wife is found murdered. All clues point to the lawyer who claims innocence. Intrigue is heightened to spiraling proportions with thrills and chills around every corner.

This story is so well written that the reader will feel as if you are right there with the Boardwalkers in the midst of the action. A Highly Recommended Read!! Certified Kindle review.

"Grabs you from the first page." —Book Dealers World

"A 70-year story told from firsthand knowledge of that came from defending a special breed of clients. He tells you about it in a wonderfully written book!." — Pelzer, Altovise Talk Radio Program

"Schofield tells a spellbinder." —The Tampa Tribune

"Thoroughly enjoyed! A terrific legal thriller and murder mystery that is really well written." —Dale Thornberry, Veterans Radio

"Captivating stories." —Writers Life Magazine

"Schofield is fun. He's entertaining. A storyteller." —The Press of Atlantic City

"A great tale about our town." —Pinky Kravits, WOND-AM, Atlantic Cit
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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734702439
Publisher: Beach Books Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 03/25/2020
Edition description: Second Edition Redux
Pages: 362
Sales rank: 873,457
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Savor a dream. In it, legal thriller king John Grisham mates with romance genre queen Nora Roberts. Later that night—because it’s only a dream—she wraps with mob master Mario Puzo or is it thriller titan Tom Clancy? Anyway, the child they spawn creates easy reads: entertainment that’s perfect for any beach, hearth, or comfort zone.

Frederick Schofield delivers those tales. The former trial lawyer, who colorfully prosecuted and defended, is a U.S. Marine combat veteran. He shares a wealth of tales in light reads that are flavored with intrigue, mystery, suspense, a smidge of romance, and a dash of humor.

Frederick Schofield originally penned two stories that were extremely well reviewed years ago. The little publishing house that released them sold 20,000 Schofield books before going belly up. Unfortunately, the author became heavily engaged in a criminal law practice and never pursued the works further.

In years that followed, a certain following clamored for Schofield's "A Run to Hell" and "The Boardwalkers." Indeed, as we readied to release the Second Editions in 2020, booksellers were selling a few remaining new First Editions on Amazon at remarkable prices between $700 and $952.

Schofield was decorated for valor under enemy fire as a United States Marine and receives VA care for combat-connected conditions. More recently, while recovering from surgeries, he was convinced to look at his material. We're so glad he did.

"A Run to Hell" and "The Boardwalkers" are retold with a fresh look and feel that sets these two stories afire. Strong female and male characters are contemporary. The plot lines remain as one press reviewer hailed: "compelling" and "fun." The language and phrasing are just as a five-star reviewer lauded: "unique and original."

We're proud to present these great Second-Editions. They're also perfect in front of a fireplace or in any comfort zone. As our author says: "Enjoy taking A Run to Hell" and "look over your shoulder when you stroll with The Boardwalkers."

Aloha from my desk in Honolulu!

Wendy Ching

Beach Books Publishing, LLC
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