The Book of Tree Spells

The Book of Tree Spells

by Cheralyn Darcey

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Powerful nature magick is yours when you learn the mystical way of the trees and listen well to their beautiful wisdom. This book of divine tree spells from the forests, plains, mountains, and fields will enrich your life with the support, strength, and balance of dedicated and time-honored botanical magick.

The book includes:

  • 60 sacred faery spells
  • Spell-crafting basics
  • Magickal gardening tips
  • Dedicated lessons on how to write your own spells
  • A personal grimoire journal section

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ISBN-13: 9781925682885
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2019
Series: Spellbook Series , #4
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 361,658
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 7.30(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Cheralyn Darcey is an environmental artist, flower therapist, and teacher who has had a lifelong connection with the spiritual and healing properties of plants. Her art has featured in workshops, exhibitions, art prizes and publications internationally for the last 30 years. She was a selected Environmental Artist in Residence at the International Environment Convention 2011 and has presented at the Australian Museum and was an Artist in Residence during the Year of Biodiversity. She is a sought after Oracle reader and Tarot teacher runs workshops in Art & Journaling Techniques and presents workshops using flowers to provide healing and guidance.

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What Is a Spell and How Does It Work?

A spell is a combination of ingredients, tools, actions and focus which come together energetically to create change. Timings (when you cast your spell) can also be observed to ensure added power. These timings can be moon or astrological phases, seasonal times and also correspondences that connect with days of the week or hours of the day or night.

I have included simple, broad timings in this book for moon phase, day of the week and time of day. Observing these will give your spellwork a boost because working in line with the time of Nature is working in synchronicity with what is going on around you and provides stronger focus for your intentions.

The ingredients you gather together to create the spell will all have correspondences to your intention. In a way, they illustrate what it is that you want to happen. They will support the things you wish to happen because they have similar meanings and energies. These meanings and energies may also assist you in removing something. Correspondences also help us find substitute ingredients for our spells when what is written is not available, and I will give you my suggestions with each spell.

For more information about timings and correspondences, see Section 3: How to Create Your Own Tree Spells.

Tools are additional items that you can use to help create your spell. Here are just a few examples of tools used in spellcrafting and casting: cloths to set up your spell on, usually in colours which align with the energy of the spell; wands and staffs to direct and enhance energies; divination tools such as tarot and oracle cards; and crystal balls, pendulums and runes to provide clarity. Bells, music and musical instruments such as drums express your intentions. You may also require practical items such as glasses, cups, vases, bowls and cutting tools.

The way you put a spell together; the words you may recite and the things you actually do to cast your spell are the actions that bring it all together. These focus your intention, put you squarely in front of the path of outcome and strengthen the relationship between the energies of the ingredients and tools you are using. These all combine to raise energy in order for magick to happen.


Not many things in life work all the time. External factors influence them; maybe they are not put together properly; sometimes it's just not meant to be. I'm sitting here writing my book for you on my laptop. I love my little computer, but it's rather clunky at times and has had its moments. It closes down for no apparent reason, loses files, can't be bothered accepting my AirDrops and decides I need to look at every file with a certain keyword except the one I want. It appears to have a mind of its own.

You cannot change another person's free will and this is also why spells do not work at times. Perhaps the consequence of the spell will adversely affect another or counter their stronger will, which you might not even be aware of. Another reason a spell may not work is because other energies have greater strength at that moment or they may in fact be leading you to a better eventual outcome.

Spells work because the person creating and casting them fully believes in what they are doing and has a strong, focused intention with a good connection to the energies of their spell and the outcome. While perhaps changing things for personal benefit, the outcome is still generally in keeping with a good outcome for all involved without forcibly changing anyone's free will.


When you are using the spells in this book, please ensure you do so safely – and that's not just keeping burning candles well attended. Working with energies to create magick requires you to take responsibility for what you are doing, for yourself and the world you live in. There are many ways you can do this and there are also ways of life and beliefs which have their own rituals that ensure safety and power in spellcasting.

Most include a way to protect yourself and those around you. A way to mark the beginning of the spell or opening the space is usually next. There will be words, meditation, music, chants or actions which will help you focus on the task at hand and then there will be a way to release the energy, perhaps to give thanks and to close the space. This is a simple and safe way to cast a spell, but you must also read the section Working Magickly with Trees, pages 7–9, to ensure you are working with care and honour.


I have suggested a moon phase, a day of the week and a time of day to create each spell. These timings are when the energies are in line with the intentions of your spell, so they will give your magickal work additional power. However these suggestions should be seen as a guide only; sometimes a spell is needed immediately and it's best not to wait.

Protect and Open

Before you can begin, it's important to establish protection from negative energies. There are various ways you can achieve this but whatever way you use, make sure you always do it. You may wish to use a smudging method by burning sage or various other plants, or by spraying with a smudging mist. You can also visualise or draw a circle around you and your spell with your finger in the air, then fill your circle with white light. If you are aligned with certain deities, elementals or guides you may wish to ask for their assistance in providing protections as well. A very simple and effective protection method is to light a white candle while visualising the light cleansing, clearing and protecting.

Focus Intention

Sit or stand still for a long moment and imagine your outcome. Really see it in your mind and complete your picture with exact times, places and events. At this time, before you cast your spell, you may like to write your intention down and say it out loud to get yourself fully focused and your energy aligned with what you are about to create.

Cast Spell

In each of the tree spells I have shared with you, I have set out very specific steps to create your spell and explained why I've used them. In the final section, I've provided instruction on creating your own spells. 'Casting your spell' is simply what you do to make the spell happen. While casting your spell, you must maintain your focus on your intention.

Release, Close and Ground

Once you have completed your spell, you will need to release the power you have raised in creating it. Releasing the spell will be explained in each spell I share with you, but you can also do this by simply saying: 'I release the power I have raised' or 'It is done' or by putting out your white candle if lit.

'Grounding' is the way you bring yourself back from your spellcasting time. Clapping your hands, ringing a bell or placing your bare feet or hands on the earth are all ways to ground.


» Step one: plant a tree.

» Step two: look after it.

I believe that you can't truly know something unless you do it yourself. And you can't just do it once then forget about it or hire someone to do it for you. In magick this is even more relevant.

There is real magick in doing and in following up and caring for plants. I know as I've seen it for myself and others have written about it for centuries, and I'm sure you have your own experiences as well.

If you do not have a garden, plant the tree somewhere else! Simple. There are no excuses: even in our largest cities there are community gardens, tree-planting days and nature regeneration programs. Go on: off you go and do it now! When you come back I promise you will have the magick right there in your hands.

It's living in the dirt under your nails, it lingers in the scent of leaves in your hair and it lives in the energy you exchanged when you held that plant and put it in the earth. It will grow stronger with each day you check on your tree friend, when you quench its thirst, feed its roots and protect it from harm. When you sit with it and chat, but especially when you are quiet and just listen.

Go and spend time with the family and friends of this tree. Walk through forests; lie under the branches of that tree in the park; stop by the street tree and say hello.

You are now working magickly with trees.


Tools and magickal ingredients can be obtained from bricks-and-mortar stores and online, but always be guided by your feelings when making purchases. Make sure you feel comfortable and positive about these businesses because their energies will transfer.

Anything that comes into your space to use for spellwork has passed through various other hands and should be magickly cleansed. Do this by placing the items under running water, smudging with smoke or placing them underground in suitable wrapping or a container for a night.

Magick harvest

Often, people worry about using flowers, leaves and other organic ingredients in spells because of taking them from living plants for their own needs, and I would say that these botanical treasures are just as precious as the salad you had for lunch. Most of us never give that a second thought, but you should. You should be grateful, mindful and concerned about how the bounty of nature has landed on your plate and you should be giving thanks and giving back to nature in some way as an offering for this kind of physical support.

When obtaining botanical ingredients for magick – or plants and their treasures for any use – you should always follow these steps:

» Never harm the plant. Learn how to harvest each type of plant properly.

» Never take more than you need or have a use for. Leave some for the next person, animal or time.

» Never harvest more than the plant can sustain sharing. You may need to find another plant or source.

» Step lightly in the environment you find yourself in. Be mindful of your actions and their possible outcomes.

» Give back to Nature more than you take. Plant more than you take or help Nature in some way.

» Share what it is you have been blessed with. You could share your harvest, creation or knowledge.

Create a Magick Proxy Tree

If a spell calls for you to work with a living, growing tree and you do not have access to one, then you may like to create a magick proxy tree instead. All trees, plants and their flowers are connected energetically, and you can call this energy to you. To make it, use a fallen branch of any tree stuck into the earth, with the image of the tree you wish to work with before it, together with any botanicals derived from it (such as oils, essences, leaves and bark) that you have been able to locate. Size will not matter. Once you've created it, say:

Brother, sister, old tree I have faith,
Find the energy of Bodhi,
And bring here to this place.


A Collection of Tree Spells


Maple Tree Positive Energy Spell

Maples are generally found in temperate northern regions and occasionally subtropical areas of Asia. Mostly deciduous, there are more than 100 species of Maple as well as numerous cultivars.

As well as being a very effective positive energy encourager, Maple leaves can be used in love spells and spells that are crafted to attract abundance and success. The name of this genus, Acer, means 'sharp' and refers to the use of the wood to make spears. It may also refer to the shape of the leaves. This spell will create a handy happiness booster essence that will last for about a week on the shelf or a month in the refrigerator.


Full Moon, Sunday, Midday

Find and Gather

» a yellow cloth

» a clear glass or crystal bowl – it is preferable to obtain a bowl that you will only use for the making of essences

» 1 cup of rainwater/water

» 4 Maple leaves (Acer spp.)

» a glass misting bottle

The Spell

Find a place, ideally outside, where you can leave your essence for a good hour in full sunlight. Lay out your yellow cloth and then place the bowl on it. Slowly pour the water into the bowl and say:

Sparkle water,
Dance in the sun.
Take in the joy,
A new day begun.

Put the Maple leaves into the water one by one, each time saying:

With Maple,
Positive energy be,
With this leaf,
Positive energy free.

Place the essence and leaves in the sunlight for an hour and then strain into the misting bottle. Use each morning in the air of your space (home/work) and repeat the second chant each time. The leaves should be buried in a spot that always has sunshine upon it during the day.

* * *

Passing a baby or young child through the branches of a Maple tree will ensure they have a long, happy and healthy life.

* * *

Will it rain? If you are lucky enough to be in the vicinity of Maple trees, look at their leaves. If they have turned so that their underside is seen, then a downpour is imminent.

Cedar Tree Gain Control Spell

Although there are many trees bearing the common name 'Cedar', there are only four true Cedars in the world and these are of the Cedrus genus. Perhaps the best-known is the Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani), a majestic tree that has been revered since ancient times and is today widely grown as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens.

The use of cedar in this spell will assist in not only regaining control of situations and yourself by imparting calming energies, clearing and offering protection, but also by providing the strength and wisdom of this large and ancient tree.

Spell boxes can be created for any purpose and are good for issues you feel may be recurring. If you find that at times you lose yourself, emotions or power over situations, then this spell could provide you with a valuable tool.


Waxing Moon, Tuesday, Midday

Find and Gather

» a black Orchid (Trichoglottis brachiata) or any species of Orchid that has a dark colour

» Cedar (Cedrus spp.) essential oil

» a small, plain wooden box with a lid – if you can find a Cedarwood box that would be perfect!

» a white fabric bag or cloth to place box in

The Spell

First, let your Orchid dry out completely. This will take about a week.

Place the dried Orchid and the essential oil into your box and say:

In you go, one and then one,
Together combined, for the work to be done.
Close the lid and say:
Magickal box,
Hold and calm,
Bring steady control,
With a thrice times roll.

Rub three drops of the Cedar oil on each side of the box and the lid.

Close and roll it over three times in your hands. Put the box in the white fabric bag/cloth then find a dark, quiet place to keep it. When you would like to experience the magick of your spell to assist in gaining control of a new (or even an old) situation, take the box out and repeat the chant, then roll the box three times.

* * *

Used by the Ancient Egyptians for embalming, Cedar oil and wood was prized throughout the ancient world as being incorruptible and therefore sacred. The wood has often been used in the making of boxes for the safekeeping of sacred or valuable texts as well as in the building of religious temples.

* * *

The essential oil gained from Cedar is believed to be the very first oil that humans distilled. It is used for its calming, soothing and rejuvenating properties as well as being a very good antiseptic.

Lemon Tree Inspire Joy Spell

Citrus trees originated in south-east Asia from just three types: the mandarin, the pomelo and the citron, so what you find in the citrus world today is the result of years of cultivation and hybridisation. This is thanks to the rare ability citrus trees have to mutate easily as well as the sexual compatibility between the species.

Lemon trees are naturally uplifting and provide a measure of protection as well. This uplifting spell creates a beautiful candle that you could add a gorgeous golden ribbon to and gift to someone needing more joy in their life. Lemon is well known for its cleansing properties so its use will not only impart sparkling joy but clear away dank and dark energies as well.


Waxing Moon, Friday, Evening

Find and Gather

» a Lemon (Citrus × limon)

» a small Lemon tree leaf

» wax/baking paper

» a large yellow or other light-coloured pillar candle

» a white taper candle

» a metal spoon

The Spell

Finely grate the zest of the Lemon (just the yellow outer skin) and then air-dry on a plate for a few days before using. Dry the leaf in the same way for a few weeks or by using a flower press. Lay out the wax/baking paper on a heat-proof surface to protect your work area and your candle. Set the pillar candle on the paper. Light the taper candle and drip wax onto the pillar candle. You will need to spread the wax very quickly with the back of the metal spoon. Press the Lemon leaf into the wet wax onto the pillar candle and then melt a little more wax over the top of the leaf and spread with the spoon.

When you have finished, say:

Lemon tree bright,
Clear and make right,
Joy each time,
Your wick is alight.

Once you are happy with the result, melt more taper wax and cover the pillar candle with the dried Lemon zest, finishing with a layer of wax to seal and using the metal spoon to gently spread and push down the pieces into the wax.

To bring joy into an area, to an occasion or a situation, simply light your candle.

* * *

While you are drying Lemon zest, you might want to make extra as it is a powerful love charm spell ingredient to help win the affection of the one you desire. The leaves are said to inspire lust when added to teas.

* * *

To honour the love of your life and to ensure the longevity of your relationship, grow a Lemon tree from a pip and give it to them.

Bodhi Tree Healing Spell

The Bodhi tree can live up to 2000 years and this attribute may have created its status as a sacred and holy tree in many religions in its native homelands of south-east Asia and India. This is the tree that the Buddha sat beneath when reaching enlightenment.

Bodhi will help you find personal healing. This spell is a walking spell; a way to raise energy to facilitate change. Doing this, as well as focusing energy with a simple meditation on your outcome, will help create a very good all-round healing spell. This could be used to heal rifts in relationships as well as offer support for physical, emotional and mental healing.


Excerpted from "The Book of Tree Spells"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Cheralyn Darcey.
Excerpted by permission of Rockpool Publishing Pty Ltd.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

How to Use This Book,
SECTION ONE: What Is a Spell and How Does It Work?,
SECTION TWO: A Collection of Tree Spells,
Tree Spells for Balance and Harmony,
Tree Spells for Modern Problems,
Tree Spells for Relationships and Love,
Tree Spells for Change and Empowerment,
Tree Spells for Purpose and Paths,
Tree Spells for the Earth and Life,
SECTION THREE: How to Create Your Own Tree Spells,
Your Tree Spell Journal,
Glossary of Magickal and Botanical Terms,
Image Credits,
About the Author,

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