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The Book of Wizard Parties: In Which the Wizard Shares the Secrets of Creating Enchanted Gatherings

The Book of Wizard Parties: In Which the Wizard Shares the Secrets of Creating Enchanted Gatherings

Hardcover(Bonded Leather)

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You’re invited . . . to learn the Wizard’s secrets for creating fantastical and enchanting parties!
Every sorcerer worth his wand knows you don't spend all your time doing good deeds and making magic by yourself. You get together with other magicians to have fun, too! So the Wizard is sharing his tricks for throwing great theme parties and seasonal celebrations. Construct a Throne of the Realm for Merlin's Birthday Parley, build a Merry Maypole for a Welcome Springtime Fairy Frolic, munch marvelous Mandrake Cupcakes, and much more!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781454935490
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books
Publication date: 09/03/2019
Series: Books of Wizard Craft Series , #2
Edition description: Bonded Leather
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 371,664
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

About the Illustrator: Marla Baggetta received her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Art Center College of Design. She now lives in West Linn, OR, with her husband and two sons. Visit her at

Table of Contents

Introduction by the Wizard, & How to Use This Book6
Including Some Thoughts on Party Giving and Going8
You're Invited! How to Make Fantastic Invitations9
Chapter IAlchemists' Gathering
Magical Things to Make & Marvelous Things to Do
Party Decorations12
Alchemist's Laboratory12
Portable Cauldron13
Dance of the Spheres Centerpiece14
Alchemist's Robe15
Alchemist's Safety Gloves16
Alchemist's Spell Catcher Safety Goggles16
Wizard's Magic Flowers18
Alchemist's Gold with Handy Sorcerer's Pouch19
Fun Recipes for Young Alchemists: Potions, Slimes, and Dazzlers20
Wurm Slime20
Dragon's Blood Potion20
Presto, Change-O Potion21
Fairy Rose Water22
Orange Peel Fireworks22
Nebuchadnezzar's Incense22
Song of the Spoons22
Gold-Oh! Alchemists' Game23
Bubbling Elixir of Life Layer Cake25
Magic Chameleon Eggs25
Smoking Alchemist's Brew26
Storytelling Time
The Story of King Midas27
Alchemists I Have Known26
Chapter IIChinese Dragon Fete
Magical Things to Make & Marvelous Things to Do
Party Decorations30
Chinese Lanterns31
Chinese Wizard's Robe32
Dragon Staff33
Fighting Dragon Hand Puppet35
Dragon Claw Power Jewelry37
Dragon Queen Scales38
Message from the Dragon Game39
Magical Imprisonment of the Dragon's Egg40
Dragon Cookies41
Devilled Dragon Eggs42
Dragon's Breath Draught42
Storytelling Time
Dragons in History43
Handy Basilisk Protection Device44
The Story of Hoa, Achina, and the Dragon's Pearl45
Chapter IIIMerlin's Birthday Parley
Magical Things to Make & Marvelous Things to Do
Parley Decorations48
King Arthur's Castle48
Royal Coat of Arms50
Throne of the Realm51
Treasure Grail52
Merlin's Robe53
Morgan le Fay, Queen of the Fairies Robe54
Fillet Crown55
Magic Dagger56
Merlin Commands57
Merlin's All-Seeing Eye57
Musical Throne of the Realm58
Search for the Grail Treasure Hunt58
Ladon's Apple Cake58
Pegasus's Caramel Apples59
Sword in the Stone Icy Treats60
Lady of the Lake Spicy Cider60
Storytelling Time
The Story of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone, as told by Merlin Himself60
Merlin, My Magical Friend61
Chapter IVOpen, Sesame! Aladdin's Cave Party
Magical Things to Make & Marvelous Things to Do
Party Decorations64
Aladdin's Treasure Chest64
Magic Carpets65
Desert Wizard Robe and Headdress66
Genie Bottle67
Genie Command Ring68
Aladdin's Tent Game69
Reading Palms for Fun70
Genie Hummus and Toasted Pita Bread72
Swordplay Shish Kebabs with Dip73
Oasis Punch74
Storytelling Time
The Legend of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves74
Chapter VWelcome Springtime Fairy Frolic
Magical Things to Make & Marvelous Things to Do
Party Decoration78
Good Magic Flower Power Robe78
Merry Maypole80
Decorated Beastie Egg Centerpiece81
Fairy Wristlet82
Fairy Wings and Wands83
Jack O'the Woods Mask84
Maypole Song and Dance85
Fairies, Flowers, and Fortune-Telling86
Mandrake Cupcakes87
Lavender Lemonade87
Candied Violets and Rose Petal Candy88
Storytelling Time
The Story of Tamlin, Andreana, and the Fairy Queen89
Chapter VIEgyptian Summer Solstice Party
Mgical Things to Make & Marvelous Things to Do
Party Decorations92
Egyptian Sorcerer's Tunic92
Egyptian Collar94
Egyptian Staff with Anubis Head96
Pyramid Power97
Sugar Cube Pyramids97
Paper Pyramids98
Egyptian Fortune Catcher99
Secret Messages and Other Sun Power Games100
Egyptian Dice and Dice Games101
The Yes/No Pendulum Game103
Sand Patties104
Ra Herbal Sun Tea104
Storytelling Time
The Pharaoh's Final Rest, as Told by the Wizard105
Chapter VIISpirited Druid Halloween Gathering
Magical Things to Make & Marvelous Things to Do
Party Decorations108
Druid Robe109
Goddess of Beauty Robe with Magic Girdle109
Celtic Jewelry111
Turnip Toss113
Cabbage Bowling114
Druid Apple Ducking115
Magic Nuts Tic Tac Toe115
Ghost Pizza116
Jellied Sugar Snails117
Chocolate Covered Worms117
Storytelling Time
The Beheading Ball118
Things that Go Bump in the Night: How to Know if You're Being Visited by Ghosts (and How to Escape if You Want to)119
The World's Shortest Ghost Stories119
Chapter VIIIWizard's Winter Revels
Magical Things to Make & Marvelous Things to Do
Party Decorations122
Snow Sorceress Robe123
Crystal Crown124
Frosty Wizard's Tree with Giant Icicles, Glittering Snowballs, and Perfect Snowflakes125
Wizard's Top and Blizzard or Thaw? Game128
Telling the Future with Tea Leaves129
Yule Log Cake131
North Star Cookies131
Hot Buttered Not-Rum132
Storytelling Time
The Snow Queen133
Good Witches, Glamorous Goddesses, and Legendary Queens133
Chapter IXBasic Wizard Gear: How to Make a Robe, Wand, Staff, and Hat
Basic Wizard's Robe135
Basic Wand with Dragon Heartstrings138
Basic Wizard's Staff with Jeweled Orb139
Basic Sorcerer's Hat141
Farewell from the Wizard143

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