The Book You Were Born to Write: Everything You Need to (Finally) Get Your Wisdom onto the Page and into the World

The Book You Were Born to Write: Everything You Need to (Finally) Get Your Wisdom onto the Page and into the World

by Kelly Notaras


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Now in paperback, here's a guide to writing a full-length transformational nonfiction book, from an editor with two decades' experience working in publishing.

"I know I have a book in me." "I've always wanted to be an author." "People always ask me when I'm going to write my book." "I have a story to tell, but I never seem to make time to write."

Are you a thought leader, healer, or change-agent stuck at the starting line of book publication? Life coach and publishing industry insider Kelly Notaras offers a clear, step-by-step path for turning your transformational idea or story into a finished book as quickly as possible. With humor, encouragement, and common sense, she demystifies the publishing process so you can get started, keep writing, and successfully get your wisdom out into the world.

Notaras guides you through:
Getting clear on your motivation for writing a book,
Crafting a powerful, compelling hook and strong internal book structure,
Overcoming resistance and writer's block, and
Getting your finished manuscript onto the printed page, whether through traditional publishing or self-publishing.
Publishing a book has never been as simple, accessible, and affordable as it is today, and in our tumultuous world, readers need your healing voice. Be brave, be bold, and take the steps you need to share your message with those who need to hear it most.

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ISBN-13: 9781401955625
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 09/15/2020
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 139,071
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Kelly Notaras is the founder of kn literary arts, an editorial studio that has helped over 500 authors write, edit, and market their work since opening its doors in 2013. Kelly started her career working in the editorial divisions at HarperCollins, Penguin, and Hyperion Books. She was later V.P., Associate Publisher at Sounds True, a multimedia spirituality publishing company in Boulder, Colorado. Since starting kn literary arts, she has been honored to edit a wide variety of transformational nonfiction books including New York Times bestsellers The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner and Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer. She lives and works from the mountains of Colorado.

Table of Contents

Foreword Reid Tracy xi

Introduction: Welcome to Your Book Journey xv

Part I Before You Start Writing

Chapter 1 Understand What You're Getting Yourself Into 3

Chapter 2 Get Clear on Your Motivation 23

Chapter 3 Craft Your Hook 43

Chapter 4 Build Your Outline 67

Part II The Writing Process

Chapter 5 Just Start Writing 83

Chapter 6 Handle Your Resistance 99

Chapter 7 Work with an Editor 117

Part III The Path to Publication

Chapter 8 Build Your Platform 143

Chapter 9 Find an Agent and Write a Proposal 165

Chapter 10 Publish Traditionally 189

Chapter 11 Publish Yourself 203

Epilogue: Your Book Will Change the World 225

Appendix A Sample Book Outline 227

Appendix B Outline Templates for Teaching Memoir and Narrative Memoir 231

Resources 239

Index 243

Acknowledgments 255

About the Author 259

The Prisoners Literature Project 261

About kn literary arts 263


Boulder, CO

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