The Burning Shadow

The Burning Shadow

by Jennifer L. Armentrout


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#1 New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout returns to the world of the Lux with The Burning Shadow, the steamy, shocking second installment of the Origin series that will leave readers reeling.

When Evelyn Dasher crossed paths with Luc, she was thrown headfirst into the world of the Lux—only to discover that she was already far more involved in their world than she ever suspected.

Because the Luxen aren’t the only ones with a hidden past. There’s a gap in Evie’s memory, lost months of her life and a lingering sense that something happened, something she can’t remember and nobody is willing to tell her. She needs to find out the truth about who she is—and who she was. But every answer she finds only brings up more questions.

Her search for the truth brings her ever closer to Luc, the Origin at the center of it all. He’s powerful, arrogant, inhumanly beautiful, extremely dangerous…and possibly in love with her. But even as Evie falls for him, she can’t help but wonder if his attraction is to her, or to the memory of a girl who no longer exists.

And all the while, a new threat looms: reports of a flu-like, fatal virus that the government insists is being spread by Luxen. A horrifying illness that changes whoever it touches, spreading panic across a country already at its breaking point.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250175748
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date: 10/08/2019
Series: Lux: Origin Series , #2
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 25,704
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.50(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Jennifer L. Armentrout is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of the Lux series and other books for teens and adults. She is a #1 bestseller in Germany and Italy, and a top seller in markets around the world.

In total, her young adult novels have sold over a million copies since 2011 in the US. Her YA novels have been finalists for the Goodreads Choice Awards and nominated for the YALSA Teen Top Ten. In 2017, The Problem with Forever (Harlequin Teen) won the RITA Award for best young adult novel.

Armentrout lives in West Virginia with her husband and dogs.

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The Burning Shadow 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Absolutely love this whole series. Just finished the burning shadow earlier tonight, absolutely can not wait until the 'brightest night' comes out next year. So excited to where she takes this series.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Love this series. it may be my favorite ever. I read on average 2 to 3 books a week. I could read this series again and again (I may have already done that). Only complaint- it takes so long for each to come out.Anything she writes is always fantastic!
Anonymous 3 months ago
This was such a good book! When is the next one coming out?! I can't wait!
Anonymous 20 days ago
Can't wait to continue this journey!
Jdp15 25 days ago
Love this series so much!!
Lisa_Loves_Literature 26 days ago
I hate that I got so behind on reading once school started back because I was so excited to read this one! Of course once I did pick this one up, it was so hard to put down, well, other than how big the book is, so it was hard to hold for too long either! LOL!! There were so many new obstacles and things with the Luxen and Arum and Origins and even some new people/creatures/beings/secret organizations thrown in. And yeah, all four of those things, not me just trying to be random. I was also so excited when there was something that happened in the book that took place in my city of Kansas City, and I knew exactly where it was supposed to be happening! So much back story learned during this one, but also so many more questions and things we need to know! And that ending! Wow! Total cliffhanger. I still adore Luc of course, but maybe still Daemon more though. But now we need to know exactly what is happening to Evie. I will say I got a little annoyed with her whole wondering if he only loved the girl he remembered and that his feeling weren't really for her now. Hopefully she'll move on from that in the next book. Which, do I have to wait a whole year? Because I don't know if I can wait! Well, my arms can, they did get a little tired holding this one in bed at night. Honestly, this size of book is exactly why e-books are sometimes better! Oh yeah, and I loved seeing the name of a former book blogger that I know is friends with the author for one of the characters.
Anonymous 29 days ago
This book is no exception, Jennifer never disappoints!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Luxen, Aurm, Dashers, evil government villani, Smexy romance, all in one hot story that pushes you to read until the very last page. Luc and Evie continue there adventure with glimpses of our former Luxen Daemon, Dawson, Der, Kat, even Archer. If you you love your Luxen here is the next chapter in there story.
BookCrookReviews 3 months ago
My fan girl heart is so happy. I never imagined when I first read the Lux series forever ago that years down the road there would be even more to come, and I am SO glad that there is! The Burning Shadow picks up where we left off in The Darkest Start (thank goodness) and things are a-go from there. There are some truly just like heart-breaking, gut-wrenching moments in this book. And I am totally here for it! I felt all the feels and it was amazing. Things are bananas this time around, the stakes feel much higher and Armentrout has immediately pushed us into a situation where you're just hoping all of your precious aliens and co. make it out all together. I don't want to give away any spoils but I will say that Evie and Luc fans will be very happy at some points in this book. And for us long-time Daemon fans well, our favorite green-eyed guy is back as well! There are some truly just awesome moments where the author has taken the time to broach heavy subjects in this world, and the story while maintaining a romantic theme also branches out and approaches the darker and heavy topics surround it. I will warn you though that it does end on an epic cliff-hanger that has left me dying for the next installment (which I believe will be the final book in the series?). This book is such a must read for me, plus the cover is insanely beautiful, and I am so excited/scared to see where we will finally end up in the series!
mishquiche 3 months ago
I lost track of the amount of times I snorted with laughter while reading this book. Luc is just so...Luc. He owns who he is, and I love it. His t-shirts alone killed me. The romance in this story is incredibly sweet. Luc is a tough nut to crack, but it always makes me smile to see how he softens when he is around Evie. Obviously everything in this world is complicated, and the history between Luc and Evie is no exception. Evie struggles considerably with the ramifications everything she has learned, but she handles it like a rockstar. I found the dynamic between her and her mother especially interesting. There were some plot twists in this installment that I was not expecting, which is just how I like it, although the sad parts were rough. Now I must begrudgingly be patient until next year!
Julalicious 3 months ago
Wow… Wow… Wow… I seriously don’t know just how much more I can take because this was really an awesome book, but let’s just say that it’s a not a walk through the park. The author is making sure we are hanging on to every word and will leave you demanding more. Seriously, this book is going to get you through so many emotions and hit you in the feels at moments you didn’t expect. I seriously felt each emotions as if I was any of the characters. Just so you know, if you tend to connect with the characters’ emotions like I often do, you might want to find a way to no harm your book during your reading; just a friendly advice ;) The story continues shortly after the events of the first book and though there are still quite a lot of unknowns for Evie about herself and in this book, she tries to mend who she was as Nadia and who she is now and it’s not easy. She struggles a lot through it, but she has Luc to help her with it. Sometimes he’s not that much of a help, but it really comes from the heart and you know he has good intentions. Evie and Luc’s relationship is complex at best, but you can tell that they will always gravitate around one another no matter the doubts, the unknowns and the danger. Luc has never been silent about what he feels for Evie and it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t remember being Nadia; she will always be the one for him. Evie struggles a lot more to put into words what she feels and it will take her longer to accept that there is no way around it, but nonetheless, these two need each other. In this book, so much is happening and I’m like… what can I say without giving spoilers but to make sure you do pick up this series because seriously, you won’t want to put it down (at least, not on your own lol). The coexistence between the humans and Luxen is really hanging by a tread and with many events happening in this book, you feel like it wouldn’t take much to sever it. Evie and her friends are trying to deal with that in their own city as humans at her school are now protesting more and more about how Luxen have no rights bringing more hatred each day in many students. But when Evie discovers a disturbing detail about one of these protestors, it leads her and her friends to investigate it and stumble about some frightening discoveries. Now we have to wait for a whole year and that is just plain evil from the author’s part because I need more answers, I need to know where it goes. I won’t lie; I’m not above stalking her to get my hands on the first pages on the next book hahaha
Maria_Naydenova 3 months ago
Holy alien babies and origins and burning shadows everywhere! That was another unforgettable story in this world that I don’t want to EVER leave. I grew so attached to these characters, experienced so many ups and downs with them that I feel them like they are part of my family now. I don’t know where to start with all the emotions I experienced with this book. It was intense, it was sweet, it was romantic, it was action-packed, it was funny and also sad at places, it was full of twists and turns and gave me all the feels. The first part of the book was a bit uneventful in terms of fights but I loved it nonetheless. I enjoyed the revelations of some long-kept truths and the slow-burning romance that was growing with each page. I fell head over heels in love with Luc’s character. Not that I wasn’t at this point but he completely stole my heart piece by small piece. Evie was his match made in Origin heaven and his better half. They were so great together and their love grew even stronger than before. I loved these slow, sweet and very romantic moments as much as I loved the crazy action-packed ones. After one point things started happening one after another and the story swallowed me whole. It was a real page-turner. So intense, wit lots of jaw-dropping scenes and some nail-biting ones. Absolute whirlwind of events, revelations and new developments that left me wanting for more. I had tears in my eyes every time someone from the Lux gang made an appearance. It was so cool to have a glimpse of their lives 4 years after the craziness that was Opposition. I don't want this story to EVER end and to leave this world and the characters I grew so attached to. Lux was the 1st I read from Jen and it'll always have a sentimental value for me, but this spin-off story is taking it to a whole new level. It’s absolutely amazing and keeps the intrigue going the whole time. The ending was the proverbial cherry on the cake with the super crazy fights and the new revelations but that cliffhanger! Man, how are we going to survive another year for the next one?! My head is all over the place and I want answers to all my questions. I really can’t wait to see what happens next and how this story will progress from here on.
Ashley Speakman 3 months ago
If you do not remember reading The Darkest Star, you need to go back and reread before diving head first into The Burning Shadow. This ride of a tale, starts right where TDS leaves off. We are back in the kitchen with Luc and Sylvia arguing. It's a faced paced roller coaster and Jennifer leaves us right at the top of the hill with that ending. It's not an Opal cliffhanger but there are surprises waiting around the curve. I grow to love Luc more and more with each passing book. He really is the darkest star. His love for Evie is unparalleled. Also, he plays the freaking guitar. Is there nothing he can't do? If you would ask him, he would say no and give you a terrible pick up line. Which by the way are hilariously scattered throughout the book. Evie is badass. There are things that she can do... is she a normal human? Or is she something completely different. I love that characters from the Lux Series come back to play in this installment. But, as always, Jennifer kills off a person or five and you are left a mess at the end (in a good way of course) waiting until she gives out any details for that next book. Pick it up and read it! Totally worth it!
Vicki101370 3 months ago
"You're real Evie. It doesn't matter who you used to be or who you thought you were. You are real, and I see you." ...and you can watch me melt into an emotional pile of goo. In book two of the Origin series, the spin of of Armentrouts Lux series, strange things are happening, despite the death of Micah, who had been responsible for so much of the chaos in The Darkest Star. Evie is still coming to terms with the discovery that she wasn't born Evie Dasher, and all of the feelings of betrayal surrounding that discovery. The Burning Shadow is fast paced, with so many reveals...but there is so much left for Luc and Evie to learn. And Luc....oh Luc! The most powerful Origin, and he's dedicated beyond imagination to Evie. She is everything to him despite her loss of memories of their time together. The scenes with the two are tender, romantic, and occasionally off the charts H.O.T. But there is so much happening in the world, and danger seems to be seeking Evie out. After an unexpected run in with an old friend, things start happening at a rapid pace. As Evie and Luc begin to uncover the implications of her time with the Dashers, everything they thought they knew starts to change. Jennifer L. Armentrout keeps the reader in suspense throughout the Burning Shadow, and I cannot WAIT to discover how the story will continue to unfold. I just *know* in the depths of my soul that Luc and Evie will find a way to tear down all of the obstacles thrown their way and come out on top.
Katiekoz 3 months ago
4.5☆ The Burning Shadow was a wonderful Jenn book as always. It didn't suck me in quite as much as The Darkest Star, but it was still jam packed with greatness. There was plenty of humor, action, and plot twists. I still love Luc and Evie and am always rooting for them. They're perfect for each other and I love everything about their relationship. A lot of this book is about Evie finding her way and getting answers about her past. It was very interesting learning about her life and how things came to be about. She may not always think she is, but she's a strong, brave girl with a big heart. What I love about Luc is that he is always there for her and tends to know what she needs and how to help her. We get a lot of questions answered and form a few more questions by the end too. I can't wait for more in the next book of the series!
courtofbingereading 3 months ago
*** Thank you to the author for sending me this copy in exchange for an honest review*** Jennifer Armentrout’s writing is addicting. I’ve read 90% of the books she has written, and I plan on reading the rest. Her stories never fail to entertain me. The characters are always funny and witty. The romances are swoon-worthy. Throw in a great plot and what else could you ask for? The Burning Shadow picks up right where The Darkest Star left off (beware of spoilers in this review for The Darkest Star). Evie is still reeling from the bombshell that was dropped on her in the last book. Turns out, her name isn’t Evie, it’s Nadia. And the gorgeous, violet-eyed Origin named Luc is actually one of her oldest friends and loves. But, she doesn’t remember any of this. In this book, Evie is struggling with who she is and who she was. She’s also trying to figure out if Luc only cares about her because she is Nadia or because of who she is now---whoever that is…. yeahhhh, things are a little complicated. Not to mention, a lot of people are becoming anti-Luxen. There’s a flu-like virus going around killing humans, and the government says it’s because of the Luxen. Evie and her friends know this is false, but they’re fighting an uphill battle. It’s hard to make close-minded people see the truth when they refuse to see anything but what they want to see. Armentrout does a tremendous job of depicting just how damaging prejudice is to society. The treatment of the Luxen is very relevant and relatable to events that happen in our society in this day and age. I don’t want to say too much because a lot happens in this book. If you haven’t noticed, this beauty if 649 pages long. Buckle up, settle in, and prepare for an adventure with our favorite crew: Evie, Luc, Heidi, Zoe, Grayson, Kent, and more. Also, if you’ve read the Lux series expect some cameos from your favorite Luxen, hybrids, and Origins.
alishaluvsdaemon 3 months ago
Finally! I am so ecstatic to read more of Luc & Evie. They are EVERYTHING! This book was FanFreakingTastic. So much Awesomeness packed into this book. You guys/gals are going to devour this book. prepared for the year long wait till the next one! Ahhhhhh the wait is going to kill us all. Now...this book was glorious! It starts off right where The Darkest Star ended. In the kitchen...with grilled cheese sandwiches. Who doesn't love those? Anyways......right off the bat you are sucked back into this world. I. Loved it. Every single page. Luc & Evie are so adorable! Their romance & banter is off the charts. I love their sweet moments & I love seeing their romance blossom! Their banter... 'Horney Octopus' (hahahaa) I need more! Evie is such a fun heroine. Luc is...well..da bomb. He is perfect ❤ "If I kiss you, if I touch you again, I will not be able to go back to the way things are now. I won’t be able to pretend that you aren’t my everything." ❤ I'm so in love! So much stuff happens in this book. It will blow your minds. You guys thought Origins were the top dogs? Just wait....oh man. I can not wait to see this play out *no spoilers for you* We get to see Daemon, Katy, Dawson, Beth, Dee, Archer and others again..yay! Guys...Daemon & Katy are having a baby!!!!! ❤❤ The Burning Shadow is everything I wanted..but it was so much more. I fell MORE in love with these characters(I'm looking at you Luc)and I didn't think that was possible. I need more of them & more of this world. How the heck are we supposed to wait a year?!?! (Longer if you received an ARC...which I did) The wait is going to be torture! But....I can't wait to see what's next The Darkest Star + The Burning Shadow = The Brightest Night Oh....before I forget... Watch out for the ending....Cliffhanger Alert!!!!
ValerieStuckInBooks 3 months ago
You remember the ending of book 1, yes? It was a tough wait for this book but well worth the wait. The book picks right up where book 1 ended. Thanks goodness, because I needed more at the end of The Darkest Star. Of course, I still need MORE at the end of The Burning Shadow. JLA is the flooring us all with that ending! Seriously, I need MORE, like right now. The world that this author constructed way back with the original Lux series is still going strong. It's a huge talent that this author has to build worlds that spawn stories all over the place. This is one of those worlds. It was nice to see many of our favorite characters from that original series all grown up being a family in this book. So many characters that I love and was so happy to see; Daemon, Katy, Dawson, Bethany, Dee and Archer. Love it. Of course, the writing is great. I always enjoy reading this author. Her style includes humor and super interesting plots. I can't tell you how many times I just laughed right out loud reading this book. Luc has the most ridiculous sense of humor. And he's Evie's rock. Love them both. Speaking of Luc. Don't let him catch a bruise on Evie. He will take you down if you caused said bruise. The boy is protective of her beyond belief. He's got the power and he's not afraid to use it. It's clear how he feels about her. Really, it's just adorable. There is a large part of the beginning of this book where things are back to normal for Evie. High school life, dealing with feelings about who she really is, and just being attracted to a boy all occupy her time. It did make this part of the book drag a bit for me. I wanted things to pick up quicker. But once that happen? Dang, it really happened. Between that and the ending? I really need book 3! More than anything, I'm excited for Luc and Evie to get their happy. Both of them have been through a lot. They need their happy. This is a great read that you do not what to put off. Read this book now. So good.
onemused 3 months ago
THE BURNING SHADOW is a fantastic and thrilling continuation of the spin-off Origin series. Just like the original series, there is plenty of action and loads of swoon-worthy romance. Evie Dasher has learned in the first book that her past was not what she thought it was, and that something happened to her four years ago when she was turned over to the Daedalus, that evil organization experimenting on aliens/humans. She is fighting to figure out her identity and how to reconcile her past and present- which is extra-challenging since she has false memories in place of her real ones. She knows that she cares a great deal for Luc, the sassy and incredibly powerful Origin who is certainly in love with her. Navigating a relationship with him isn't easy for Evie who isn't sure how much his feelings relate to who she was before. Luckily, Luc is ever the amazing person who is full of reassurances- and loves her now as he did then but also validates her identity. Things are shifting as the government is trying to get all the aliens (Luxen and Arum) to register and to take away any rights they may have. People are protesting on both sides, and things are getting worse for the Luxen and those they care about when a serious flu- that is blamed on the Luxen- starts going around and killing people who seemed healthy enough before. When a student in Evie's class falls ill with this flu, it becomes apparent that there is something bigger going on. Every bit as fast-paced, engaging, and full of sci-fi and action as the Lux series with a delicious new couple, fans will adore this new series and this powerful second book. Fans of the original series will definitely be pleased to see old characters reappear as well as enjoy the new storylines. While I think the context of the original series helps, this series could be read as a stand-alone, and things are recapped well throughout. I would also recommend reading this series in order to fully understand this one, but if you read the first book when it came out, this second book recaps the events of the first enough to not require a reread. Although the ending is a little open for the next book, most answers to the questions raised in this book are received by the end to make people who are uncomfortable with cliffhangers happy. I highly recommend getting your hands on this one- fast-paced, delightful, and chock full of romance, action, and mystery. The overall plot also carries some interesting undercurrents that reflect the political climate and can raise interesting discussions (such as registration of certain people/aliens, exclusion from entering a country/planet, a group receiving blame for diseases/unhappiness, etc.). The parallels are readily apparent and an add an interesting undercurrent to the story. Armentrout is a master of blending romance and engrossing plot with a few bonus laughs, and this series is no different. Between the romantic relationship of Evie and Luc and the mystery of the deadly flu going around, this book is sure to keep the reader turning pages late into the night. YA sci-fi, romance, and mystery fans should definitely pick this one up! Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
xraychick1986 3 months ago
HOLY ALIEN BABIES!!!! This was a phenomenal read! I'm a diehard JLA fan and Daemon is my top BBF, but I have to say, Luc is right up there with him! This story had everything I could hope for in a read: their romance progressed in oh so swoony moments, there was tons of action, there was humor, tons of loss (which broke my heart!!!), and we see Evie progress the further along she was involved in the Lux world. Evie was a strong lead. She took everything thrown her way in stride and very rarely broke down. If she did, she'd wait until she was alone and had a moment to just let it all out, then pulled herself back together. She was sweet, funny, kept Luc on his toes, didn't back down from a fight, and stood for what was right, even if it put her in danger. I loved how compassionate she was towards the gang (Luc's gang and Daemon's gang). Luc, oh holy hell! He was HOT in this read! He busted out the charm, the swoony moments, the love and compassion, the strength, and his protectiveness was off the charts. I always loved how he'd be this huge bada$s, but would soften where Evie was concerned. He was open and honest with his feelings, and when he said he was going to be all in, whooooo boy he wasn't kidding!!!! I had giddy moments while reading TBS and I had chills. This was truly a great read and I can't wait for the next book in the series to be released! Thank you Jen for this copy. This is my honest review.