The Business of Race: How to Create and Sustain an Antiracist Workplace-And Why it's Actually Good for Business

The Business of Race: How to Create and Sustain an Antiracist Workplace-And Why it's Actually Good for Business

The Business of Race: How to Create and Sustain an Antiracist Workplace-And Why it's Actually Good for Business

The Business of Race: How to Create and Sustain an Antiracist Workplace-And Why it's Actually Good for Business


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This book is not written specifically for White readers, Black readers, readers who are Latino, Asian, or other specific racial or ethnic groups. If you are a business leader, individual contributor, Human Resources or DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) professional, educator, coach, or consultant, then The Business of Race is for you.

In the business world, incident-driven, company position statements on Black Lives Matter or Stop Asian Hate are not proxies for the heavy lifting that will penetrate and sustain a shift in the status quo. Advancing racial equity to disrupt institutional racism requires more than a company-wide memo or a tab on a corporate website.

Businesses often water down, negate or skirt this reality by touting successes from its cousin —diversity. However, you cannot advance a strategy you do not name. The general term “diversity” enables that dynamic. It’s impossible to create an antiracist workplace when we avoid speaking the words &‘grave;race” and “racism.”

Co-authored by two business women, one Black and one White, The Business of Race can help us all prepare for this transformative work. Rather than diving headfirst with well-meaning but ineffectual efforts, we must first ready our organizations. The authors outline both the inner work (raising our own individual awareness and creating new ways of thinking and being), and the outer work organizations must undertake. This includes honest and often uncomfortable discussions. And carrying out as core to operational business strategy and performance, policies and practices to reimagine a racially equitable workplace.

Whether you’re a rising entrepreneur, a supervisor or manager, a leader of a large multinational company, or a frontline employee, you’ll find concrete actions in this essential guide:

  • Why Racial Diversity, Why Now – A Competitive Advantage
  • Commitment, Specificity, and the Science of Small Wins
  • Uncomfortable Truths and Fearless Leaders
  • Look for Talent Where Others Are Not
  • No Secrets in Pay and Promotions – Close the Wage Gap
  • Discover Your “E” and Measure its Impact
Woven throughout The Business of Race are interviews with dozens of business professionals across myriad industries, fields and organizational levels. Their stories bring voice to the challenges and opportunities businesses face every day, and provide readers with the courage and tools to openly, honestly, and effectively address the deeply complex, emotional and intimidating dynamic of race and racism in the workplace.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781264268849
Publisher: McGraw Hill LLC
Publication date: 08/30/2021
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 1,110,030
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Margaret H. Greenberg is president of The Greenberg Group, a consulting firm founded in 1997 to coach executives and their teams to lead large-scale organizational change. She is recognized by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. She is also co-author of Profit from the Positive, which has been translated into three languages, and developed into an online certificate program that has trained business leaders in 17 countries.

Gina Greenlee is an organizational development, project management, communications, training and educational professional with more than 30 years of experience. She specializes in experiential learning models and stages of readiness for behavioral change. She is trained in Advanced Facilitation by Johns Hopkins University and Johnson & Johnson to motivate demographically diverse populations in widely varied settings. The author of 17 books, Greenlee has been published in The New York Times Magazine and Essence magazine.

Table of Contents

Foreword Tom Rath vii

Introduction: Claiming a Lane ix

Setting Expectations

Using The Business of Race as a Workbook xv

Part I The Business Case

Chapter 1 You Can't Solve What You Don't Discuss 5

Why the Workplace Is the Perfect Place to Talk About Race and Racism

Chapter 2 Why Racial Diversity, and Why Now? 21

A Competitive Advantage

Part II The Work Before the Work

Chapter 3 Who Snuck the "E" Between the "D" and the "I"? 37

The Evolution of DEI

Chapter 4 Shared Context 53

The Evolution of Race

Part III Your Inner Journey

Chapter 5 Consciously Competent 89

Insights for Your Own Race Journey

Chapter 6 Thinking About How You Think 115

Five Core Muscles

Part IV Culture and Leadership

Chapter 7 Uncomfortable Truths and Fearless Leaders 147

Lessons from The Matrix, Singapore, and Texas

Chapter 8 Like Any Other Strategic Priority 171

Commitment, Specificity, and the Science of Small Wins

Part V New Policies, New Practices

Chapter 9 Recruit Like Billy Beane 197

Look for Talent Where Others Are Not

Chapter 10 Hiring Made Visible 215

Individual Decisions, Institutional Changes

Chapter 11 No Secrets in Pay and Promotions 229

Close the Wage Gap; Crack Open the Concrete Ceiling

Chapter 12 Building Strategic Partnerships 243

Multiple Stakeholders, Multiple Pathways

Part VI Putting All Together

Chapter 13 Discovering Your "E" and Measuring Its Impact 271

Insights from Companies Outside Your Industry

Chapter 14 Reimagining the Future 289

The Power of Narrative

Additional Resources 309

Notes 315

In Gratitude 333

Index 337

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