The Cancer Couple: In Sickness and in Health...simultaneous cancer battles

The Cancer Couple: In Sickness and in Health...simultaneous cancer battles

The Cancer Couple: In Sickness and in Health...simultaneous cancer battles

The Cancer Couple: In Sickness and in Health...simultaneous cancer battles


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Our Book tells what it was like for me to accidentally learn that I had Stage 4 Melanoma and, only a few months later, Barb was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

We tell how the radiation, medication, surgery, chemo and immunotherapy treatments affected us.

As an example:

"During one period when I was having radiation and immunotherapy, I experienced blackouts. If I got up out of a chair rapidly, I was liable to lose my sight and balance. It sounds weird but, I was literally standing on my feet and could see nothing but black. I could hear, I could feel, and I could talk but, I couldn't see. It was weird. It was scary and it was real! Until I regained some vision, I wouldn't move unless I could find something to hold on to so I could guide myself. The first time this happened I was alone. It was like being back in Mark Twain cave. It was pitch black. I forgot where I was in the room. I started to panic but caught myself and told myself that I couldn't panic. That would be the worst that I could let happen. I couldn't take a step for fear of falling over and hitting something. I couldn't find anything to hold on to. I just stood there in gaga land and thought "what the hell do I do?"

What were the effects on our relationship? How did we tell our children and friends that we had cancer? What did cancer treatment cost? Can your pet(s) tell that you are sick?

So many books are written about how the cancer experience has changed people. However, they tend to ignore the intimate details of the treatment process that caused those changes to body, mind, and spirit. From the punishment your body must endure to heal, to the intolerable doubts that can cloud your mind, this book provides a different perspective.

The book is not meant to be entertaining in the sense of comedy. Although it does contain anecdotes and funny experiences, it is meant to educate those who have cancer as well as their families and friends.

The book is a tribute to veterans of the war on cancer, whether they have won or lost their battles. It is also for the friends and family on the sidelines who provide support while appearing to be strong yet are deflated by the odds. It is for everyone to learn that you simply don't want to be one of the millions each year who develop this ugly disease.

This is how we choose to share our journeys. It's our hope that readers will find value in our stories. For those who are just beginning their journey, we wish them the absolute best!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781639447466
Publisher: Michael Hutmacher
Publication date: 09/23/2022
Pages: 194
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Mike served over 21 years as the CEO of an inpatient and outpatient treatment facility for alcohol and drug patients. He later became the Administrator of a Veterans Home that provided assisted living, intermediate and skilled nursing care for over 580 veterans and their spouses.

His MBA with a concentration in Marketing has served him well over the years. An Army veteran, he served during the Vietnam era. He was one of the few who were privy to the nuclear testing that took place in Nevada in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Barb has a Bachelor's degree. She has held several Executive Director positions of assisted living and memory care facilities in two states. Prior to that, she was a very successful Director of a Staffing Agency with five offices in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

Mike and Barb’s health care management experience put them in positions to evaluate the quality of the patient care that they received during their treatment ordeals. They were thrilled with the quality of cancer treatment that they received.

Mike’s development of Stage IV Melanoma cancer in April, 2019 and its subsequent treatment was the catalyst to write this Book. Six months later, Barb was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. Thus, they simultaneously experienced cancer and its treatment. They realized the differences, yet the similarities of the various treatment methods they underwent. Even though cancer and its treatment bring much misery and suffering, it also brings new things to your life. There are positives that can come from cancer treatment.

Mike has been married to Barb for 25 years. They each have three children. They have one grandchild. Mike and Barb are avid golfers. Sometimes he is fortunate to beat her. Both of them like to visit with their children and grandchild. They have many friends and are very active in their Central Florida residence.

They are both fortunate and thankful to God to be enjoying life.
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