The Case Against George W. Bush

The Case Against George W. Bush


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The Case Against George W. Bush chronicles the presidency of George W. Bush through almost 600 quotes from over ninety authors, including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former President George W. Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and writers and journalists such as Steve Coll, Frank Rich, Craig Unger, and Bob Woodward. Steven C. Markoff presents sourced evidence of three crimes committed by George W. Bush during his presidency: his failure to take warnings of coming terror attacks on our country seriously; taking the United States, by deception, into an unnecessary and disastrous 2003 war with Iraq; costing the lives of more than 4,000 Americans and 500,000 others; and breaking domestic and international laws by approving the torture as means to extract information. While Markoff lays out his case of the crimes, he leaves it up to the reader to decide the probable guilt of George W. Bush and his actions regarding the alleged crimes.

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About the Author

Steven C. Markoff is a native of Los Angeles, California, and a graduate of Los Angeles City College in 1964 with an Associate Arts degree. Markoff is a successful entrepreneur. He has had an interest in business since he was six and in business law since his teens.


This book presents my case, told through 600 sourced quotes from published books, writings, transcripts, and government documents and reports, that George W. Bush (aka “W.” and “GW Bush”) committed three crimes while president: criminal negligence over what became 9/11, using fraud and deception to start the unnecessary and devastating war against Iraq, and the torturing of prisoners.

Although 300 books have already been published about W., some lauding him, others not, those books were usually written from the eyes, experience and background of each book’s author or authors. The information in their books was therefore limited to what they knew and their research. This book, however, is a story told by a hundred-plus knowledgeable authors, from Hans Blix to Bob Woodward, guided by my comments for interpretation, continuity and context.

While you have probably heard excuses for Bush over the years, that, for example, he wasn't a great president, that he made some mistakes, and Bush could have done a better job. Those meaningless statements, while true, cover up, belittle or whitewash ugly facts about BusH's administration. Others have downplayed or tried to forget or bury Bush's actions by saying things like anything about George W. Bush is old news and that we have moved on.

However, as you read many surprising if not shocking quotes in this book, I believe you will find a straightforward and well-documented case of George W. Bush's guilt and complicity in committing the crimes set out herein.

As you turn the last pages of this work, I believe you will agree that George W. Bush is guilty of one or more of the crimes I contend he committed. If you do, this book should help you decide for yourself if or how he should pay for any of those crimes.

The three goals I hope this work achieves
  • Document and explain what I believe are three crimes of President GWB and how those crimes caused the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands as well as bringing untold destruction to our country and others
  • Chronicle how as president and our commander-in-chief, Bush used fraud and deceit to panic our country into the Iraq war, and to understand and study his actions in hopes that the lessons learned will help keep our nation from falling prey to such presidential actions and trickery in the future
  • Provide a road map and some background information to those interested in pursuing George W. Bush for his crimes.

    At the least, this book should tie together some of the controversial issues you have heard about with the George W. Bush presidency.
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