The Christian Leader: Rehabilitating Our Addiction to Secular Leadership

The Christian Leader: Rehabilitating Our Addiction to Secular Leadership

by Bill Hull, Robby Gallaty

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From the author of the best-selling book The Disciple-Making Pastor comes a call to Christian leaders to let go of their addiction to secular models of leadership rooted in pragmatic success.

Most leadership literature talks about having the “right kind” of leadership personality. You know the type: big-picture visionaries who serve others and get the best out of people. But the popular pattern of doing what works and getting rewarded for it is actually the enemy of Christian leadership. It thrives on making our work impersonal and exploitive. Far too often, it serves the leader rather than those the leader leads. Sadly, this pattern dominates Christian leadership in the West.

We need a different style of leadership — one patterned after Jesus. Jesus influenced others because of who he was, not because he was well-known or a person of power or because he had mastered a set of skills or implemented an effective leadership strategy. He could have completed his mission living in your house, driving your car, married to your spouse, working at your office, and raising your kids because leadership comes down to character. Many who aspire to leadership are looking for the right circumstances so they can lead. Many in positions of leadership find it difficult to lead because of obstacles, such as a lack of funds, authority, and or confusion about methods. Jesus faced all of these and more — yet he accomplished his mission.

This is not a book about improving Christian organizations; it is about changing how Christians lead. It is for anyone with a megaphone, a platform to speak, who wants to lead others in being a witness for truth. It is for people with a pulpit, whether that pulpit be a business or a position of influence in a domain of the culture: entertainment, sports, politics, industry, the arts, academia, or religion. If you are someone to whom others listen— this book is for you.

Each chapter begins with a title and statement about Jesus’ life. Jesus was a different kind of teacher. The Pharisees focused on doing the right thing. Jesus emphasized becoming the kind of person who wants to do the right thing. Others taught the importance of doing good; Jesus taught how to be good. He didn’t teach behavior modification alone; he taught how to change the sources of behavior. Knowing how to lead others begins by seeing Jesus as your leader.

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Publication date: 05/31/2016
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About the Author

Bill Hull is a discipleship evangelist and the author of the bestselling discipleship classics, The Disciple-Making Pastor, and Jesus Christ, Disciplemaker. He served as a pastor for 20 years and now leads the Bonhoeffer Project. Bill regularly speaks and teaches on discipleship and also serves as an adjunct professor at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.  


Table of Contents

Introduction Chapter 1: The Rehabilitation of Christian Leaders: Rehabilitate Your Thinking About Jesus Rehabilitation for Christian leaders begins with a commitment to do more than acknowledge Jesus’ uniqueness; it is when they rearrange their lives around his practices. Chapter 2: What Makes a Leader Happy?: Rehabilitate Your Motivation Jesus was happy when his followers experienced joy and meaning. Chapter 3: Making a Dent in the World: Rehabilitate Your Idea of How You Make Your Mark Jesus was most effective when he was himself in the ordinary circumstances of life. Chapter 4: The Leader’s Worldview: Rehabilitate Your Interpretation of the World Jesus was effective in this world because he was guided by the reality of another world. Chapter 5: The Leader and Humility: Rehabilitate What You Think of Yourself Jesus was able to serve because he had a clear understanding of who he was dependent on and gladly acknowledged it. Chapter 6: Becoming Something Else: Rehabilitate How Far You Are Willing to Go Jesus withheld nothing; he taught us to lay aside privilege and that we have great capacity to change. Chapter 7: Leadership in Hard Times: Rehabilitate How Much You Can Take Jesus taught us how to suffer under pressure, thrive in it, and teach others in the middle of it. Chapter 8: The Rewards of Leadership: Rehabilitate What You Want Out of It Jesus was satisfied with the knowledge that he had faithfully completed his Father’s work and that he had not squandered anything that his Father entrusted to him. Chapter 9: Leaders Are a Work in Progress: Rehabilitate Your Heart for Staying in the Struggle Jesus modeled for us that leadership is as much following, listening, and submitting as it is leading others. It will involve pain and pleasure, and it will continue until we are finished with God’s work. Notes About the Author

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