The Clay Lion

The Clay Lion

by Amalie Jahn


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ISBN-13: 9780615764962
Publisher: BERMLORD
Publication date: 03/11/2013
Series: Clay Lion Series , #1
Pages: 254
Sales rank: 330,757
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Amalie Jahn is the best-selling author of both young adult and new adult fiction as well as many, many to-do lists.

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The Clay Lion 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A Lovely Touching Youth Novel "The Clay Lion" is lovely uplifting fiction for young adults as well as people of all ages. Turning back time in life a tribute with courage written with an emotional wisdom that is captivating. This book is an emotional and powerful read, written from deep within the heart and soul, with youth’s love and affection by a talented author. It is personal story with love, loss, of human emotion. An excellent read about life, growth, loss and love which relates to many of us in true life. Look forward to more great reads from Amalie. Highly recommended!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From beginning to end, this book draws you in to a heartfelt, compelling story of an amazing bond between siblings! I hope to read many more stories from this author! This book is a must read!
PatriciaReding More than 1 year ago
Have you ever considered all you experience when you listen to a symphony? Your senses are engaged: the sight of the furious violinists; the feel of the pounding percussion instruments under at your feet; the sound— Well, the sound moves you. It puts your emotions in play. One moment, you may hang, waiting, anticipating, perhaps even feeling melancholy as the French horns sound out, or you may experience a bit of pain when the violinists “cry.” The next moment, you may feel intense longing. In listening, you might experience mercy granted—or joy restored. If you heard the parts individually, you might wonder where each intended to go. But when you experience them merged, in accord, you experience the “whole.” For me, a good story provides a similar experience. When I read a work classified as YA, I look for those things that for me, make the work “sing.” I want a story that is engaging and memorable. I want heroes who are unique people (after all, aren’t we all?), but who don’t think themselves so very “special” that they expect the world revolves around them. I want them, even in their limited age and experience, able to exercise good judgment and to make good decisions or, when they do not, capable of identifying where they went wrong so as to avoid the same traps in the future. I want some semblance of wisdom to shine through. (These are, after all, works intended for the young.) With all that said, I am delighted to add that, in The Clay Lion, Amalie Jahn hit every single note—with perfect pitch and with inimitable timing. Brooke and her brother, Branson, share a sincere love and friendship. They spend time together willingly and enjoy one another’s company. So when Branson, who is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, dies shortly thereafter, Brooke is devastated. She investigates the potential causes of his illness and then, as one might expect in a day when time travel is available, decides to go back in time. Her goal: to stop the events that brought his illness about in the first place. But as Brooke soon discovers, playing with time and events can have some devastating consequences. Some things are just meant to be. Indeed, the pain we experience in life teaches us about far more than merely suffering. In Brooke’s case, it teaches her (as the author herself might say) to “live in the present.” Parents: get a copy of The Clay Lion for your young ones. Teachers: get one for your classrooms. Let the youth in your life experience the fullness of the symphony that Amalie Jahn has created. You’ll soon see why Amalie Jahn earned a Gold Medal for The Clay Lion from Literary Classics.
Beth_Rodgers_Author More than 1 year ago
'The Clay Lion' by Amalie Jahn was a thrilling, suspenseful read. The suspense was palpable, especially as someone who tends to be partial to time-travel scenarios. Making everything work out is the ultimate goal, but when that doesn't seem entirely possible, life – past, present, and potentially future – can become chaotic, and with that chaos comes the likelihood for worry and fear. Brooke Wallace loves her brother Branson more than anything, and as a result of this love, she has decided to use the one trip that everyone in her society is allotted for time travel to go back to the time just before his death. Her goal: try to prevent it from ever occurring. The tension is quite evident, based on a variety of factors, but especially the heartache that Amalie Jahn so perfectly captures through Brooke's first-person narration of life without Branson, as well as what life was like when he was still alive. Her trip doesn't go quite as planned, and the difficulty of coping with losing Branson all over again is too much for her to bear. So, she sets out to re-live and alter the timeline yet again to save him, but this time she takes more liberties than she knows she should, engaging with those she didn't engage with either of the first two times (the “real” first time and the first trip to the past), and changing their future timelines as well. This mainly goes for her relationship with Charlie Johnson, a cute boy she meets and can't help but befriend. Needless to say, the trip changes things more than Brooke had planned, and she must set out yet again to try to change the past, or at least salvage what she can of the future. I couldn't help but think as I was reading how even though she wasn't trying to change anyone else's timelines, she was doing her best to remain ignorant of the fact that others could be affected second-hand. Eventually, she does learn that this is true, during one of the times she returns to the present. Adeptly written with a hearty helping of character development and specificity in staying as true as possible to the original timeline, while still attempting to re-write history, Jahn has me hooked and eager to read more of her series. I look forward to checking out the next two novels, 'Tin Men' and 'A Straw Man.' From Brooke to Branson to Charlie, on to Brooke's parents and a cast of supporting characters who help keep the storyline moving from past to present back to past again and eventually into the future, 'The Clay Lion' captures the angst of loss, the beauty of love, and the compassion that stems from both. Beth Rodgers, Author of 'Freshman Fourteen,' A Young Adult Novel
Literary_Classics_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Brooke loses her brother to pulmonary fibrosis and attempts to go back in time to save him. Along the way she encounters obstacles she never dreamed she would, including a love that had eluded her in her original timeline. A gripping read that will simultaneously break your heart and warm it, The Clay Lion will transform readers’ perspectives as the main character plays with fire, teetering dangerously on the borders between mind and matter, fate and free will, and loss and life. Author Amalie Jahn skillfully creates moments of powerful imagery interspersed with moments where the picture is left to the readers’ personal interpretation. The overall message of the book is that everything happens for a reason, and that no matter what, we just have to keep moving forward. It shows that destiny and fate are two different things, that while we control our fate, destiny can’t be avoided. The Clay Lion is highly recommended and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite Amalie Jahn composes a creative and compassionate story in The Clay Lion.  Brooke Wallace falls into a deep depression after her younger brother, Branson, dies of pulmonary fibrosis. Motivated by her grief and loss, Brooke decides to use her time travel trip voucher to save her brother’s life. By returning to her past, Brooke believes she can prevent the cause of her brother’s fatal disease. She clings to the “miracle of second chances.” However, she must avoid changing too much of the past, every alteration threatens the future. Reliving the past becomes an obsession. How many  trips to the past will it take to get over the loss of her brother? How many lives will be altered because of her desperation? Putting her own destiny on hold, Brooke displaces fear with bravery, and attempts to do the unthinkable - change her brother’s life. Brooke Wallace is “one special girl.”  The Clay Lion by Amalie Jahn is painfully heartwarming. This work of fiction portrays the love and commitment of family. The plot is thought provoking, the setting is enduring, the conflict is penetrating, and the characterization is extraordinary. Jahn walks the reader through the pain and grief of losing someone. She resourcefully uses the idea of time travel to change the past. As a reader, I was caught up with the challenge of the protagonist. All of us, at one time or the other, desire to go back and change an outcome, to partake in a “do over” in life. Or to retrace time, by reliving cherished precious moments. The development of the main character was vividly depicted through repeating the same portion of her life.  Regardless of all her attempts, Brooke realizes the undeniable truth, “your life is bigger than you are” - you live the life that was made for you. Amalie Jahn pens a dramatic narrative about love and loss, of death and life, and hope and destiny.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite The Clay Lion is Volume 1 of Amalie Jahn's young adult science fiction series, The Clay Lion Series. It's set in the near future and involves the ability to time travel that had been developed and later curtailed sharply when it was found to have potentially devastating impacts on current timelines. Each citizen is allotted one trip when they are born; however, the vetting process to actually take that trip is complicated. Many don't ever bother to take the 6-month trip back into their past, but Brooke Wallace wants to. She's not gotten over the tragic and early death of her beloved younger brother, Branson, from pulmonary fibrosis. Brooke had watched the rapid decline and demise of her healthy, athletic brother with horror, and she's conducted her own research into what might have caused his illness. Together with Branson's doctor, she's pinpointed possible causes of his illness, and she's confident that she can rewrite his future if she travels back far enough. Amalie Jahn's debut novel, The Clay Lion, presents an original and edgy view of time travel, and its potential to make things better. Brooke's deep depression after losing her brother lends an intense and almost frantic quality to her time travelling, so much so that her brother wonders what's wrong with the sister he knows almost as well as he does himself. I enjoyed the clever expansion of the time-honored conundrum about travelling back in time and stepping on a butterfly, and eagerly read on to see just what Brooke would be able to achieve. The Clay Lion is a unique and satisfying coming of age tale with a science fiction premise that works quite well. I'm looking forward to reading the next volume in this thought-provoking series.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite Dealing with the loss of a loved one is no easy task, but what if you could go back in time and alter the past in order to keep them around? Amalie Jahn poses that question in The Clay Lion. Brooke Wallace was devastated by the loss of her brother Brandon at such an early age to a pulmonary disease. She shut herself off from the rest of the world and decided that her life was not worth living without her brother by her side. Since time travel had been made possible, though highly regulated by the government, Brooke found hope in the possibility that she might travel back in time and alter the events that led to Brandon contracting the disease. After a great deal of study and some assistance from Brandon's pulmonary doctor, she was certain that she would be able to stop two events that were the most likely causes of his illness. Armed with the necessary knowledge to change the course of history and save her brother's life, Brooke returns to a time several weeks before the first possible cause, hoping that she can stop the disease from taking her brother's life. What she discovers is that altering the past can bring about a number of very negative consequences and set other people's lives out of order as well. She also discovers that the time that she had with her brother was even more precious than she had previously realized. Will she bring healing to her brother or healing to herself? The Clay Lion by Amalie Jahn is a young adult masterpiece. The story and characters will grip you from the very beginning and hold you tightly until the very end. The profound truths present in this book are subtly woven into a tale of adventure mixed with love. Without giving away the story line, I can assure you that once you have been touched by this tale, your life will never be the same, and you will find new courage and a sense of peace. The Clay Lion is a must-read for anyone and everyone, but especially for those, young and old, who are coping with loss.
MelodieRamone More than 1 year ago
The Clay Lion took me by surprise. I knew what the subject matter was before I read it and I went into it with the knowledge that it would be sad and bring up emotions inside of me that I do my best most days to keep buried. It was impossible to do that, to keep them beneath the surface, and, as the story went on, I realized that that is the magic of the way that Amalie Jahn writes. She tells the story of someone else, but the story belongs to everybody who ever watched somebody they love suffer and swore, "I'd do anything to save you," and then, when unable to do so, swore, "I'd do anything to bring you back." And so, Brooke, the main character in the story, does all she can to keep both promises. But in this work of fiction, as in real life, the events of the story unfold into more than a sad tale of loss. Instead, the story blossoms into a journey of life, interwoven with love and tragedy, and, ultimately, into the acceptance that while things may not always be the way we wanted or planned, there is still beauty beyond the pain and that life and love will always outlast death. Even in the sadness, The Clay Lion left me with hope and the lingering knowledge that no one is ever alone