The Cold War: A New Oral History

The Cold War: A New Oral History

by Bridget Kendall


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ISBN-13: 9781785942600
Publisher: B B C Worldwide Americas
Publication date: 10/01/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 672
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About the Author

Bridget Kendall was foreign correspondent for the BBC in Moscow during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Formerly the BBC's diplomatic correspondent, she is now the first female master of Peterhouse College, Cambridge.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

'Then all hell broke loose' The Greek Civil War (1944-9) 1

'The Iron Curtain was in place' The Communist Coup in Czechoslovakia (1948) 24

'There were no weapons, only arguments, ideas' The Italian Election of 1948 42

'We were suddenly shut off' The Berlin Blockade (1948-9) 58

'Then fear replaced pride' The Fall of Shanghai (1949) 77

'The trap shut' The Korean War (1950-3) 95

'The world became a hostile place' McCarthyism (1950-4) 115

'When I saw the light, I had no idea what was happening' The H-Bomb (1950s) 135

'Now it was going to be different' The East German Uprising (1953) 153

'Democracy and freedom became a memory only' The Iranian Coup (1953) 172

'It was the beginning of freedom' Khrushchev's Secret Speech (1956) 185

'We are not your comrades' The Hungarian Revolution (1956) 205

'They were leaving with only their suitcases, they lost everything' The Congo Crisis (1960-1) 227

'If one went, one couldn't return' The Berlin Wall (1961) 246

'The world was going to end any time now' The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) 268

'There was no future' The Fall of Khrushchev and the Rise of Brezhnev (1964-82) 284

'They could accuse you of anything' The Outbreak of the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-7) 304

'They didn't want to live in the dark any more' The Prague Spring (1968) 326

'I can't wash that stain away' America's Vietnam War (1965-73) 347

'Everything that you thought is not true any more' The Coup in Chile (1973) 369

'These were just ordinary men marching in the street' The Fall of Saigon and the Aftermath of the Vietnam War (1975-9) 390

'We fell into each other's arms' The Cold Peace and Ostpolitik (1969-79) 411

'The country was left with no protection at all' The Angolan Civil War (1975-2002) 432

'The newcomer holding a weapon is the enemy' The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (1979-89) 455

'We came out victorious' The Birth of Solidarity in Poland (1980) 477

'A threat to our mutual humanity' The Nuclear Arms Race and CND (1981-7) 496

'Everyone wanted change' Gorbachev's Perestroika (1985-91) 517

'They are not so different from us' The Fall of the Berlin Wall and German Reunification (1989-90) 535

'The greatest value of mankind is their freedom' The Baltic Republics Leave the Soviet Union (1988-91) 558

'The last nail in the coffin' The Collapse of the Soviet Union (1991) 578

Contributor biographies 597

Further Reading: Contributors' Publications 619

Further Reading 623

Index of Contributors 625

Index 629

Picture credits 647

Acknowledgements 649

Author biographies 653

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