The Complete Audition Book for Young Actors: A comprehensive guide to winning by enhancing acting skills

The Complete Audition Book for Young Actors: A comprehensive guide to winning by enhancing acting skills

by Roger Ellis


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This theatre text is not a typical shake-and-bake manual of quickie tips on how to have a good audition. No other book puts auditioning in the context of acting training. The nuts and bolts are all here, but this book will do much more. It will develop audition and acting skills in a systematic way over time, throughout the actor’s study and career. This book is first and foremost an acting text. It shows auditioning as another kind of acting performance, not a technical exercise or desperate attempt to highlight every skill or talent the actor possesses. It is a step-by-step guide for training young actors to audition well by developing acting skills. Includes more than sixty relevant acting exercises or “explorations,” as well as fourteen sample audition pieces from contemporary playwrights and a wealth of other resource material. An all-encompasing audition text.

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ISBN-13: 9781566080880
Publisher: Meriwether Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 09/01/2003
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 415,674
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Roger Ellis earned his M.A. in English and Drama from the University of Santa Clara, and his Ph.D. in Dramatic Arts from the University of California at Berkeley. During that time he was also guest stage director for several colleges and universities. He has authored or edited eight books in theatre, plus numerous articles, essays and short stories. In 1991 he initiated an ethnic theatre program at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, creating guest artist residencies and staging plays celebrating cultural diversity.

In addition, he has been director of the University's Shakespeare Festival since 1993. He has worked professionally as an actor or director with various Michigan and California theatres and has served as President of the Theatre Alliance of Michigan for the past six years. He is currently a Professor of Theatre at Grand Valley State University.

Table of Contents

To the Young Actor3
To Teachers and Coaches5
Chapter 1The Fundamentals--"Gimme attitude!"9
Motivation and Self-Respect9
The Fun of Competition10
The Need for Constant Training13
Life After Acting14
Chapter 2School Days--"Beam me up, Scotty"19
Back Where You Belong19
Complacency Is the Kiss of Death21
Getting Your Act Together22
Get Involved in Stage Work26
Learn to Take Criticism (and Never Apologize)28
The Actor's Journal35
Review and Reflection39
Chapter 3The Auditions Context--"O brave new world!"43
The High School Auditions Context43
What You Can Expect in Community Theatre Auditions48
What You Can Expect in College and University Auditions51
What You Can Expect in ACTF and URTA Auditions55
What You Can Expect in Auditions for Regional Theatre58
Review and Reflection67
Chapter 4Background Skills--"Cut to the chase!"71
Getting the Self-Image Straight71
Getting the Voice in Shape80
Getting the Body in Shape88
Review and Reflection96
Chapter 5Selecting Material--"Words, words, words"99
Suitability and Appropriateness99
Review and Reflection121
Chapter 6Preparing the Audition--"No excuses, please!"123
Work on Your Own123
Preparing Your Script124
Goals, Obstacles, and Actions138
Vocal Rehearsals145
Movement Rehearsals149
Working with a Coach156
Review and Reflection159
Chapter 7Performing the Audition--"Your little nugget"161
Staying Fresh or Going Stale161
Arrival and Preparation164
The Audition Performance167
The Afterglow171
Review and Reflection175
Chapter 8Cold Readings--"The chips are down"177
What Is the Cold Reading?177
Preparing for Cold Readings180
Performing Cold Readings183
Callbacks and Interviews196
The Wrap203
Review and Reflection203
Chapter 9Musical Theatre Auditions--"Get the leg up"207
The Allure of the Musical207
Building a Healty Attitude209
Problems with Musical Auditions212
Selecting the Song219
Rehearsing the Song223
Staging Points for Singing Auditions230
Review and Reflection231
Chapter 10Supporting Materials--"The paper chase"233
Developing Your Acting Resume233
Developing Your Photo Materials239
Related Supporting Materials: Show Photos, Reviews, Testimonials, Cover Letters, and Post Cards243
The Audition Wardrobe245
Review and Reflection248
Chapter 11Auditions and the Computer--"Get wired!"251
Actors and Computers251
Correspondence and Networking252
Industry News255
Background Resources257
Job Information260
Computer Savvy262
Review and Reflection266
Appendix AScenes and Monologs for Class Work269
Appendix BSelected Auditioning Resources274
Appendix CSupporting Materials for Media Acting283
Appendix DAuditioning for Colleges, College Scholarships, and Graduate Schools291
About the Author295

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