The Comprehensive Dictionary of Patron Saints

The Comprehensive Dictionary of Patron Saints

by Pablo Ricardo Quintana


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If you're unsure of which patron saint to call on when confronting obstacles, then you need this ready reference.

Arranged alphabetically by subject and by saint, it includes thousands of listings and hundreds of holy advocates. You'll discover one hundred and fifty titles for the Blessed Virgin Mary resulting in more than seven thousand invocations.

You'll learn about saints from the British Isles, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Mexico, Northern Europe, South America, Spain, and elsewhere. Almost every country has a patron saint, and some have several.

The saint most commonly invoked for particular needs is marked by bold script, but you'll also become acquainted with lesser-known saints that you can invoke. You'll find patrons for sinners, such as thieves; patrons for children, including by gender and type; patrons for various types of animals; patrons for different ailments; and many more.

The Comprehensive Dictionary of Patron Saints is invaluable for authors, churches, libraries, and the faithful seeking to conduct research, answer questions, and overcome life's most difficult challenges.

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The Comprehensive Dictionary of Patron Saints

By Pablo Ricardo Quintana


Copyright © 2014 Pablo Ricardo Quintana
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-3439-1



Abandoned, the – Anastasia, Flora of Cordoba, Germaine Cousin, Ives, Jerome Emiliani, Little Margaret of Castello (Because of her physical disabilities, she was cast aside and abandoned to her own devices.), Martha, Pelagius (See Forsaken)

Abandoned Children – Flora of Cordoba, Germaine Cousin, Jerome Emiliani, John Baptist de Rossi, Pelagius

Abbeville, France - Wulfram of Sens

Abscesses [A] - John Nepomuk

Abdominal Pain [A] - (See Stomach)

Aberdeen, Scotland – Nicholas I Pope, OLO

Aberdeen (OLO Good Success), Palladius

Abingdon, England - Edmund Rich of Abingdon

Abortions [A] - Catherine of Sweden

Abortions, to end – NSD (OLO) Guadalupe

Abruzzi, Italy - Gabriel Possenti

Absam, Austria – OLOT Window Pane

Absentmindedness [A] – Thomas of Villanueva

Abundant Table, An - Fermin

Abuse [A] - Cugat

Abuse, Victims of - Adelaide, Agatha, Agostina Pietrantoni, Eve Lavalierre, Fabiola, Germaine Cousin, Godeleva, Jeanne de L'estonnac, Jeanne Marie de Maille, Joaquina Vedruna de Mas, Laura Vicuna, Margaret the Barefooted, Maria Bagnesi, Mariam Baouardy, Monica, Pharaildis, Rita of Cascia

Abyssinians, Apostle to - Frumentius

Academics - Catherine of Alexandria, Thomas Aquinas (See Scholars)

Academies, Catholic - Thomas Aquinas

Academy of Music in Rome – Cecilia

Acadians (Cajuns) – OLOT Assumption

Acceptance by others - Gervase & Protase

Accident, Grave Illness from an [A] Romanus

Accidents [A] - Barbara*, Christina, Eulalia, Expedito, Fermin, Pantaleon, OLOT Rosary

Accidents, Minor [A] - Mark

Accommodations - Gertrude of Nivelles

Accountants - Matthew

Accused Falsely - (See Falsely Accused)

Acequias (Irrigation Ditches) in NM – John Nepomucene

Acerenza, Italy - Canio

Achaea, Greece - Andrew Apostle

Achonry, Ireland, Diocese of – Attracta, Nathy

Acidity - Lawrence

Acid Reflux Disease [A] - Timothy

Acne [A] – Flannan, Teresa of Avila (See Skin Disease)

Acolytes – Holy Innocents, John Berchmans, Tarcisius

Act without malice, those who - Denis

Actors - Brigid of Ireland, Gelasius, Genasius (St. Genasius was an actor who converted prior to his martyrdom.), Julian Hospitaler, Vitus*

Actresses - Brigid of Ireland, Eve Lavalierre, Genasius, Pelagia

Addison's Disease [A] – (See Glandular Disease)

Adenoiditis [A] – (See Throat Disease)

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico – Anne, Joaquim

Administrators - Calixtus, Lawrence

Adobes, Adobe Makers or Adoberos, Adobe Homes in NM - Giles* (San Gil Atenogenes)

Adolescents - Cono, Pancras

Adopters of a son - Pancras Adoptions - Giles* (See Children)

Adoptive Parents Nazarius

Adultery or unfaithfulness, victims of - Catherine of Genoa, Elizabeth of Portugal, Fabiola, Gengulf, Marguerite D'Youville, Monica, Paula Gambera-Costa

Adventurers - John of God

Advertisers - Bernardine of Siena

Advocates - Ives (See Lawyers)

Aerospace Workers - Joseph of Cupertino

Affairs before the Roman court – Peter

Affianced – (See the Engaged)

Afflicted, the - OLOT Afflicted (NSD Los Afligidos)

Africa - OL Queen of Africa, Moses the Black

Africa, Central - Most Pure Heart of Mary

Africa, Northern – Cyprian of Carthage, Ignatius of Antioch

Africa, Southern - OLOT Assumption

African Americans - (See Americans)

African Catholic Youth Action - Charles Lwanga & Companions

African Youth - Charles Lwanga & Companions

Agents, Financial - Joseph

Aging, the – (See Old, Senior Citizens)

Agirone, Italy – Philip of Agirone

Agricultural workers - Benedict TG, Bernard of Clairvaux, Botulph, Eloy, George, Isidore the Worker, Lucy, Notburga, Phocas, Walstan (See Farmers)

Agricultural engineers - Isidore the Worker

Ague or Malaria [A] - Guthlac, Peter of Alcantara, Petr onilla

Aids caregivers - Aloysius Gonzaga, Peregrine Laziosi, Sebastian, Therese de Lisieux

Aids sufferers - Aloysius Gonzaga, Damian the Leper, Peregrine, Rocco (Roch, Rock, Roque), Sebastian, Therese de Lisieux

Air crews – OLO Loretto

Air crews, Belgian - OLO Loretto

Air crews, French - OLOT Assumption

Air crews, Spanish - OLO Loretto

Air Force - Joseph of Cupertino, OLO Loretto

Airline Attendants - Bona

Airline industry workers - Joseph of Cupertino, OLO Loretto

Air men – Joseph of Cupertino (See Air Crews)

Air travelers - Joseph of Cupertino, OLO Loretto, Therese of Lisieux (See Travelers)

Akita-Shi, Japan – OLO Akita

Alabama - OLOT Gulf, Therese of Lisieux

Alaska - OLO Kodiak and the Islands

Albania – Madonna Del Buon Consiglio (OLO Good Counsel), Mesrop

Albany, NY, Diocese of – OLOT Immaculate Conception

Albertans - Albert Chmielowski

Albi, France - Cecilia

Alburquerque, NM - Philip Neri

Alburquerque, Spain - NSD (OLO) Carrión

Alcalá, Spain - Justo, Pastor

Alchemists - Raphael

Alcira, Valencia, Spain – Bernard, Gracia, Margaret

Alcoholics – Martin of Tours, Mattias Apostle

Alcoholism [A] - Dionysius, John of God, Martin of Tours, Matthew Apostle Matthias, Monica, Urban of Langres, Vivian

Alessandro, Italy - Trifone

Aleutian Islands – OLO Kodiak

Alexandria, Egypt - John the Almsgiver, Mark, Cyril of Alexandria

Alexandria, La, Diocese of – Francis Xavier Alexians - Alexius

Alezio, Italy – OLOT

Assumption Algeria - Cyprian, OLO Africa

Allentown, Pa, Diocese of – Catherine of Siena

Allergies [A] - Cono, George, Gervase & Protase, Mark, Ponce

All that the heart wants - Hope

All who come to her - Anne, BVM, Therese of Lisieux

All who come to him - Francis of Assisi, Joseph

Almeria, Spain – Indalecio, Virgin OT Sea

Almonte, Spain – NSD Rocío (OLOT Dew)

Alms Givers – Galla, Lawrence

Alpine Troops - Maurice

Alpinists - Bernard of Montjoux

Alps, Apostle to the - Bernard of Montjoux

Alsace, France – Fridolin, Odilia, Pirmin

Altar Boys - Holy Innocents, John Berchmans, Tarcisius

Altoona, Johnstown, Pa, Diocese of – Mary, Mother of God

Alzheimer's Disease [A] – (See Nervous or Head Disease)

Amalfi, Italy - Andrew Apostle

Ambience Improved - Cecilia

Ambition - (See Aspirations, Career, Job)

Ambulance Drivers – Michael Archangel

America and Americas – Americo (Emeric, due to his name given to Amerigo Vespucci, for whom they are named.), Joseph, Mariana de Paredes, OLO Guadalupe, Rose of Lima, Francis Solano (Apostle), Isaac Jogues & Companions

Americans – (See United States of America)

Americans, African - Benedict the Black, Charles Lwanga & Companions, Katharine Drexel, Martin de Porres, Peter Claver

Americans, Cuban – Nativity of TBVM, NSD La Caridad (OLO Charity), Virgen de Regal

Americans, Hispanic of NM – James TG (Until recently, July 25, the feast of Saint James TG was treated in New Mexico and the southwest almost as a national holiday, with races, feasting and fireworks, much like the Fourth of July today. This can still be seen in some New Mexican villages. This is why he is considered patron of cowboys and St. Anne, whose feast is on the following day, the patron of cowgirls), La Conquistadora (OLOT Conquest of Souls or of Peace)

Americans, Mexican – NSD (OLO) Guadalupe, Juan Diego, Martin de Porres

Americans, Native - Anthony of Padua, Juan Diego, Kateri Tekakwitha (The Lily of the Mohawks and the first Native American to be canonized), Katharine Drexel

Americans, Other Ethnicities – (See Country of Origin)

Americans, Puerto Rican – John the Baptist, OLO Divine Providence

Amiens, France – Firminus of Amiens

Ammunitions or Ordnance Workers Barbara*, Elmo (Erasmus)

Amputation [A] - Anthony of Padua, Antony TG

Amputees - Anthony of Padua, Antony TG

Amusement Park Personnel - Julian

Anal Disease (Fissures, Fistula, Proctitis, Pruritis) [A] – Agatha (See Bowel Disease)

Anaphylactic Shock [A] – (See Allergies)

Anchorites - Antony TG, Benedict TG, John Baptist, Pacomius

Ancona, Italy - Judas Cyriacus, Queen of All Saints (Regina Sanctorum Omnium)

Andalucia, Apostle to - Bl. John of Avila

Andorra – OLO Meritxell

Andorran Security Forces - OL Help of Christians

Andria, Italy – Richard

Anemias [A] – (See Blood Diseases)

Anesthesiologists - Rene Goupil

Anesthetists - Rene Goupil

Aneurysm [A] – (See Heart Disease)

Anger, Attacks in [A] Baudilius

Anger, Avenge Actions of - Julian of Brioude

Angers, France – Maurice & Companions

Angina [A] - Swithbert (See Heart Disease)

Anglers – (See Fishermen)

Angles, East, Apostle of – Felix of Dunwich

Angola - Immaculate Heart of Mary

Animal Attacks [A] - Fermin, Gratus, Lupus, Vitus (See Bites)

Animal Herd Diseases and Epidemics [A] - Antony TG

Animal Lovers – Antony TG, Francis of Assisi

Animal Tamers – Julian Hospitaller

Animal Welfare Societies - Francis of Assisi

Animals – Antony TG (traditional, see below under domestic animals), Blaise, Bruno, Colman, Francis of Assisi (modern), Giles, Martin de Porres, Nicolas of Tolentino, Procopius (See Specific Animal)

Animals About to Be Born - Procopius

Animals, Domestic - Ambrose, Anthony of Padua (This is probably due to confusion with his namesake, Antony TG.), Antony TG (In Mexico, children take their pets to church on his feast day to be blessed), Cornelius, Francis of Assisi (modern), Gerlac of Valkenburg

Animals, Increase of - Antony TG

Animals, Lost Domestic to Find – Pascual

Animals, Lost, Strayed or Stolen returned in NM – James TG

Animals, Sick - Beuno, Blaise, Dwyn, Nicholas of Tolentino

Animals Spiritually Cleansed - Cornelius

Animals, Wild - Antony TG (traditional), Coloma, Edith of Wilton, Francis of Assisi (modern), Godric, Kieran, Mamas, Seraphim of Sarov

Animals, Working - George

Animals, Young - Procopius

Ankle, Sprained or Diseased [A] – (See Joint Disease)

Annecy, France – Francis de Sales

Announcers - Bernardine of Siena

Announcing Our Arrival in Heaven – Gabriel

Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, Diocese of – Ninian Antigua, Guatemala – James TG

Antioch, Apostle to – Barnabas

Antipolo, Phillipines – OLO Antipolo (OLO Peace, OLO Good Voyages)

Antiques Dealers - Anne, Dismas

Antwerp, Belgium - Walburga

Anything Asked - Francis of Assisi, Therese of Lisieux

Anxiety [A] – (See Depression, Stress or Worry)

Aosta, Italy - Gratus of Aosta

Apathy [A] - Hildegarde

Apologists (who write in defense of a religious subject) Catherine of Alexandria, Justin Martyr, Thomas Aquinas

Apoplexy or Strokes [A] - Andrew Avellino, Wolfgang (See Head or Heart Diseases)

Apostleship of Prayer – Francis Xavier

Apostolorum Apostola (Apostle to the Apostles) – Mary Magdalene (She announced the resurrection to the Apostles.)

Apothecaries - Cosmas & Damian, James TG Apostle Nicholas of Myra, Raphael

Appendicitis [A] - Elmo*, Lupus (See Stomach Disease)

Appetite, Loss of [A] - William of Vercelli

Apple Orchards & Trees - Charles Borromeo

Appliance (Electrical) Industry Workers – Barbara, Eloy

Apprentices Ambrose, John Bosco, Leonard Murialdo

Aquila, Italy – Bernardine of Siena, Maximus of Aquila, Peter Celestine

Arabia - Ishmael, OLO Arabia

Arabs - Ishmael, OLO Arabia, Sergius & Bacchus

Aragon, Spain – Agathoclia, Braulius, George A rchaeologists - Damasus, Helen, Jerome

Archdiocese – (The Patron of the Diocese Is the one of the town or city named. Look to the name of the cathedral for the patron.)

Archers - Christopher*, Christina of Bolsena, George, Hubert, Sebastian, Ursula

Architects - Barbara*, Benedict Abbot, Benet Biscop, Bernward, Blaise, Thomas Apostle Timothy

Architects, Italian - Benedict TG

Architects, Spanish - NSD Belén (OLO Bethlehem), William of Vercelli

Archivists - Lawrence

Arcus Senilis – (See Eye Disease)

Ardagh and Clonmacnois, Ireland, Diocese of – Mel

Ardennes, Apostle of - Hubert

Ardmore, Ireland – Declan of

Ardmore Arezzo, Italy – Donatus, Laurentinus

Argentina - Immaculate Conception, Francis Solano, Laura Vicuña, OLO Lujan

Argentine Air Force - OLO Loretto

Argentine Ambassadors – Gabriel

Argentine Army – NSD La Merced (OLO Mercy)

Argentine Chaplains – OLO Lujan

Argentine Navy - OL Star of the Sea

Arizona - OLOT Highways

Arizona –Sonora Border Region – Francis Xavier

Arkansas - OLOT Holy Souls

Arlington, VA, Diocese of – Thomas More

Arm & Leg Burns [A] Como

Arm, Pain in the [A] - Amalia

Armagh, Ireland, Archdiocese of – Malachy O'More

Armed Services - Michael

Armenia - Mesrop

Armenia, Apostles to - Bartholomew, Gregory the Illuminator, Isaac TG

Armenia, Catholics of – Nerses of Glaietsi

Armenian Church Founder – Isaac TG

Armidale, Australia, Diocese of – OLOT Rosary

Armorers - Barbara*, Dunstan, Eloy, George, Lawrence, Martin of Tours, Maurice, Sebastian

Armories - Lawrence

Arms - Adrian of Nicomedia, Barbara

Arms Dealers – Adrian of Nicomedia, Barbara

Arms or Powder Wounds [A] - Maurice

Army - Maurice, Theodore, Tiro

Army of the Andes – OLO Mount Carmel

Army, Byzantine – George, Sergius & Bacchus

Army, Ecuadorian - NSD La Merced (OLO Mercy)

Army, French Commissariat - Ambrose

Arrows, All who deal with - Sebastian

Arrow smiths - Giles, Sebastian

Art - Catherine of Bologna

Art Dealers - John the Evangelist

Arteritis, Temporal – (See Eye or Circulation Disease)

Arthritis [A] - Alphonsus Liguori, Colman, Giles*, James TG, Killian, Maurice, Servatus, Totman (See Joint Disease)

Articles, Find Lost – (See Lost Objects, Find)

Artillery, Death By [A] - Barbara*

Artillery Men - Barbara*

Artisanal Products - Ponce

Artisans - Claude, Giles*, Hyacinth, Joseph, Narcissus

Artists - Bl. Fra Angelico, Benet Biscop, Bernward, Catherine of Bologna, Isidore the Worker, Luke, Michael (See Specialty Such As Painters or Sculptors)

Artois Region, France - Isberga

Arts, Fine - George*

Ascetics - Antony TG, Benedict TG, John Baptist, Pacomius

Ascoli Piceno, Italy - Emidius

Asia Minor, Apostle to - John Apostle

Aspirations, Personal - Justus

Aspirations, Those with great - Albert TG

Assaults [A] - Expedito

Asses or Donkeys - Anthony of Padua (See Animals)

Assisi, Italy - Francis of Assisi, Rufinus of Assisi

Asthma – Aldric, Eloy*, Mark (See Lung or Respiratory Disease)

Astigmatism – (See Eye Disease)

Astorga, Spain – Turibio of Astorga

Astrologers – Raphael, the Three Kings

Astrologers [A] Augustine of Hippo

Astronauts Joseph of Cupertino

Astronomers Dominic Guzman

Astronomy- Dominic Guzman

Asylums - Dymphna

Atelectasis – (See Lung or Respiratory Disease)

Atheists Return to the Friendship of God – Joseph

Atherosclerosis – (See Heart Disease)

Athletes - Sebastian, Christopher, Samson

Athletes' Foot – (See Skin Disease)

Athletic Associations, Catholic – Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Athletics – Sebastian

Atlanta, GA, Archdiocese of – Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pius X

Atomic Destruction [A] - Philip of Jesus (He foresaw the bombing of Nagasaki.)

Atomic or Nuclear Industry Workers - Philip of Jesus

Atrani, Italy – Mary Magdalene

Attacks, Physical (See Violence)

Attorneys - Frances de Sales, Ivo Kermartin, Mark (See Lawyers)

Auckland, New Zealand, Diocese of - Patrick

Augsburg, Germany – Afra, Ulric

Aunts - Elizabeth of Hungary

Austin, TX, Diocese of – Immaculate Conception

Australia - Francis Xavier, Mary Mckillop, OL Help of Christians, Peter Chanel, Therese of Lisieux

Austria - Colman, Florian, Joseph, Leopold III, Maurice, OLO Mariazell, Severinus of Noricum, Stephen

Austria, Apostle to - Severinus

Authority, Persons in - Ferdinand III

Authors - Francis de Sales, John Apostle, Lucy, Paul Apostle

Autism [A] – Ubald Baldassini

Automobile Accidents [A] - Christopher, Isidore of Seville

Automobile Dealers - Christopher

Automobile Manufacturers – Catherine of Alexandria, Christopher, Eloy, Richard

Automobile Owners – Eloy, Gerard Majella, Lucy, Richard, Stephen Martyr

Automobile Racers – Gerard Majella

Automobilists - Christopher*, Elias Prophet, Frances of Rome, Gerard Majella, OLO Grace, Sebastian of Aparicio

Auto Routes - John the Baptist

Autun, France – Lazarus, Symphorian

Auvergne, France - Julian of Brioude

Auvergne, France, Upper - Gerald of

Aurillac Auxerre, France – Germanus (Germain)

Avenay, France – Tressan of Mareuil

Aviators - Joseph of Cupertino (He is known as the flying saint), OLO Loretto, Therese of Lisieux

Avignon, France – Agricola, Benezet

Avila, Spain - Teresa of Avila

Avioth, France – NDD

Avioth Aynac, France – Genistus

Azores, the – Maurus


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Dedication, xi,
Introduction, xiii,
What is a Patron Saint?, xviii,
Why New Mexico?, xxiii,
Why Not Pray to God Directly?, xxiv,
What About the Decanonized Saints?, xxv,
Dictionary of Patron Saints by subject, 1,
Holy Advocates in Alphabetical Order, 285,
Bibliography, 413,

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