The Daily Practice of Life: Practical Reflections Toward Meaningful Living

The Daily Practice of Life: Practical Reflections Toward Meaningful Living

by Walt Shelton


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How can paying attention to real life experiences, intentionally focusing on the present, learning from our past, developing fresh habits, and listening to different ideas enhance our faith journey and quality of life? Practical, authentic faith means actively loving others and pursuing justice daily, resulting in a meaningful life.

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ISBN-13: 9781633573055
Publisher: Crosslink Publishing
Publication date: 10/13/2020
Pages: 207
Sales rank: 346,884
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Walt Shelton is one of the most read faith columnists in Texas over the last decade. Grounded in history and religion degrees, a lifetime studying the Bible, and reflection on experiences and other traditions, he has led Christian and inter-faith discussion groups for more than thirty years.

Table of Contents

Praise for The Daily Practice of Life v

Acknowledgments 1

Foreword 5

Preface 9

Chapter 1 The Daily Practice of Life 13

Chapter 2 Simply Being Kind 17

Chapter 3 Are Questions the Answer? The Kingdom and Inquisitive Children 21

Chapter 4 Heaven on Earth 25

Chapter 5 Friendship in a Comfortless Zone 29

Chapter 6 Trials on the Trails: Identity in the Wilderness 33

Chapter 7 Feeling Fear but Not Being Afraid 37

Chapter 8 Image or Action? 41

Chapter 9 Mary's Close Encounter-A Model Prayer for All Seasons 45

Chapter 10 More Than a Brother 49

Chapter 11 Canine Wisdom 53

Chapter 12 Principled but without Scruples 57

Chapter 13 Who Is Truly Christian? 61

Chapter 14 The Importance of 2012 (or Any Other Time) 65

Chapter 15 Season of Choice 69

Chapter 16 All God's Children 73

Chapter 17 Trust the Person, Not the Label 77

Chapter 18 Footprints, Choices, and the Path Ahead 81

Chapter 19 Before and After 85

Chapter 20 Life's Paradox of Order and Chaos 89

Chapter 21 Sanctity of Friendship 93

Chapter 22 Living without Waiting 97

Chapter 23 Wake up and Give Thanks 101

Chapter 24 Qualitative Living on the Narrow Path 105

Chapter 25 True Wealth 109

Chapter 26 Embracing Fatigue and Opportunity 113

Chapter 27 Making the Workplace a Sanctuary 117

Chapter 28 Neighboring without Delay 121

Chapter 29 Living in the Light of Each Day 125

Chapter 30 When Lightning Strikes 129

Chapter 31 Mental Nutrition 133

Chapter 32 Social Justice Is Always in Season 137

Chapter 33 United through Service 141

Chapter 34 Empathy and Compassionate Response 145

Chapter 35 What Is "Justice"? 149

Chapter 36 What Are We Willing to See? 153

Chapter 37 Life Experience and Faith 157

Chapter 38 Easter for Everyone 161

Chapter 39 Handle Words with Great Care 165

Chapter 40 The Role of Experience in Our Journeys 169

Appendix 1 Small Group Experience 173

Appendix 2 Small Group Values 181

About the Author 187

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