The Divide of God and Himself Vs. the Divide of Mankind and Himself

The Divide of God and Himself Vs. the Divide of Mankind and Himself

by Carolyn Faulkner


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I asked Our Heavenly Father a question, after following, of course, the proper procedure! And as I read, I began to understand with the help of a program called, The Shepherds Chapel, the pastors are father and son, Arnold and Dennis Murray! They leave out all that distraction, and simply teach you "the words" of the Bible, showing you the Hebrew/Arabic and the Greek scriptures in which our Heavenly Fathers words are written in! And of course, there were other literature I purchased, in order to back up what "they" said those words that confused me.

The hardest for me was Genesis! Just that first and second sentence, got me! Not that the whole thing did not take a whole lot of thought! I mean, He said, that he created it. And others places you read, He said we all sang at "the majesty of it", so I needed to know, for a lot of reasons, I'm not digging in you, so I will leave it at that! And just like He says in the bible, "Ask and you shall receive", and that is what I got! Because when you stop and think about it, people for the most part are not "ALL" so bad, and I needed to know, "What the beef" was concerning God and Satan! And I really do believe, that ,that is what happened, and how we came to be here in these states of death.

I just want to plant this seed, and I am truly hoping, that it hits the nail on the head for a lot of folk wondering if, The Most High, stumbled across the Earth, then fixed it up...or...did He create the whole shebang at once or what.

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Publication date: 04/15/2019
Pages: 48
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