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The Drug War Comic Book: over 150 op-ed pictures slamming America's disgraceful war on psychoactive medicine

The Drug War Comic Book: over 150 op-ed pictures slamming America's disgraceful war on psychoactive medicine

by Brian Quass


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Over 150 op-ed pictures slamming the Drug War as anti-minority, anti-nature, anti-science, imperialistic, a violation of Natural Law, and the establishment of Christian Science as America's state religion.

I take the Drug War very personally. Why? Because it turned me into a patient for life. It forbade me from using a treasure trove of plants from the rain forest with fantastic psychoactive powers which, with the help of a pharmacologically savvy empath, could have been psychologically invaluable for me and helped me achieve some degree of self-actualization in life. Instead, I became a ward of the healthcare state, being constantly reminded that I am a "patient" thanks to trimonthly visits to the clinic, where, if I said the right things, I would be eligible once again for yet another expensive three-month supply of mind-numbing meds!

And so clueless Drug Warriors have succeeded now for 60 years in denying me the natural plant medicines that should have been mine by right under Natural Law,. That's why I'm fighting back with this book. And I know I'm on the right side of history. I'm on Thomas Jefferson's side. I'm on the side of Natural Law and the US Constitution. For which reasons, I plead for Americans everywhere to return Jefferson's confiscated poppy plants to Monticello. Restore Natural Law in America. Stop this unprecedented demonization of substances that we call the Drug War. And start a new war against ignorance, poverty and superstition.

Just say no to the scheming politicians who scapegoat inanimate substances rather than solving real problems in the real world. For their goal is to militarize police forces and to crack down on a human being's God-given right to profit from the plants and fungi that grow at their very feet. Their goal, in short, is to overthrow Natural Law in America and to establish Christian Science as America's state religion

Meanwhile, remember: There are no such things as "drugs," the way that the Drug Warrior defines that term. That word is just a pejorative epithet for the psychoactive substances that botanically clueless politicians would rather demonize than understand. The fact is that what we contemptuously dismiss as "drugs" have been used since the Stone Age to foster spiritual transcendence, relaxation, creativity, and concentration. These substances that the Drug War demonizes have inspired entire religions and given philosophic insights to the likes of Plato and Plutarch courtesy of the psychedelic-fueled Eleusinian Mysteries. They have been a source of comfort and creative inspiration for such western luminaries as Marcus Aurelius, Marco Polo, and Benjamin Franklin. Such substances were never considered evil in and of themselves until bigoted American politicians first realized in the early 20th century that they could disenfranchise their political enemies by creating drug laws that targeted their psychoactive substances of choice.

And so America, the one nation founded upon Natural Law, launched a Drug War which declared to the world that human beings no longer had a right to the plants and fungi that grow at their very feet.

The Drug War is thus a repeal of our society's hard-earned rights under Natural Law. It is a step backward in the progress of humanity toward ever greater freedom. The Drug War is anti-democratic, anti-minority, anti-nature, and anti-science. It also represents the establishment of a state religion. For it was not Nancy Reagan who first told us to "just say no" to drugs, it was Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the religion of Christian Science.

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Brian Quass is founder of, where he publishes philosophical essays against America's disgraceful Drug War.

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