The Early English Baptists - Volume 2

The Early English Baptists - Volume 2

by Benjamin D. Evans


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ISBN-13: 9781579788988
Publisher: The Baptist Standard Bearer
Publication date: 04/01/2001
Series: The Baptist History Series , #21
Pages: 372
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.83(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter I.Charles the First
The Character of the Monarch at his Accession to the Throne1
Parties in the State3
The Coronation5
The Church--Abbott7
Laud--his influence9
The condition of the people12
The morals of the Clergy14
The Puritan clement18
The prevalence of Baptist principles20
Letters to the Dutch Churches21
The mode of Baptism51
The mode of Baptism in Holland53
Church at Stoney Stratford54
The conflict of the Commons with the King57
The Second Parliament60
The Third Parliament62
Elevation of Laud to the Primacy65
His policy68
The Star Chamber--Nonconformist sufferings71
Rise of Particular Baptists75
Influence of the Laudian School80
Nonconformists emigrate to Holland83
Episcopacy and the Scottish Church85
Baptists in Wales88
Baptists in England89
Chapter II.The Civil War
State of parties91
The feeling in the Commons' House93
The Star Chamber94
The labour of the Patriots95
Feeling against Laud97
Anabaptists before the Lords, &c.99
Hostility to the Bishops103
Remonstrance of the Commons105
Charles's attempt on the Five Members106
John Canne and the Baptists107
Works on Baptism112
Vavasour Powell in Wales113
Dr. Feately and the Baptists in Southwark113
Charles denounces them115
Charles raises the standard of Civil War116
Character of the Cavaliers118
Character of the Parliamentarians120
Baptists--their aim in engaging in the War122
Thomas Lamb--his sufferings123
Rise of sects124
Influence of Presbyterians125
Meeting of the Assembly of Divines126
Influence of this on the Baptists128
Cause of their increase130
Confession of Faith134
Increase of Baptists136
Efforts for religious freedom137
Tyranny of Presbyterians138
Baxter and Cox at Coventry140
Progress of Baptist sentiments142
Dispute with Calamy143
H. Denne--his sufferings145
Laying on of hands on the baptized146
John Tombes embraces Baptist views147
Henry Jessey embraces Baptist views149
Presbyterian hatred150
Colonel Hutchinson adopts Baptist views151
Intolerant Law152
Progress of the War154
Duplicity of Charles155
Death and character of Charles156
Chapter III.The Commonwealth
The spread of Republican principles169
The strength of parties in the nation170
Abolition of the Monarchy172
Charles II. proclaimed by the Scots173
Cromwell in Scotland174
Moral state of Wales175
Petition of the Anabaptists in London176
Religious freedom176
State of the Universities178
Baptists in the Principality180
Tombes and Baxter184
Baptists in Ireland187
Baptists in Scotland189
Political changes191
Cromwell Lord Protector193
Party feeling194
The "Tryers"196
Baptists opposed to them198
Protector favourable to the Baptists199
They are hostile to his Government200
Major-General Harrison202
Feake, Powell, and others, against the Protector203
Letter of Thomas Harrison on Baptists in Ireland, &c.208
Fifth Monarchy men212
Colonel Lilburne in Scotland215
Letter to the Church at Hexham220
Rise of Associations223
Various sects225
Baptists opposed to Fifth Monarchy Men226
Closing scene of the Protector's life228
Character of Oliver229
Moral state of the country235
Richard proclaimed236
State of parties237
The feeling of Baptists238
Case of Colonel Overton240
Hostility between the Civil and Military Powers241
Royalist rising241
Monk--his duplicity, &c.242
The Restoration246
Chapter IV.Charles the Second
The joy of the nation247
The Presbyterians aid in the Restoration249
Calamy and others at Breda251
Conduct of the Cavaliers252
The Regicides253
General Harrison254
The bodies of Cromwell and others dishonoured255
Restoration of Episcopacy, &c.257
Savoy Conference259
The spirit of the Presbyterians262
The spirit of the Church263
Sufferings of Baptists264
John Bunyan267
Venner and the Fifth Monarchy Men270
Moral state of the nation271
Emigrants to Holland274
Hostility to Baptists275
Trial and martyrdom of John James280
Vavasour Powell and the Welsh Baptists283
Character of the House of Commons285
Passing of the Corporation Act286
Episcopacy in Scotland288
Uniformity Bill290
Prayer Book modified292
Ejected Baptists295
Feelings of the ejected296
Indulgence promised297
Sheldon--his hostility to the Nonconformists298
Charles and his Court299
Sufferings of Nonconformists300
William Kiffin303
Trial of Keach306
Spirit of the Episcopate310
State of the Court and Government312
The "Cabal"315
Cromwell and Charles's Government317
Toleration promised319
The growth of Popery320
The Test Act321
Sufferings of the Baptists322
Conflicts with the Quakers324
George Fox and the Baptists in Leicester, Carlisle, and Scotland326
French influence328
The University of Oxford issues its famous decree on Passive Obedience330
Attitude of the Patriots332
Scheme of Comprehension333
Baptist sufferings--Delaune334
Efforts for training ministers339
Last days and death of Charles341
Character of Charles346

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