The Eccentric Painter

The Eccentric Painter

by Steven Ehrman



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The Eccentric Painter by Steven Ehrman

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are called in on the murder of a wealthy English country squire. The deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes are on full display as he flushes the killer from a group of suspects with perfect alibis.
This is a novella length story typical of the Holmes tales.
The Sherlock Holmes Uncovered Tales are a series of original stories based upon the immortal characters, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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ISBN-13: 9781489561954
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date: 04/11/2013
Pages: 68
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

I am a drummer and the author of three current book series.

The first series is the Frank Randall Mysteries. Frank Randall is a hard boiled detective who roams the 1970's. If you enjoy Hammett, Chandler, or MacDonald (with a touch of Jim Rockford) then I hope you'll enjoy the Frank Randall Mysteries. The Referral Game is the first in the series. The second is The Visible Suspect. Both are now available on Amazon for the Kindle. This series is on temporary hold though I hope to revisit it in the future.

The second series is the Zombie Civilization Saga. The first book, Zombie Civilization - Genesis, is currently available with the next one due no later than June 1, 2013. The series takes place, at least for now, in the backwoods of southern Ohio. The survivors of the initial infection struggle to construct a new society out of the ruins without becoming barbarians in the process. This series is planned for a set of three books with perhaps more to follow.

The third series I have begun is the Sherlock Holmes Uncovered Tales. The first book, The Eccentric Painter is currently number one in the kindle store for Sherlock Holmes books. I have eleven more books in the queue and will be releasing them every month or two. These are traditional Sherlock Holmes tales with strict adherence to the Doyle canon.

If you wish to contact me please email me at or join me on Twitter. I respond to every message and I enjoy interacting with those who have been kind enough to read my books.

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