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The Elegant Warrior: How To Win Life's Trials Without Losing Yourself

The Elegant Warrior: How To Win Life's Trials Without Losing Yourself

by Heather Hansen


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Can you win life’s battles without losing yourself?

Life is full of trials, and sometimes you need a warrior spirit to overcome them. Award-winning attorney Heather Hansen has spent over twenty years fighting on the battlefields of the courts—but even in her fiercest clashes, she’s remained true to herself and her principles. She shares her journey to becoming an Elegant Warrior, and imparts the wisdom she’s learned from her decades on the bar.

Armed with the tools and techniques she’s honed in the courtroom, Hansen makes the case that anyone can become an Elegant Warrior: someone who fights adversity with grace and compassion, and battles without losing respect for themselves and their adversaries.

Using real-life case studies and personal stories from the fast-paced courtroom arena, Hansen teaches you how to triumph over your own struggles. From overcoming the Curse of Knowledge to discovering the Power of How, you’ll learn how to tap into your own personal strengths to face whatever challenges come your way.

We all have to go to war at times. Sometimes the combat zone is your home; sometimes it’s the office. And sometimes, it’s your inner world. As an Elegant Warrior, you’ll be armed with the confidence, wisdom and skills to enter the fray and remain true to yourself.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781989025260
Publisher: Page Two Books, Inc.
Publication date: 04/09/2019
Pages: 140
Sales rank: 798,735
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Heather Hansen is a Global Communication Specialist, TEDx speaker, and Founder of Singapore-based communication training and consulting firm, Global Speech Academy Pte Ltd. Her talks and training courses on language, communication, and people-skills have encouraged leaders across four continents to improve their communication skills and human relationships. She is author of Powerful People Skills and contributing author to three other books.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Choose Your Elegance 1

1 Don't Just Complain-Move 9

2 Discover Your Personal Elegance 13

3 Be Curious 17

4 Move to Create Progress-or to Create Fire 23

5 Decide Whether to Get Dirty 27

6 Choose Your Army; Start with Your Mentors 31

7 Be Quick to Laugh, Even During Battle 35

8 Collect Your Yeses 35

9 Rest 43

10 Nurture Your Team 47

11 Know When to Settle 51

12 Pick People Well 55

13 Use Your Voice 59

14 Open to Impress 63

15 Strike with Questions 69

16 Remember the Power of How 73

17 Be as Good as Your Word 79

18 Prove It-with Evidence 83

19 Show It 'til You Grow It 89

20 Learn to Object 93

21 Overcome Objections 97

22 Stop Looking for Objections 101

23 Be Your Own Best Advocate 105

24 Don't Deny the Damages 109

25 Close with Respect 115

26 Embrace Rejection 119

27 Quiet Your Lizard Brain 123

Conclusion: Win or Lose, Fight with Elegance 127

Notes 133

Acknowledgments 137

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