The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope

The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope

by Leslie Vernick


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ISBN-13: 9780307731180
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/17/2013
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 41,501
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About the Author

Leslie Vernickis licensed clinical social worker and relationship coach. For more than thirty years, she has helped individuals, couples, and families heal, rebuild, or grow their relationships. A popular author and speaker, she has written several books, includingHow to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrongand the bestseller,The Emotionally Destructive Relationship.

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Hanging On by a Thread

It’s easy to find a plethora of good books about how to be a godly wife or what steps to take to build a successful and happy marriage. There aren’t many books written on how to wisely deal with a destructive and abusive marriage. As a counselor and coach, I have grown increasingly troubled by the advice hurting women receive from well- meaning pastors, Christian counselors, friends, and lay leaders when they seek help for their destructive and abusive marriages. Many times we’ve not understood the gravity of the problem. We’ve misdiagnosed a marriage that has terminal cancer and treated it as if it were only suffering from a common cold. We’ve also misplaced the responsibility for keeping the marriage alive by putting an extraordinarily heavy burden on a wife’s shoulders to somehow maintain a loving and warm relationship with a husband who treats her with cruelty, disrespect, deceit, and gross indifference. It’s not feasible, nor is it biblical.

Each week e-mails flood my inbox from women desperate for answers, hanging on to their marriages and sometimes their sanity by a single thread. The details vary, but the questions are usually the same: “What do I do?” and “Where do I turn for help?” The woman’s spirit, and sometimes her body, is depressed and depleted from the distress she feels within the walls of her own home. She wants to honor God and do his will, but does that mean she must continue to allow herself to be destroyed by her husband, a man who has promised to love and protect her?

Marriage and family are important to God, but just as important to him are the individuals within those marriages and families. God does not value men more than women, or the institution of marriage more than the people who are in it. He wants to help you know how to heal and what to do to bring true restoration to your destructive marriage. He also knows that because of the hardness of your husband’s heart, true reconciliation of your relationship isn’t always possible.

Throughout this book you will clearly see what’s wrong and why keeping the marriage together at all costs or at any price can be dangerous. You will gain fresh insights and a new paradigm in which to understand your role in your marriage. You’ll learn strategies and be given tools so that you can find your own voice again and be able to develop the strength and courage to stand up against the destruction. Within these pages is a biblical road map to help you know whether genuine repentance and restoration is taking place, and what the specific steps are to get there.

The Emotionally Destructive Marriage
is divided into three parts. Part 1, “Seeing Your Marriage Clearly,” will help you distinguish the difference between a disappointing marriage and a destructive one. At the end of chapter 1, there is a self-administered test you can take to determine whether you are in a destructive marriage. In chapter 2 you will learn what a healthy marriage looks like and the three essential ingredients that are required for any relationship to flourish. Chapter 3 will open your eyes to the different types of destructive relationship patterns and why they are so damaging to you, your children, and your marriage. In chapter 4 you will see that God hates what’s happening to you. He is with you and for you and wants to help you make changes so that genuine healing can take place.

Part 2, “Change Begins with You,” opens with chapter 5 showing you the ways you may be unknowingly enabling the destruction in your marriage to continue. You will understand how being a true biblical helpmate is very different than staying inappropriately submissive and silent about the destruction. In chapter 6 you’ll understand why trying harder in the traditional wifely ways will make a destructive marriage worse and how the common teachings on biblical headship and submission can lead to an abuse of power and entitlement thinking. Chapter 7 will help you build internal core strength, so that when the time is right, you will be empowered to take firm yet godly action to protect yourself and your children. Then, in chapter 8, you will know exactly what you need to do to prepare before you have a difficult conversation with your husband about his destructive behaviors.

In part 3, “Initiating Changes in Your Marriage,” you’ll be given specific strategies to wake up your husband to his destructiveness and invite him to godly change. In chapter 9 you’ll discover how to speak up in love, using words that invite your spouse to stop his destructive behaviors and attitudes without shaming, scolding, or disrespecting him. In chapter 10 you will receive a plan on how to calmly confront your husband, together with examples of specific consequences you can implement if he refuses to listen. Chapter 11 takes you step by step through your biblical options if nothing changes in your marriage, and ways you can stay strong and God-centered in the midst of continued destructive behaviors. Lastly, in chapters 12 and 13, you’ll learn the specific changes that are required if a destructive marriage is to heal, and how you will know whether or not you’re making progress as a couple. In the closing epilogue, I invite you to read the words of an abusive man who is learning to become a better man.

I debated whether to write this book just for women or to include men, as they, too, are in destructive marriages and feel distraught, impotent, and confused about how to change the damaging dynamics in their marriages. In the end I decided to write this book for women, but if you are a man who is looking for answers for your destructive marriage, you will find help within the pages here if you can overlook the stories and illustrations depicting men as the primary perpetrators. You can also find additional resources at -marriage, if your wife is the one who is the destructive partner.

The individuals in each story are disguised except for those who have given me permission to use their real names. Some stories or characters are composites to illustrate a specific point. All are pictures of the painful realities some women must live with day after day, week after week, year after year.

Please hear me: God doesn’t want you to hang on by a thread, my friend. He gives you a lifeline. Grab hold of it and live.

Part 1

Seeing Your Marriage Clearly

The eye is the lamp of the body.
So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light,
but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness,
how great is the darkness!
Jesus, in Matthew 6:22–23

Are You in an Emotionally Destructive Marriage?

For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest;
nor is anything secret except to come to light.
—Mark 4:22

Several years ago, while speaking in Hungary, I was shocked to see the new title the Hungarians had given one of my books when they translated it into their language. It was now called How to Survive a D-Minus Marriage. My sister, Patt, who had accompanied me on this speaking trip, joked with me about whether or not people would admit their marriages were that bad. But during the event, the book sold like hot cakes. Marriages everywhere are in dire straits. Christian homes are no exception.

You may feel as if you are in a D-minus marriage and have no idea what to do. I have help for you, but first it’s important to clarify the difference between a disappointing marriage and a destructive one.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction: Hanging On by a Thread 1

Part 1 Seeing Your Marriage Clearly

1 Are You in an Emotionally Destructive Marriage? 7

2 The Three Essential Ingredients in a Thriving Relationship 28

3 Five Patterns That Destroy a Relationship and Damage People 38

4 Where Is God in All of This? 60

Part 2 Change Begins with You

5 What's Wrong with Me? 75

6 When Trying Harder Becomes Destructive 90

7 Build Your Core 102

8 Get Prepared to Confront Wisely 118

Part 3 Initiating Changes in Your Marriage

9 Learn to Speak Up in Love 133

10 Stand Up Against the Destruction 147

11 When There Is No Obvious Change 162

12 Necessary Changes for a Marriage to Heal 178

13 Restoring the Destructive Marriage 193

Epilogue 207

Appendix A Resources for Help 210

Appendix B Five Common Mistakes People Helpers Make 216

Notes 219

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The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tells you when to stay and when to leave. And how to make that decision. Very helpful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This should be required reading for every teen age girl and everyone feeling stuck in a relationship that doesn't seem "quite right". Her companion book on relationships was purchased for some of the college age girls I know to open their eyes to the manipulative relational predators out there. Highly recommend this, and have purchased multiple copies for friends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This books is some what helpful. I like that she has a few quizzes in the book to tell where your marriage is at. I did have a few concerns: Leslie talks about a safety plan. She should have a sample one in the book to refer to. Also, if after reading this book you decide you need counseling, find someone that has training in domestic violence. This covers emotional, verbal, psychology and physical abuse. Please do yourself this favor. I wasted 6 years going to a marriage counselor that did not have this training and my concerns were not addressed. It was only after I went to see counselor with this training did I get the help I needed. My last concern is that is that in many our her examples she is counseling both spouses. I have interviewed three counselors and all three of them told me that they counselor individuals with domestic violence issues, not couples because of safety issues. Abusive spouses will take what you spoke about at the counseling session and will use it against you at home. There are also counselors that are CDVP or Certified Domestic Violence Professionals to help you. Domestic Violence is not just physical.
staceb More than 1 year ago
Being that I've been married for almost 20 years, (Wow!), I'm always looking for resources to make it better.  I'm always drawn to books that speak on the subject. Marriage can be bliss and it can be tough as well.  There are many valleys both high and low.  The ups and downs of Holy Matrimony are normal.  But sometimes marriages are dysfunctional.  Sometimes a union can be sick and dying.  While yet others can have symptoms of abuse. "The Emotionally Destructive Marriage" by Leslie Vernick, is an ebook that I am currently reading.  It tackles the touchy subject of abuse in marriage and how to determine if you are in a disappointing marriage or one that is indeed emotionally destructive and what to do about it. There are 3 main parts of this book:  Part 1: Seeing your marriage clearly Part 2: Change begins with you Part 3: Initiating Changes in your Marriage My Thoughts: What I like most about this book is that it first starts off with a quiz that you can take to access where your marriage stands.  I also love the fact that the author makes no excuse for staying in a dysfunctional marriage. You can get help, but it may be necessary for you to leave for your own sanity.  The only downfall is that I received the ebook.  I would have liked to get the hard copy.
Susanosb More than 1 year ago
Leslie Vernick has written an excellent book to help women see if they are in an emotionally destructive marriage. A quiz is given to help women determine exactly where their marriage stands. Tips are provided to help women to change in healthy ways, to gain the skills they need, and to stay safe.  Each chapter offers a prayer and an action step for the women to take. Leslie has been counseling individuals, couples, and families for over 30 years, and this book truly shows women how to set boundaries and break free from emotionally destructive relationships. I recommend this book for anyone in an potentially unhealthy marriage or relationship. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My lifesaver. I was able to.leave an emotionally destructive marriage after 24 years after reading this book. Iam alive again. I am me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ct t