The Ends of Rossford: The Concluding Rossford Novel

The Ends of Rossford: The Concluding Rossford Novel

by Chris Lewis Gibson


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Fenn said, "You have a great musical gift and it comes from Tom. You think of him as a very sweet, very dear man, and he is. But he once composed an entire score in his head on a train ride. That's the thing about geniuses, they rarely know they are."
Dylan asked his father, "Have you ever told Dad that?"
"It wouldn't sound right. Tom has always had a hard time believing in his own brilliance. He never believed it when I told him how great he was. But... if he wasn't what I said he was, then why would I have loved him?"

To come to the end, you must go to the beginning, and so the last Rossford book begins not some years after the last, but nearly twenty years before the first. The young characters we began with: Layla, Will, Brendan, Dena and Milo are entering their middle years and Laurel, Dylan, Maia and their friends are coming into the world of adulthood, but here is also the story of Fenn, Tom, Bryant, Todd, Adele and Nell and how they came to be the people we first meet in The Houses in Rossford.

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