The English Slave

The English Slave

by David Eugene Andrews
The English Slave

The English Slave

by David Eugene Andrews


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In his debut historical novel, The English Slave, author David Eugene Andrews solves a 400-year-old mystery--the true identify of the beautiful Turkish noblewoman who received Captain John Smith as a slave. Based on Smith's personal memoirs, The English Slave tells how Smith--sorely wounded while fighting for the Holy Roman Empire in Eastern Europe--was sold into slavery at Axiopolis, a border town on the lower Danube. Grand Vizier Yemisci Hasan Pasha purchases the well-dressed John Smith and sends him in chains to the Pasha's fiancee in Stamboul in order to procure him for a ransom. The Grand Vizier promises his betrothed, Aisha, Sister of the Sultan, that she can keep the slave ransom all for herself. The Turkish noblewoman brings the slave to her massive palace and speaking to her captive in Italian, Aisha quickly learns Capitano John Smith is no ordinary slave.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780986247125
Publisher: Adamo Press
Publication date: 07/31/2017
Series: Empires & Kingdoms , #1
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents

1-Axiopolis Slave Auction; 2-The Grand Vizier; 3-Blood Tribute in Bulgaria; 4-Blacksmith of Edirne; 5-Chained by the Neck; 6-Aisha, Sister of the Sultan; 7-Italian Conversation; 8-New Palace Banquet; 9-English Translator Emine; 10-Fatherless in Lincolnshire; 11-Indentured Servant in Lynn; 12-Master Thomas Sendall; 13-Safiye Valide Sultana; 14-Pillars of Hagia Sophia; 15-Janissary School Agha; 16-French Translator Filiz; 17-Bertie Brothers at Orleans; 18-Infanta Isabella of Spain; 19-Spanish Silver Fleet; 20-Cardinal Albert of Austria; 21-Count Varax Bombards Calais; 22-King Henry IV at Chartres; 23-Feigning Herself Sick; 24-Turkish Bathhouse in Belgrade; 25-Letter to Pasha Tymor; 26-Tussle on the Thames; 27-Ambassadors from Africa; 28-Queen Elizabeth in London; 29-English Fleet Sails; 30-Sir Walter Raleigh; 31-Farther No Man Dares to Go; 32-Candelabrum of Toledo; 33-Bowls of Tripe Soup; 34-London Bridge & Swan Theater; 35-Cheapside and Bridewell; 36-The Ring at Whitehall Palace; 37-Share of Fatherless Children; 38-Compassion and Control; 39-Mischievous Purposes; 40-Try the Truth; 41-David Hume of Godscroft; 42-Letters to the Scottish Court; 43-Carriage Ride at Pontoise; 44-Captain Joseph Duxbury; Glossary of Terms, People, Places; Timeline of Events; Bibliography
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