The Everything Guide to Remote Work: The Ultimate Resource for Remote Employees, Hybrid Workers, and Digital Nomads

The Everything Guide to Remote Work: The Ultimate Resource for Remote Employees, Hybrid Workers, and Digital Nomads

by Jill Duffy
The Everything Guide to Remote Work: The Ultimate Resource for Remote Employees, Hybrid Workers, and Digital Nomads

The Everything Guide to Remote Work: The Ultimate Resource for Remote Employees, Hybrid Workers, and Digital Nomads

by Jill Duffy


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Discover the secret to being productive and successful no matter where you are with this essential guide to remote work.

During COVID-19, working from home became the new normal. Now, both employers and employees find that the remote work they were forced to adjust to may be, well, better—financially, sustainably, and even in terms of overall morale and productivity.

But working from home is not without its challenges. It can be difficult to eliminate distractions, strike a solid work/life balance, and maintain social connections that are crucial in the workplace. Whether you’re trying to find and land a job from the comfort of your home, learning to manage a virtual team, or dream of living a digital nomad lifestyle, The Everything Guide to Remote Work has everything you need to be successful. You’ll learn to optimize your own workplace culture, whether it’s in your home office or a constantly changing backdrop. So whether your company continues to work remotely full time or you only have to go to the office a few days a week, you’ll be armed with all the tools you’ll need to make the most out of this new lifestyle.

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ISBN-13: 9781507217863
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 02/08/2022
Series: Everything® Series
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 518,305
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Jill Duffy is a writer and journalist covering remote work, personal productivity, and technology. She’s a long-time contributing editor and columnist at PCMag, where she writes about software, tools, and techniques people can use to stay organized and productive. Her column, “Get Organized” teaches people how to be more organized in their digital life regardless of technical skill level. Her work has also appeared in Fast Company, BBC, Reviewed, and Popular Science, among other print and online publications. She’s been quoted by major newspapers including The New York Times and USA TODAY, and has appeared on National Public Radio, CNBC, and other major media outlets and podcasts. She also speaks at corporate functions, conferences, and educational events about personal productivity, remote work, and technology. She brings a global perspective to her writing, having lived and worked in the US, the UK, Romania, India, and Guatemala

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Chapter 1 Defining Remote Work 13

Remote Work Takes Many Shapes 14

Not All Jobs Can Be Remote 18

Working Remotely As an Employee 20

Working Remotely As a Contractor 21

Working Remotely As a Solo Entrepreneur 22

Pros and Cons of Remote Work 22

Is Remote Work Right for You? 28

Chapter 2 Landing a Remote Job 31

How and Where to Look for Remote Jobs 32

Applying to Remote Jobs 34

Tips for Interviewing 38

Knowing the Right Questions to Ask 40

Negotiating Remote Work Benefits 45

Successfully Navigating Remote Onboarding 47

Getting to Know Your Team 48

Setting the Tone Early of Speaking Up Quickly 49

Chapter 3 Setting Up to Work Remotely 51

Making a Dedicated Space 52

Creating Spatial Boundaries 53

How to Set Hours Without Giving Up Flexibility 56

Getting Started with New Routines 58

What Do You Need in Your Workspace? 61

Asking for What You Need (from an Employer) 63

Optimizing At-Home Ergonomics 65

Chapter 4 Learning the Art of Remote Communication 69

Remote Teams Must Overcommunicate 70

A Look at Synchronous versus Asynchronous Communication 73

What Does Transparency Mean in a Remote Work Environment? 76

Tips for Being Clear Yet Concise in Written Communication 79

Embracing Emoji, Reacji, and Exclamation Points! 84

Never Dangle Feedback 85

Chapter 5 Etiquette for Video and Audio Calls 87

Camera On or Off? How to Decide When to Use Video 88

Addressing Privacy Concerns for Video Calls 89

Preparing for a Video Call 91

Tips for Lighting and Camera Angle 94

When and When Not to Mute 96

Tips for Better Audio Quality 97

How to Incorporate Screen Sharing and Virtual Whiteboarding 100

When to Use Broadcast-Style Conference Calls 102

Chapter 6 Understanding Virtual Collaboration and Working on Teams 103

What Is Remote Collaboration? 104

Evaluating Synchronous versus Asynchronous Collaboration 108

Adopting a Capture-and-Share Mentality 110

Setting Boundaries and Rules for Collaboration 113

Maintaining Living Documents and Documentation 118

Working Together on Visual Materials 120

Chapter 7 Remote Work Is Reshaping Meetings 123

It's Time to Rethink Meetings 124

Why Meeting Burnout Is High for Remote Teams 128

Do You Need to Attend Every Meeting? 129

Standing or Stand-Up Meetings, All-Hands Meetings, and One-on-Ones 131

Tips That Make Meetings Relevant, Useful, and Accessible to All 137

Chapter 8 Maintaining Productivity and Avoiding Distractions 141

Don't Compare Your Productivity 142

Measuring Productivity in New Ways 146

Setting New Expectations for Distractions 149

Tips for Dealing with In-Home Distractions 151

Tips for Managing Outside and Environmental Distractions 154

Tips for Handling Self-Interruptions and Personal Distractions 156

Using Sprints to Tackle Difficult Tasks 156

Using Time Blocking to Manage Your Daily or Weekly Schedule 159

Chapter 9 Establishing a Solid Work-Life Balance 161

Defining Your "Balance" 162

Working Flexibly Behind the Scenes 163

Setting Boundaries to Protect Daily and Weekly Time Off 165

Sick Days Are No-Work Days 167

Taking Vacation Time, Holidays, and Personal Days 168

Learning to Take Healthy Breaks 171

Finessing Your Routines for Work-Life Balance 174

Using Existing Habits to Help Establish New Ones 176

Communicating with People Who Share Your Space 178

Embracing the Perks of Remote Work and Working from Home 180

Chapter 10 Ensuring Growth As a Remote Employee 181

How to Stay Relevant When You're Not Physically There 182

Developing a Proactive Attitude 184

Tracking and Sharing Your Progress and Wins 188

Complimenting Others Helps You Be Seen and Heard 190

Tips for Working with Managers and Bosses 191

Asking for What You Need and the Growth You Want 193

Using One-on-Ones to Voice Your Plan for Growth or Promotion 194

Seizing Opportunities for Continued Learning 197

Chapter 11 Mastering the Hybrid Model 199

What Is a Hybrid-Remote Work Model? 200

Is Hybrid Work Right for You? 202

Reaping the Rewards of a Hybrid Work Lifestyle 204

Evaluating the Challenges of Hybrid Employment 207

Setting Up a Hybrid Workplace 210

Chapter 12 Becoming a Digital Nomad 213

Who and What Are Digital Nomads? 214

Navigating Working Hours and Time Zones 217

Celebrating the Rewards of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle 218

How Digital Nomads Decide Where to Go 220

Being Aware of Visas and Location-Dependent Limitations 222

Understanding Tax Implications and Health Insurance Issues 225

Personal Risks and Trade-Offs for Digital Nomads 227

Professional Risks and Trade-Offs for Digital Nomads 231

Chapter 13 How to Participate in Remote Company Culture 233

Contributing to Company Culture As a Remote Employee 234

Making It Fun, Making It Optional 237

Socializing with Colleagues 239

Re-Creating "Watercooler" Moments Virtually 241

Getting What You Need from Team Retreats and Business Travel 242

Organizing Regional Meetups, Online Meetups, and Clubs 244

Celebrating Successes and Boosting Morale 246

Employee Perks Commonly Offered at All-Remote Companies 248

Chapter 14 Preparing for the Future of Remote Work 251

Turning Toward a Remote-Inclusive Mindset 252

Supporting Remote Options 255

Shifting Focus from Hours to Outcomes 257

Making the Most of In-Person Time 258

Make Change from the Bottom Up 260

Appendix A References 263

Appendix B Glossary of Terms 265

Index 269

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