The Floor Is Lava: And 99 More Games for Everyone, Everywhere

The Floor Is Lava: And 99 More Games for Everyone, Everywhere

by Ivan Brett


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With 100 games to start a party, ideas to trigger conversation, storytelling setups, and fiendish puzzles—no materials required—The Floor Is Lava is a how-to for turning screen-free time into quality time.

Put down the phone and pick up the fun!

Analog play is known to stimulate imaginative thinking, problem solving, and interpersonal connection. However, games only seem to exist on screen now and quality time spent together—in person—is rarer than ever.

The Floor Is Lava is perfect for anyone looking to disconnect from technology and spend some time with family or friends. Packed with one hundred screen-free games, it’s the necessary antidote to digital overload and the answer to every occasion:

- hosting a party
- long car rides
- cooling off on summer days
- sitting around the dinner table
- holiday gatherings
- rainy days

The best part is, you don’t need anything to play. So what are you waiting for? Jump up and get started—the floor is lava!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781982116187
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 05/28/2019
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 185,036
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

A teacher based in North London, Ivan Brett has a lifelong obsession with cycling, comic books, and most importantly, games. Having employed hundreds of games to entertain himself, strengthen friendships, and teach his classes, Ivan has spent the last year collecting his favorites to share with the world in the form of The Floor is Lava. Ivan also has a weekly podcast of the same name, in which he meets an interesting person in their natural habitat to play seven handpicked games.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

1 Traffic Jams 1

Car Cricket 2

Sail the Seven Seas 4

Where's Voldemort? 5

Destination Sentences 7

1-2-3-Spy 9

I've Just Seen… 11

Cat Eats Mouse 13

How Did Liverpool Get Its Name? 15

Reg! 17

I'm in Business 19

2 The Kitchen Table 21

Crambo 22

Kim's Game 24

Please Pass the … 25

Shut Your Eyes 27

Boink! 28

King Henry VIII's Banquet 30

Six Degrees of Separation 32

What's My Line? 34

Seat Memory 36

Hardest Game in the World 39

3 Long, Hot Summer 41

Twenty-One Dares 42

Murder in Paradise 44

Preposition I-Spy 47

Don't Finish the Word! 49

Top Ten of Everything 51

Story Tornado 53

Stupid Superheroes 55

What's It Worth? 58

Genre Bender 60

Avagat 62

4 One-On-One 65

Reflect Me 66

Blindfold Game 68

Squiggle Challenge 70

Fortunately/Unfortunately 71

Control the Robot 73

Boxes 75

Dice Soccer 77

Switch! 80

Hangman Mastermind 82

Lego Challenge 84

5 Party Time 87

Clap Clap SQUAWK 88

Zip Bong 90

Bang! 92

Co-Op Musical Islands 94

Squashed Sardines 96

Who's the Leader? 98

Chappy Tomato 100

Locked Box 102

Mafia 104

Pat Clap Click Click 108

6 Cabin Fever 111

Sniffer Dog 112

Endless Sentence 113

Pan Tapping 116

Silly Word Snowballs 117

The Floor Is Lava 119

The Silent Game 120

Disregarded Things 121

Monsters of the Nook and Cranny 122

Jumble 124

Double Acrostic 126

7 Long Games For Long Journeys 129

The Questions Game 130

Buzz Words 132

Glom! 134

Yes/No/Black/White 136

Adjectival Animals 138

Similelarly 140

Celebritables 143

Essence 144

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Die 146

RPGs (Role-Playing Games) 148

8 After Dinner 153

1,000 Blank White Cards 154

Category Scramble 159

Would You Rather? 162

Wavy Gravy 164

Two Truths and a Lie 166

No More Dogs 169

Acrophobia 171

Fictionary 173

Botticelli 175

Hunt for the Pair 177

9 A Very Merry Christmas 181

One-Word Story 182

Twenty Questions (aka Animal, Vegetable, Mineral) 184

Say What You See 187

The Exquisite Corpse 189

Identity Crisis 191

Letter Links 193

First Lines 195

Consequences 198

Brian! Brian? 201

Blabbermouth 203

10 Just Chill Out 207

Word Association 208

Why? 210

Fit-It 212

A-Z of 214

Word Ladders 216

Right on Target 218

Ten-to-One Story 220

Grow a Word 222

Write Against the Odds 224

Talk Like Shakespeare 226

Appendix 229

Acknowledgments 253

Index 255

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