The Fourth Mystery: Birth and Death

The Fourth Mystery: Birth and Death

by C G Harrison


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The Author of this volume - an independent student, the result of whose investigations extending over a period of many years is embodied in this work - here outlines a system of esotericism reminiscent in a marked degree of the Rosicrucian School. His thesis revolves round the central problem of the mystery of birth and death. Neither spiritualism, psychic research, nor theosophy by themselves are sufficient, he contends, to explain this 'Fourth Mystery', although the solution suggested by the author involves the acknowledgment and appreciation of each in its degree. The reader will find in this little book a distinctive and interesting contribution to the literature of esotericism.

In this text, C. G. Harrison's concern is resurrection, whereas in his earlier and more extensive work, The Transcendental Universe (of which the present text forms a continuation), the central theme was reincarnation. Of the earlier book, contemporary author on related topics and director of Phanes Press, David Fideler, wrote:

At sensitive moments in time, spiritual impulses are released into the world of human affairs. [This work] casts an intriguing light on this phenomenon, as seen through the eyes of a nineteenth-century Christian occultist.

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