The Future of Health: How Digital Technology Will Make Care Accessible, Sustainable, and Human

The Future of Health: How Digital Technology Will Make Care Accessible, Sustainable, and Human

by Roberto Ascione
The Future of Health: How Digital Technology Will Make Care Accessible, Sustainable, and Human

The Future of Health: How Digital Technology Will Make Care Accessible, Sustainable, and Human

by Roberto Ascione


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Learn how the future of medicine is being unlocked—one digital innovation at a time

The Future of Health is an insightful and comprehensive overview of the past, present, and future of digital health. Accomplished health innovation leader Roberto Ascione delivers a practical exploration of how the latest digital technologies are transforming the practice of medicine and redefining health itself by making it more accessible, sustainable, and human.

The book includes practical, real-world examples from the United States, Asia, and Europe of technology applications, companies, and start-up that have changed—or will change—our relationship with our health and the healthcare system. Readers will also find:

  • How our health is becoming increasingly consumer and connected while technology is empowering patients in completely new ways and deeply transforming the doctor-patient relationship
  • Discussions of how the training of medical professionals, particularly doctors, has changed—or needs to change—to meet the new digital reality
  • Examinations of how new technologies will allow doctors to dodge many of the administrative and regulatory burdens they currently face each day
  • Treatments of the ability of new technologies to unlock new, holistic ways of practicing medicine, with a focus on latest developments such as Digital Therapeutics and Virtual Reality
  • Reflections on how digital health is fostering a shift “from cure to care” and will unleash a human-sized future for a more accessible, ubiquitous, and sustainable healthcare

The Future of Health is required reading for medical practitioners and the managers of pharmaceutical companies. It will also earn a place in the libraries of medical device companies and healthcare entrepreneurs seeking an incisive treatment of the impact of digital technology on all aspects of healthcare. Also, the general public, interested in understanding how to take better control of their own health through digital technologies, will find this book insightful and easy to comprehend.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119797258
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/09/2021
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

ROBERTO ASCIONE is Chief Executive Officer at Healthware Group, a global leader in health innovation, focusing on groundbreaking R&D in digital therapeutics and digital health, and assisting life sciences companies and healthcare systems as they navigate the digital transformation.

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Part I Digital Reflections 1

Chapter 1 Devices, Sensors, and Signals 3

From Wearables to Ingestibles—Toward the Invisibility of Digital Health 4

Roberto’s View 5

Apple Watch 6

Empatica 8

Proteus Digital Health 8

Qardio 9

Thync 10

Note 14

Chapter 2 Data Science and Artificial Intelligence 15

Using Big Data to Do Mass Screening and Prevention 16

Roberto’s View 18

Conversa Health 19

One Drop 20 21

SkinVision 23

Notes 27

Chapter 3 Evolution of the Computer-Human Interfaces in Health Care 29

Roberto’s View 32

Alexa and Echo 33

Babylon and Healthily 34

HoloLens 36

MindMaze 37

Pepper Robot 37

Psious 38

PatchAi 39

Notes 39

Chapter 4 Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring 41

How Telemedicine Will Change Our Lives 42

Covid-19: The Tipping Point of Telehealth 44

Roberto’s View 44

Omada Health 45

Sano 46

Teladoc Health 46

TytoCare 47

VitalConnect 48

Notes 51

Chapter 5 Digital Health Enabling Platforms 53

Platforms for Connecting Doctors and Patients, Remote Monitoring Systems, and Management of Their Therapies 54

Roberto’s Vision 56

Altibbi 57

Apple Health 58

Cohealo 59

DocDoc 60

Doctolib 60 61

Livongo 61

Paginemediche 62

Notes 69

Chapter 6 Digital Therapeutics 71

Roberto’s Vision 74

Akili 76

Amicomed 77

Click Therapeutics 78 79

Kaia Health 79

Voluntis 80

Notes 83

Chapter 7 Personal Genomics 85

From Mendel to Portable DNA Mapping Machines 86

Roberto’s Vision 88

23andMe 90

Deep Genomics 91

Flatiron Health 92

Human Longevity 93

Sophia Genetics 94

Cellarity 94

Notes 97

Chapter 8 Open Innovation and Partnerships 99

How Companies Are Moving: The Speed and Intuition of Smaller Companies 100

Roberto’s Vision 101

AlmirallShare and Digital Garden 103

Bayer G4A 104

Frontiers Health 104

Healthware Labs and Healthware Life Hub 105

HealthXL 106

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs (JLABS) 107

Novartis Biome 107

Open Accelerator 107

Patients’ Digital Health Awards 108

Pfizer Healthcare Hubs 108

Roche HealthBuilders 109

StartUp Health 109

Vertical 110

Notes 119

Chapter 9 Lifestyle as Medicine 121

From Self-Empowerment to Lifestyle as Medicine 122

Roberto’s Vision 123

Headspace 125

HealthTunes 126

Noom 127

Sleepio 127

Pioppi Protocol 128 128

Part II Human Reflections 131

Chapter 10 The New Physicians and Patients 135

An Ever-Increasing Pressure 136

Will Doctors Disappear? 138

Necessary Scientific Validation 139

Patients as Health-Care Consumers 140

Chapter 11 Old versus New 141

A Necessary Adaptation 142

New Training 143

A Collective Effort Is Needed 144

Note 145

Chapter 12 Trust versus Fear 147

The Horizon Opening Before Us 148

Double face medal 149

Chapter 13 Exponential versus Incremental 151

A Financial Revolution Too 152

Digital Health-Care Investments around the World 154

A Glance toward the Future 159

Notes 159

Conclusions A Radical Shift 161

Appendix 175

About the Author 177

About Healthware 179

Acknowledgments 181

Index 183

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