The Girl Who Lived: A Thrilling Suspense Novel

The Girl Who Lived: A Thrilling Suspense Novel

by Christopher Greyson


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ISBN-13: 9781683993056
Publisher: Greyson Media Associates
Publication date: 08/14/2018
Pages: 332
Sales rank: 28,187
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Christopher Greyson is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of mystery, action, and thriller novels. His acclaimed Detective Jack Stratton Series has been read by over a million readers and counting. This action-packed series has a broad appeal, finding favor with mystery, thriller, and romance readers alike. The series includes And Then She Was Gone, Girl Jacked, Jack Knifed, Jacks Are Wild, Jack and the Giant Killer, Data Jack, Jack of Hearts, Jack Frost, with Jack of Diamonds due later this year. Christopher Greyson has also penned the bestselling psychological thriller, The Girl Who Lived, a young adult fantasy, Pure of Heart, and a special collection of mysteries, The Adventures of Finn and Annie.

Greyson's love of mystery and adventure began with his grandfather, a World War I decorated hero. He will never forget being introduced to his grandfather's friend, a WWI pilot who flew across the skies at the same time as the feared legendary Red Baron. Since he was a little boy, Christopher Greyson dreamt of what mystery was around the next corner, or quest lay over the hill. If he couldn't find an adventure, one usually found him! Now he weaves those tales into his stories.

Christopher Greyson's educational background is an eclectic mix of degrees in Computer Science, Theatre and Communications. He resides in Massachusetts with his lovely wife, Katherine Greyson, author of the bestselling romance-mystery series Everyone Keeps Secrets and their two wonderful children, Laura and Christopher.

Christopher Greyson enjoys hearing from his readers. Please visit

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The Girl Who Lived: A Thrilling Suspense Novel 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
iReadBoooks 5 months ago
I Have To Read A Mystery Book In Class And I Choose This, Thank You! Perfection! I keep wanting to re read it!
iReadBoooks 5 months ago
I Have To Read A Mystery Book In Class And I Choose This, Thank You! Perfection! I keep wanting to re read it!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite In The Girl Who Lived by Christopher Greyson, the protagonist, young Faith Winters, finds herself living in a nightmare once she is released from the mental institution to which she was committed after witnessing a real nightmare many years prior: the bloody murders of her beloved sister, her father and several others who had come to celebrate her birthday in the family cabin in the woods. Now trying to settle back into an apartment in her home town where it all happened, and where she is regarded as a crazy alcoholic, she just wants her physical body to die: she is already dead inside despite therapy and AA rehab. But she is haunted by the face of the man she believes was the killer. When she spots him in a car, she goes berserk trying to get police and others to believe her but it seems no one does. Strange, inexplicable events start to happen around Faith. Again, her sanity is questioned. She knows she’s right and can’t find anyone to help her. And when she finds someone she thinks she can trust, something they say or do unnerves her. As she runs from one horrid situation to another, and more people get their throats slashed, readers will hold their breaths as, like her, they try to find out who is really terrorizing her and why. The answer comes as a complete shock. If you figure out who hates Faith enough to put her through all this and why, you should write psychological thrillers yourself. It feels good to read a book that lives up to the promise of its cover, the accuracy of the genre in which one finds it, and delivers what the jacket blurb describes. The Girl Who Lived by Christopher Greyson does all that. What a great read for fans of psychological thrillers. Christopher Greyson is a true master of intricate plotting and suspense-filled events. Realistic dialogue, smooth scene transitions, and interesting characters make The Girl Who Lived a must-read!
TropicalDelusions More than 1 year ago
The Girl Who Lived – Christopher Greyson I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review. Faith is a survivor – if you can call her that. On the weekend of her tenth birthday, she watched helplessly as her father, sister, best friend, and best friend’s mother were murdered at their lake cabin, before running away to avoid death herself. Despite her claims of an unknown man as the killer, (whom she has nicknamed Rat Face), her father is presumed to have committed the crimes before killing himself and the case is closed. As the girl who lived, Faith has since been in and out of psychiatric care, developed a substance abuse problem, and has displayed violent tendencies. As the book opens, Faith is hospitalized, but is about to be released back into the community w/ outpatient psychiatric care and parole visits. Despite warnings to the contrary by her therapist mother, one of Faiths first visits is to a bar, where she downs several shots of whiskey. As she’s leaving the establishment, she sees Rat Face drive by – and he sees Faith as well. But her reports are met with skepticism by the local police. Only Henryka, an FBI agent, appears to take her seriously. And so begins a novel with so many serpentine twists and turns, you will be racing through the pages just to see what happens nex!. Every character carries out actions leading you to wonder if they are friend or foe – all racing up to a dramatic conclusion that you can’t even conceive of… Un-put-downable!! I’m still reeling… This is the second novel I’ve read by Christopher Greyson, and it will not be my last! An absolute MUST READ! Fabulous!!
TheGrumpyBookReviewer More than 1 year ago
Can you imagine that someone out there who wants to kill you is playing with your head -- moving your car, moving things inside your home, stalking you? Can you imagine feeling so unsafe that you fear trusting anyone, including your shrink? Christopher Greyson has created a frightening psychological thriller in this suspenseful novel, The Girl Who Lived. Faith Winters, now 21, survived the murders of her father, sister, best friend, and the friend's mother when Faith was only 13. She managed to hide and escape after seeing her sister stabbed by a man she calls "Rat Face".   Children who witness horrific events certainly need counseling, but after Faith attacked a classmate who made disparaging comments about Faith's dad, she was committed to a psychological hospital. Caught up in survivor's guilt, Faith has spiraled downward to self-destructive behavior and alcoholism. She can identify the murderer, but no one believes her.   This book held my attention through its many twists and turns; I couldn't put it down. It kept me guessing about "who-dun-it" until almost the last minute. In fact, there were a couple of surprises for me at the end. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, you will love The Girl Who Lived.