The Glass Spare (Glass Spare Series #1)

The Glass Spare (Glass Spare Series #1)

by Lauren DeStefano


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ISBN-13: 9780062491299
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 11/20/2018
Series: Glass Spare Series , #1
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 70,580
Product dimensions: 5.31(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.97(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Lauren DeStefano earned her BA in English with a concentration in creative writing from Albertus Magnus College in Connecticut in 2007. She is the New York Times bestselling author of the Chemical Garden trilogy and The Glass Spare. You can find her online at and

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The Glass Spare 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
mikayla-s 4 months ago
The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano is a novel on the story of Wil Heidle, short for Wilhelmina Heidle, the only daughter to the queen with a kind heart and a wanderer’s soul and the king hell-bent on war and power. Wil always knew she was different, but when she was attacked one day she learns she can turn living things into gemstone. Scared and determined not to spill her secret, a catastrophe sends Wil far from the castle, a secret blessing, since she dreamed of being able to travel the world someday. Though, free on her own, Wil is confined by the destructiveness of her power. In the midst of searching for a cure to her burdening power, her secret is soon discovered by a spellbound prince. Wil is smuggled away, the prince eager to use her power for his own needs. Wil is taken to distant lands, and during her imprisonment, she learns the prince is not so unlike her, with intentions not as greedy or demanding as she once thought. Well into their travel, a grave mistake was made, putting everyone in danger. Wil is forced to make a difficult decision to save them. She and her company must pay a heavy price for her decisions. I definitely loved this book. I would recommend this young-adult fantasy to someone who knows of and/or loves the story of “King Midas and the Golden Touch” since it is alluded to, in a way, many times throughout the book, as well as someone who likes adventures of two enemies coming together as a team and plot twists, many, many plot twists. I loved how this author was able to convey the characters feelings and thoughts through third-person omniscient.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I loved this story line and the characters!
rubymm More than 1 year ago
The main character of The Glass Spare is Wil, a princess. Wil’s father, the king, uses her and her brothers to make their kingdom more powerful. Wil’s use to her father is as a spy. One day, she discovers that she has the power to turn living things into gemstones. She accidentally kills one of her brothers with this power, and runs away from home. Wil hopes to find Pahn, the magician who gave her the curse, and get him to take her curse away. On her journey she is captured by Loom, a prince of her country’s enemy kingdom, who was exiled from his country for trying to kill his father. Soon, they are helping each other achieve their goals. This book is not the best I have read, but it is still good. The author of The Glass Spare is Lauren DeStefano. DeStefano went to Albertus Magnus College. She has also written Wither, Fever, and Sever, all a part of The Chemical Garden Trilogy. The second book of The Chemical Garden Trilogy was number six on the New York Times bestseller list in March 2012. The Chemical Garden Trilogy was number 10 on the New York Times bestseller list for children’s series in March 2013. DeStefano has also written The Seeds of Wither, a short story from The Chemical Garden, A Curious Tale of the In-Between, Perfect Ruin, and Burning Kingdoms. This book is full of twists and turns, action, and adventure. The Glass Spare would not be a waste of time to read.
LittleFoxAndReads More than 1 year ago
***4.5 STARS*** I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It was a hard one to rate but I settled on 4.5 because of how unique it was and how well-executed. I feel like it deserves more appreciation. My Thoughts The Glass Spare is a dark, atmospheric story about a girl who can suddenly turn every living thing she touches into gemstone. It’s a gender-bent, King-Midas-Inspired story set in an intriguing world of warring kingdoms, alchemy and magic. The protagonist, Wil, is the only daughter to the king of a rich nation. The king uses all his children as a means to an end and Will’s role is to serve as a spy, secluded from the real world. As a curious and restless child, she has always yearned to go out and explore the world. And her wish to do so comes when she first discovers her powers and accidentally turns her life upside down with an irreversible mistake. Wil is then banished from the kingdom and forced to set off into the unknown world with her mistake haunting her every step, only her gemstones as company. When she meets a cursed prince of the opposing kingdom, she comes to learn of her father’s faults and is faced with the burden of choosing sides. There are few chapters from her brother Gerdie’s pov, as he struggles to find out what happened to his sister and where she had disappeared to. Wil’s relationship with her brothers was so interesting and heart-warming. The love they have for each other and their dynamics are uncommon in YA and one of the things I absolutely loved about this book. I also appreciated how incredibly complex and intriguing all the characters were, how layered and complicated the different types of relationships featured. There is a heavy, burdening atmosphere throughout this whole novel that fit Wil’s story so well, as she struggles with the consequences of her actions, rooted out from the only world she knows and forced to survive away from the brothers she so dearly loved. Even with all the interesting characters, her story felt lonely and sad; at the same time, strong and persevering. I don’t know how to explain it beyond that but it was my favorite aspect of this novel. It just really resonated with me and touched me in some subtle way. It’s rare to see a dark, almost-melancholy book like this in YA. I LOVED THE WRITING in here. It’s stunning just how talented this author is and how much of an emotional punch she can pack in just a few words. It is my favorite type of writing style. Beautiful and intricate but not at all flowery (which almost never works for me). I see that this book is a bit polarizing. And I honestly can’t tell if anyone else would enjoy it as much but this book just resonated with me in a special way. It’s just such a well-crafted novel and this is what I want to see more of in YA. Something atmospheric, original and completely it’s own. Praise / Criticism Unique, atmospheric and dark YA (which we need more of) Portrayal of close and complicated sibling r/ships Complex and intriguing characters Complicated relationship dynamics featured Beautiful writing Unpredictable ..................................................................................................... Slower paced Drags a bit
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm waiting for the next book
Lauren817 More than 1 year ago
I first fell in love with Lauren DeStefano's exquisite storytelling when I read her Chemical Garden series. A series I still to this day highly, highly recommend - it's twisty, dark, and utterly addicting! Therefore, as soon as I heard about her newest duology, beginning with The Glass Spare, I was beyond excited. The premise sounded fantastic and the cover is stunning (even more so in person!). The Result? The Glass Spare reminded me again how much I love Lauren's storytelling and writing, which is to also say it didn't disappoint me one bit! Beautifully written, compelling, and unique, The Glass Spare is without a doubt a read-in-one-sitting kind of book. Three words that best describe Wil? Bullheaded, strong, and vastly loyal. Wil is someone I liked from the get-go. I loved how important family was to her. Her relationships with her brothers Owen and Gerdie as well as her mother were actually one of my favorite parts of the book. Additionally, they brought a humanized quality to a girl who more times than not was tough as nails. In addition to Wil, I loved getting to know more about Wil's family. Gerdie was too smart for his own good - I just loved seeing his crazy scientist come out when he was down in his lab. Owen was charming and protective. He reminded me of a "big bear" in some ways, always willing to do anything to protect his "cubs" - Gerdie and Wil. Towards the middle of the book two mysterious characters are introduced - Loom and Zay. I came to love both of them as well. Zay reminded me of Wil in the way that she was tough and protective. Loom, on the other hand, I could never figure out if he was good or bad - sometimes he floundered in between; however, I loved seeing his friendship evolve with Wil. They were more similar than not, and I feel that they managed to bring the best out in each other. The premise in this was interesting. A girl who who can turn people and objects into gemstones in one simple touch? Interesting, and always slightly Frozen like if I may. I thought Lauren did a great job of developing Wil's power. She addressed the bad and good that it brought as well as the mysteries that surrounded it. Was Wil really cursed? That was one question that was in my mind throughout the entire book! Additionally, I liked the family focus of the plot. Much of this book revolves around Wil's loyalty to her family as well as her need to make them happy. It was great to see such a close knit family in a fantasy novel - even more so when Lauren offered up POVs from other members of the family. Also, there was an interesting power dynamic between Wil and her father, which was interesting to see. Wil's father was a wicked man; however, there were some parts of him that were almost human like. Last but not least, was a very small portion of the book, and honestly, I liked it that way. I valued and appreciated that Lauren put more time and effort into characterization and world building then romance. (I know surprise, surprise!) In all, The Glass Spare is a fantastic addition to the YA fantasy world. I will admit that it's slightly slow to start, as most first books are in a series; however, once it gets going, it's incredibly hard to put down - I promise you that!
ruthsic More than 1 year ago
The Glass Spare derives inspiration from The Midas Touch myth, primarily, with the protagonist discovering she can turn living objects into precious stones. Her gift first manifests at a time of stress, but soon it becomes a compulsion. When an accident leads her to being exiled from her kingdom and her rightful place as the princess, she sets out to find a cure for her accursed powers. During her travel, she gets caught up in the politics of the Southern kingdom and the cursed prince who wants to use her powers to help his kingdom. The Glass Spare has a slow developing plot, set in a kingdom that at first feels high fantasy but also has a lot of steampunk elements. There is an anachronistic blending of modern tech and medicine with the setting, that can be jarring at times - maybe because it is unexpected in a high fantasy. Like, there are solar-powered digital tech, but medicine is mostly apothecary-style, with powdered herbs and infusions being used. Alchemy is something different than what we have known, and is more closer to nanotech engineering combined with potion-making (like, there is a cauldron and stuff). The kingdoms themselves, though geographically different, have similar politics - ruthless royals, conquest-minded, sibling rivalries, etc. Wil has been the hidden princess, but she is far from sheltered - she has been honed to be a spy for her kingdom, skills that help her on her path. Similarly, the other kingdom's prince, Loom has had a warrior-like upbringing, but is also very kind to his people. The story is, well, very unexpected. After her exile, it mostly goes down unpredictable paths, and I would rather not spoil it here in a review. The romance is a bit under-developed and I really didn't see any chemistry, but these feelings made sense towards the end. Though the story is mainly from Wil's perspective (in a third person), we also get occasional glimpses into other characters, like her brother, her mother, Loom himself. For a starting novel, this has me intrigued and I am excited to see where the author will take the story, in the sequel (this is meant to be a duology). Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review from Balzer + Bray, via Edelweiss.
ahyperboliclife More than 1 year ago
I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I was expecting a fun and unique fantasy story (which I got), but I loved the strong family relationships and the science fiction elements seamlessly blended into the story. The Glass Spare follow Wil Heidle, the elusive princess of Arrod. Kept a secret to spy for the king, Wil has a wandering heart and wants freedom and adventure. But, when Wil’s attacked she discovers a dangerous magic - her touch turns people to gemstones. Now Wil wants to find a cure for her destructive power and begins to learn more about herself and the world. Things I Liked I’m a complete sucker for sibling relationships - give them all to me - and I really loved the sibling relationships in the story. Wil, Gerdie, and Owen have an amazing relationship. They have such care and love for each other that it was a joy to see. Baren was the odd sibling out, but I still felt like I got to know him as a person, even though he wasn’t as close as the others. This books was filled with so many great characters - and as a character driven reader, I was very happy! I immediately connected with Wil is strong and defiant. She wants so much and actively tries and seek the freedom she’s never been afforded - without putting herself above others. She remains a good person, even in her selfishness. I really loved Gerdie. He is so smart and his relationship with Wil was probably my favorite. Loom was also a great character. He’s another character who is just genuinely a good person - he want to help people so much and is willing to do anything he can to make the world better for those he cares about. I really liked that we got to see some disability rep in the story! I like that we got to see a Gerdie use leg braces to walk, and he was never limited or looked down upon. Wil’s mom is also show to have OCD (which is own voices). I’m always here for more diverse representation in fantasy stories! I really liked the action in the story. Besides Wil’s touch - which created vivid imagery, we get good clean action, that is not predictable and where you can feel the tension in the scenes. The unique blend of fantasy and scifi might have been my favorite part of the story. It’s just something I haven’t really seen before. The word is filled with magic, alchemy, curses, and powers. But there’s also advanced technology like data goggles, telephones, and sustainable energies . It was just really cool. Things I Didn’t Like I found that time passed weirdly in some scenes. It was like all of a sudden, weeks had passed, when it seemed like only days had. And the inverse happened a few times as well. It just wasn’t as clearly defined in some areas as I would have liked, I also felt like some parts of the story didn’t have enough set up. We get to a solution or stalemate a little too quickly. Especially regarding the war brewing between kingdoms - we know a war is coming, but I never get a good sense of why besides greed. Which is I guess a realistic motivator, but I would have liked a little more. Overall this story immediately hooked me and I cannot wait to see where we go next. I really loved the characters we get to meet and we see so many dynamic relationships. I absolutely loved the world and hope for more a little more clarity in the future. The Glass Spare is a captivating and vibrant story of embracing your power, even if it scares you. I received a copy of the book from Balzer + Bray in exchange for an honest review.