The Global Obama: Crossroads of Leadership in the 21st Century

The Global Obama: Crossroads of Leadership in the 21st Century

by Dinesh Sharma, Uwe P. Gielen

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ISBN-13: 9781134496327
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/17/2013
Series: Leadership: Research and Practice
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 344
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Dinesh Sharma is the author of Barack Obama in Hawaii and Indonesia: The Making of a Global President, which was rated as the Top 10 Black History Book for 2012 by the American Library Association. He is a regular columnist for Asia Times Online, The Global Intelligence, and a contributor to Al Jazeera English, Eastern Eye, News Blaze and many other news websites. Currently, he is an Associate Research Professor (Hon.) at the Institute for Global Cultural Studies, SUNY-Binghamton, Senior Fellow at the Institute for International and Cross-Cultural Research, New York, and a Host and Producer at Princeton TV. He has consulted in the healthcare industry for almost ten years for Fortune 500 clients, while he authored or edited six books and hundreds of peer-reviewed, scientific as well as journalistic articles. His other books or monographs include: Psychoanalysis, Culture and Religion (2014); Human Technogenesis: Cultural Pathways through the Information Age (2004); Childhood, Family and Sociocultural Change in India (2003); Socioemotional Development Across Cultures (1998). He earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University and Doctorate in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University.

Uwe P. Gielen is the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for International and Cross-Cultural Psychology at St. Francis College, New York. He is the editor of some 20 books including (with Roy Moodley and Rosa Wu) Handbook of Counseling and Psychotherapy in an International Context (2013) and (with Michael Stevens) Toward a Global Psychology: Theory, Research, Intervention, and Pedagogy (2007). He earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from Wake Forest University and a Doctorate in Social Psychology from Harvard University.

Table of Contents

Part I: Obama as a Global Leader 1. Obama’s Adventures in Globalization D. Sharma, U.P. Gielen 2. President Obama and American Exceptionalism: Is the U.S. an Indispensable Nation in a Multipolar World? G.W. Streich, K Marrar 3. Obama’s Leadership in the Era of Globalization: A Critical Examination R.S. Bhagat, A.S. McDevitt, M. Shin, B.N. Srivastava, D.L. Ford 4. Barack Obama and Inclusive Leadership in Engaging Followership E. Hollander Part II: Africa 5. Obama, Hillary, and Women’s Voices D. Sharma 6. Afro-Optimism from Mahatma Gandhi to Barack Obama: A Tale of Two Prophecies A. Mazrui 7. African Diasporas, Immigration, and the Obama Administration P. T. Zeleza, C. Veney Part III: The Americas 8. Love as Distraction: Canadians, Obama, and African- Canadian Political Invisibility R. Walcott 9. Changing Times and Economic Cycles: President Obama – the Southern Continent, Mexico, and the Caribbean E. Moncarz, R. Moncarz Part IV: Europe 10. Is Obamamania over in Europe? A. Kalaitzidis 11. Obama's French Connection D. Morrison 12. A Relationship of Hope and Misinterpretation: Germany and Obama T. Cieslik Part V: The Middle East and Israel 13. Arab Images of Obama and the United States: An Egyptian R. Ahmed 14. Obama, Iran, and the New Great Game in Eurasia P. Escobar 15. Great Disappointments in the Arab World during Obama’s First Term M. Masad Part VI: Asia-Pacific Region16. Bent by History in Afghanistan A. Munoz 17. Between Popularity and Pragmatism: South Korea’s Perspectives on Obama’s First Term M. Maass 18. The Chinese View of President Obama B. Shobert 19. Radical Manhood and Traditional Masculinity: Japanese Acknowledgements for Literary Obama E. Senaha Part VII: Conclusion 20. A View from Israel: A Critical Commentary of Obama's Leadership Style D. Efune 21. A Commentary from South Africa: Commentary S. Cooper 22. Obama’s Leadership Paradigm in India: A Personal Reflection S. Singh 23.President Obama: A Commentary From Russia E. Osin 24. America’s Asian Century: A Mirage or Reality? D. Sharma

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