The Goblets Immortal

The Goblets Immortal

by Beth Overmyer
The Goblets Immortal

The Goblets Immortal

by Beth Overmyer


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“A promising series opener with a rich supporting cast of characters. Packed full of adventure and ending with a cliffhanger that leaves readers anxiously awaiting a sequel.” — ALA Booklist

Holes in the Veil (Book #2) will be released February 16, 2021!

In a land where magic’s feared, a rare magical kind exists: the Blest, products of the Goblets Immortal. Aidan’s a Blest on the run, forced to return home. He made his family vanish decades ago, but believes there’s a way to bring them back.

Whispers of a new fear take shape in Meraude, a mage who hates all magic-kind. When she appears in Aidan’s dreams offering a bargain for the return of his family, Aidan’s desires battle with his self-preservation.

Is it wise for Aidan to seek the Goblets Immortal for Meraude’s unknown purposes? Friend and foe blur the magical lines, and Aidan must discern who will shake his hand or slit his throat.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781787583603
Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing
Publication date: 02/20/2020
Series: The Goblets Immortal
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 713,230
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Beth Overmyer is the author of the fantasy trilogy The Goblets Immortal. Booklist described book one as ‘packed full of adventure’ with an ending that leaves readers ‘anxiously awaiting a sequel.’ Beth's works can also be found in various magazines and anthologies. You can find more information at


What is the book about?

The Goblets Immortal is about a wanted enchanter forced on an adventure to either find six magical vessels and then bring them to an evil mage or risk losing his family all over again…and his life.

What are the underlying themes?

Loss and the strength that comes from enduring hard times are the two main themes. Will your pain make you or break you?

Did you base your characters on anyone you knew?

My characters were inspired by things I’ve seen in other people, fictional and real, but there is an essence of myself in each person on the page.

Who influenced you most in the writing of the book?

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit is what started me down the road that leads to writing fantasy. That book has been a big influence, Brandon Sanderson’s books have been an influence, and I would say every book I’ve ever read have been an influence in one way or another.

Is there any advice you can give someone starting to write?

Don’t quit. If you keep at it, learning more of your craft, practicing what you learn, and receiving constructive criticism on you work, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.

Where did you write?

I mostly write in my home office/bedroom. Though I can be found writing at coffee shops occasionally.

Did you write in silence, or to any particular music?

When I’m writing, I love listening to music. My playlist includes mostly pop rock, soft rock, indie rock, and one country song. When I’m editing, I usually need silence.

Did you find it hard to write? Or harder to edit your own work?

The hardest part for me is resisting the urge to edit while I’m writing the first draft. But to answer the question, writing was harder than editing this time around.

What are you writing now?

I’m writing a sequel to The Goblets Immortal as well as a paranormal mystery.

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