The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living

The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living

by Lisa M. Hendey


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Catholic new-media personality and bestselling author Lisa M. Hendey is fueled by a lifelong passion for her faith. In The Grace of Yes, she guides readers through pivotal moments of her journey and the eight virtues that have helped her—and will help readers—learn how to say yes to God.

Beloved Catholic blogger Lisa Hendey explores eight spiritual virtues that she believes are foundational to the Christian life. In opening windows to pivotal moments of her own spiritual journey, she helps readers learn about belief, generativity, creativity, integrity, humility, vulnerability, saying no, and starting over, and shows how these virtues lead to generous living and the ability to joyously say yes to God. Hendey reflects candidly on real-life struggles: the identity adjustment of leaving a blossoming career to become a stay-at-home mom; the temptation of Divahood as her online celebrity grew; the freedom and opportunities of empty-nest status versus the middle-aged body's pull to slow down; her encounters with spiritual community during treatment for cancer; and the contrast between the profound lingering grief she confronted at a Rwandan genocide memorial and the astounding willingness of survivors there to forgive. Readers encounter Hendey's own struggles and successes while soaking up her characteristic warmth and good advice. Hendey provides questions for personal reflection and a prayer to close the exploration of each virtue.

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ISBN-13: 9781594714726
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Publication date: 11/03/2014
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 851,847
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Lisa M. Hendey is the creator of and author of The Handbook for Catholic Moms and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms. She gives workshops on faith, family, and Catholic new-media topics. Hendey lives with her family in Fresno, California.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

1 The Grace of Belief 1

2 The Grace of Generativity 21

3 The Grace of Creativity 39

4 The Grace of Integrity 57

5 The Grace of Humility 69

6 The Grace of Vulnerability 87

7 The Grace of No 107

8 The Grace of Rebirth 125

Acknowledgments 143

Notes 145

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The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read Lisa Hendey's "The Grace of Yes (Eight Virtues for Generous Living)" as part of a book club at Sacred Heart Church in Pinellas Park, Florida. I enjoyed this book immensely! And I especially related to her chapter on "The Grace of Generativity" which answered my questions on what to do about leaving a legacy for current and future generations of my family! In fact, our book club leader won a face-to-face visit over the Internet via Skype with Lisa where we could each talk to her and ask questions personally! She was absolutely wonderful in listening to and answering club members' comments and questions on her book. In addition, I think we all especially enjoyed the chapter on "The Grace of No" as well as the final chapter on "The Grace of Rebirth. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wishes to grow as a woman spiritually! Ruth Hufford, Clearwater, FL
DrItaly More than 1 year ago
Faith is in essence saying an enthusiastic and unconditional “Yes” to the love of God which comes to us as a grace, a free and undeserved gift.  Lisa Hendey’s eminently practical book, The Grace of Yes, shows us eight beautiful pathways to expanding our “Yes” to God.   This ironically involves saying “no” not only to sin, but also to opportunities which may be good, but are not God’s best.  Enlivened with many stories drawn from author’s own life as well as the lives of others, the Grace of Yes is a rich yet accessible resource for anyone who desires a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ.