The Greatest Country Hits of 1959

The Greatest Country Hits of 1959


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Release Date: 03/11/2016
Label: Acrobat
UPC: 0824046709624
catalogNumber: 7096
Rank: 75914


Disc 1

  1. Country Music Is Here to Stay
  2. Billy Bayou
  3. Life to Go
  4. You're Making a Fool Out of Me
  5. Come Walk With Me
  6. I've Run Out of Tomorrows
  7. Dark Hollow
  8. My Baby's Gone
  9. Problems
  10. I'd Like to Be
  11. Which One Is to Blame
  12. Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
  13. What Am I Living For
  14. When It's Springtime in Alaska
  15. That's What It's Like to Be Lonesome
  16. Gotta Travel On
  17. Don't Take Your Guns to Town
  18. Dark Hollow
  19. So Many Times
  20. The Best Years of Your Life
  21. That's What It's Like to Be Lonesome
  22. The Knoxville Girl
  23. Long Time Ago
  24. Who Cares?
  25. Last Night at a Party
  26. My Reason for Living
  27. Beyond the Shadow
  28. Yankee Go Home

Disc 2

  1. White Lightning
  2. Gotta Travel On
  3. I'm in Love Again
  4. Mommy for a Day
  5. All the Time
  6. Chip Off the Old Block
  7. Knoxville Girl
  8. Set Him Free
  9. Luther Played the Boogie
  10. Hanging Tree
  11. Poor Old Heartsick Me
  12. Home
  13. Doggone That Train
  14. A Thousand Miles Ago
  15. Thanks a Lot
  16. How Can I Think of Tomorrow?
  17. Am I That Easy to Forget
  18. So Soon
  19. Battle of New Orleans
  20. That's the Way It's Gotta Be
  21. Blackland Farmer
  22. Frankie's Man, Johnny
  23. Heartaches by the Number
  24. Frankie's Man, Johnny
  25. I Cried a Tear
  26. You Dreamer You
  27. Lonesome Old House
  28. Big Midnight Special
  29. Anybody's Girl
  30. Waterloo

Disc 3

  1. It's All My Heartache
  2. Long Black Veil
  3. Somebody's Back in Town
  4. I'll Catch You When You Fall
  5. Chasin' a Rainbow
  6. Tennessee Stud
  7. Draggin' the River
  8. You Take the Table (And I'll Take the Chairs)
  9. Ninety-Nine
  10. Come and Knock on the Door of My Heart
  11. Cabin in the Hills
  12. Half Breed
  13. Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down
  14. Who Shot Sam
  15. Ten Thousand Drums
  16. I Ain't Never
  17. Katy Too
  18. Country
  19. Grin and Bear It
  20. Partners
  21. Three Bells
  22. John Wesley Harding
  23. I Got Stripes
  24. Sailor Man
  25. Little Dutch Girl
  26. Soldier's Joy
  27. Sal's Got a Sugar Lip
  28. Five Feet High and Rising
  29. Johnny Reb
  30. Jimmy Brown the Newsboy

Disc 4

  1. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
  2. Til I Kissed You
  3. Old Moon
  4. My Love and Little Me
  5. Under Your Spell Again
  6. Homebreaker
  7. Family Man
  8. Same Old Me
  9. The Last Ride
  10. I'm Beginning to Forget You
  11. Deck of Cards
  12. Are You Willing, Willie
  13. Next Time
  14. There's a Big Wheel
  15. A Woman's Intuition
  16. Amigo's Guitar
  17. Riverboat
  18. El Paso
  19. Under Your Spell Again
  20. Chain Gang
  21. Face to the Wall
  22. Scarlet Ribbons
  23. He'll Have to Go
  24. Money to Burn
  25. I'm Movin' On
  26. No Love Have I
  27. Timbrook
  28. Big Harlan Taylor

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Lester Flatt   Composer
Bill Anderson   Composer
Johnny Cash   Composer
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Don Gibson   Composer
George Jones   Composer
George Morgan   Composer
Buck Owens   Composer
Charlie Rich   Composer
Marty Robbins   Composer
Carl Smith   Composer
Hank Snow   Composer
Hank Thompson   Composer
Mel Tillis   Composer
Kitty Wells   Composer
Paul Clayton   Composer
Frankie Miller   Composer
Ted Harris   Composer
Art Harris   Composer
Roger Miller   Composer
Roy Drusky   Composer
Don Everly   Composer
Phil Everly   Composer
Ray Jackson   Composer
Tompall Glaser   Composer
Paul Evans   Composer
Billy Gray   Composer
Don Helms   Composer
Redd Stewart   Composer
T. Texas Tyler   Composer
Wilma Lee Cooper   Composer
Jimmie Skinner   Composer
James O'Gwynn   Composer
Carl Belew   Composer
Jimmie Driftwood   Composer
Joe Allison   Composer
Felice Bryant   Composer
Boudleaux Bryant   Composer
Jack Clement   Composer
Gertrude Cox   Composer
Skeeter Davis   Composer
Harlan Howard   Composer
Ferlin Husky   Composer
Jerry Livingston   Composer
John D. Loudermilk   Composer
Ira Louvin   Composer
Charlie Louvin   Composer
Webb Pierce   Composer
Dusty Rhodes   Composer
J.P. Richardson   Composer
Wayne Walker   Composer
Marijohn Wilkin   Composer
Ted Daffan   Composer
Fuzzy Owen   Composer
Helen Carter   Composer
Danny Dill   Composer
Tillman Franks   Composer
Merle Kilgore   Composer
Doyle Wilburn   Composer
Teddy Wilburn   Composer
Marion Worth   Composer
W.S. Stevenson   Composer
Darrell Edwards   Composer
Jack Segal   Composer
Keith Lloyd   Composer
Mack David   Composer
Vic McAlpin   Composer
Sunny Dull   Composer
Audrey Allison   Composer
Hugh Ashley   Composer
Waco Austin   Composer
Bill Browning   Composer
Lewis Compton   Composer
Evelyn Danzig   Composer
Jean Villard   Composer
Charlie Williams   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Hazel Houser   Composer
Fred Jay   Composer
Roy Botkin   Composer
Orville Proctor   Composer
Alvis E. Owens   Composer
Johnny Nelms   Composer
Glenn Douglas   Composer
James Lee   Composer
Howard Harlan   Composer
Willie Phelps   Composer
Burkett Graves   Composer
Julia   Composer
Red Bailey   Composer
Jim Howell   Composer
Fred Jacobson   Composer
William S. Monroe   Composer
Arno Gillo   Composer
Robert Halcomb   Composer
Marie Wilson   Composer
Kenny Young   Composer
Penny Jay Moyer   Composer
Martin Robinson   Composer
Tommy Russell   Composer
Madeline Burroughs   Composer
Alvin Carter   Composer
Michael Webb Pierce   Composer
Robert Gallion   Composer
Bill Philips   Composer
Vernon Mize   Composer
Roy Crocker   Composer
O'Brein Fisher   Composer

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