The H Factor Solution: Homocysteine, the Best Single Indicator of Whether You Are Likely to Live Long or Die Young

The H Factor Solution: Homocysteine, the Best Single Indicator of Whether You Are Likely to Live Long or Die Young


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ISBN-13: 9781591200420
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 05/28/2003
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

James Braly, M.D., is an internationally recognized expert on food allergy. He is senior medical editor of "Food Allergy and Nutrition Update" and "The Herbal Pharm", and is involved in teaching, lecturing, consulting, and product research and development.

Table of Contents

A Note from Dr. Kilmer McCullyix
Part 1The Homocysteine Story
1.The Health Secret of Homocysteine9
2.What Is Homocysteine?17
3.Ten Reasons to Lower Your Homocysteine25
Part 2How's Your Homocysteine?
4.Homocysteine--Your Most Vital Statistic35
5.The Homocysteine Scale--From Sick to Superhealthy43
6.The Risk Factors for High Homocysteine47
7.How to Measure Your Homocysteine Level53
Part 3Medical Conditions Linked to High Homocysteine
8.Live to a Healthy 10061
9.Heart Attacks and Strokes69
11.Diabetes and Thyroid Problems85
12.Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease91
13.Depression and Schizophrenia97
14.Complications of Pregnancy and Infertility103
15.Chronic Pain and Inflammation111
16.Digestive Disorders117
Part 4The H-Factor Solution: Diet and Lifestyle
17.Eat High-Quality Protein and Fruits and Vegetables123
18.Foods and Beverages to Avoid139
19.Reduce Stress--and Stop Smoking!149
20.Dieting Don'ts and Correcting Estrogen Deficiency155
Part 5H-Factor Supplements
21.Eat Right and Take Supplements161
22.Supplementing with Folate167
23.Supplementing with Vitamin B[subscript 12]175
24.Vitamins B[subscript 6] and B[subscript 2], Zinc, and Magnesium--The Homocysteine Busters179
25.TMG, SAMe, and Choline--The Premier Methyl Donors187
26.The Synergy Principle--Why Multiple Nutrients Work Better197
27.A Gentle Word of Caution about Supplements201
A Review: Twelve Solutions for Superhealth205
A.The Biochemistry of Homocysteine209
B.100-Plus Medical Conditions Associated with High Homocysteine210
Resources for Testing and Lowering Homocysteine215
Recommended Reading218
About the Authors241

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