The Hacker Mindset: A 5-Step Methodology for Cracking the System and Achieving Your Dreams

The Hacker Mindset: A 5-Step Methodology for Cracking the System and Achieving Your Dreams

by Garrett Gee
The Hacker Mindset: A 5-Step Methodology for Cracking the System and Achieving Your Dreams

The Hacker Mindset: A 5-Step Methodology for Cracking the System and Achieving Your Dreams

by Garrett Gee


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For the countless people feeling trapped in their jobs and whose talents aren’t being fully utilized, this book offers a wake-up call to break free from the constraints of ordinary employment and achieve true financial freedom.

When boy genius Garrett Gee started working for the federal government at age 15, he figured fame and fortune were only a stone’s throw away. Despite impressive credentials and enormous potential in the world of computer hacking, Gee found himself years later as just another salaried employee. He soon realized that though he was a hacker at work, he was a slacker when it came to leading his own life. But as soon as he applied his meticulous hacker mindset to his personal life, everything changed—and success rolled in quickly.

Those who feel unfulfilled and stuck in the system, unable to realize their dreams as their careers merely bump along, can use this same hacker mindset in any situation or industry to overcome obstacles and identify the quickest path to true success—a success they can define for themselves. Drawing on decades of experience in cybersecurity, Gee outlines our innate hacker abilities in the face of society’s best efforts to brainwash us to be slackers, and he offers readers practical advice alongside the six principles of the hacker mindset:

  1. Be on Offense
  2. Reverse Engineering
  3. Living Off the Land
  4. Risk
  5. Social Engineering
  6. Pivot
For anyone seeking to ascend the corporate ladder, leave their job to start their own business, or obtain greater freedom in their life, The Hacker Mindset is an essential guide to hacking established systems in any sphere and unlocking one’s fullest potential.

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ISBN-13: 9781637744864
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Publication date: 06/11/2024
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 749,672
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About the Author

Garrett Gee is the seven-figure Founder and Owner of Hacker Warehouse, your one-stop shop for all your computer security needs. As the Creator of the Hacker Mindset, a principled approach to productivity, Garrett has cracked the optimization code in business and in life. Garrett began his cyber security career at 15, working for Sandia National Laboratories and the Federal Reserve Bank. For the last decade, Garrett has excelled in his entrepreneurial ventures with Hacker Warehouse, providing computer security products to Fortune 100 companies, governments, and militaries worldwide.

As an expert in the reality of hacking and computer security, Garrett is highly sought after to consult on hacking scenes and cyber security plotlines for Hollywood productions. His work has been featured in shows and films such as Sense8, Mr. Robot, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, and The Good Wife. Major international news outlets such as CNN, Bloomberg Business, Wired, and the Wall Street Journal have featured his insights. He is a regular speaker at Info Security conferences, including DerbyCon, ToorCon, BayThreat, and the IEEE Symposium. A true creative and innovator, Garrett’s recent passion project, Paragon Gear, has four patents pending, set to transform the way techies organize and store their equipment.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“The secret is out! The most successful people I know have been using these techniques. Brilliant, resourceful, creative, and super effective! Read and apply these lessons if you want an unfair advantage.”
Derek Sivers, Hacker and Author, Anything You Want and Useful Not True
“The essence of hackers and hacking is unstoppable persistence, insatiable curiosity, and a healthy disregard for conventional wisdom. The ingenuity of The Hacker Mindset is Garrett’s exploration of these characteristics and more to empower people to think outside the box and help navigate life’s uncertainties.”
Jeremiah Grossman, Hacker, Entrepreneur, and Author
“Garrett Gee doesn't just demystify the hacker’s world; he invites you to harness its power in your daily routine, turning obstacles into opportunities.’
Ali Abdaal, YouTuber and New York Times Bestselling Author, Feel-Good Productivity
“This is not a shelf book; it’s a guide to apply a hacker’s mindset beyond the technical. It contains invaluable advice on personal finance and corporate career advancement, wisdom I wish I had 20 years ago. Echoing Razor’s words in Hackers, hacking is ‘a survival trait’ and this book arms you with it.’
Alex Chaveriat, Hacker, Entrepreneur, and YouTuber
“In The Hacker Mindset, Garrett Gee brilliantly adapts the principles of hacking to winning at life—and our finances, too”
Jordan Grumet, MD, Podcaster and Author, Taking Stock
“Hacking isn’t just an action; it’s a way of life. In The Hacker Mindset, Garrett shares the good that can happen when you think like a hacker.”
Joe Grand aka “Kingpin”

“You don't have to have a degree in computer science or be a Unix command line wizard for this book to change your life. Garrett brilliantly distills the skills and frameworks hackers have mastered with computers and teaches you how to leverage them to build a rich life, a gratifying and lucrative career, dynamic relationships, and much more.”
Andrew Youderian, Founder, eCommerceFuel
“Garrett will teach you the tools and techniques to reverse-engineer your life so that you can achieve more than you could've ever imagined. Armed with his firsthand knowledge, you can craft the life you want using The Hacker Mindset approach to life.”
Jim Wang,
"Garrett's The Hacker Mindset is a compelling read for anyone who wants to apply the hacker's agile and innovative approach to life, work, and everything in between."
Peter Kim, Author, The Hacker Playbook series
"A book that hits differently. The Hacker Mindset has re-imagined the building blocks of productivity. As a fellow author, I admire how Garrett has woven intricate hacker strategies into the fabric of everyday effectiveness."
Peter Hollins, Internationally bestselling author
"With The Hacker Mindset, Garrett has crafted an essential guide for anyone eager to disrupt their own status quo and hack their way to success."
Ian Schoen, Cofounder, Dynamite Circle
"Garrett Gee’s The Hacker Mindset is a must-read for business leaders seeking a fresh perspective on problem-solving and creative thinking in the corporate world."
Andrew Hutton, Founder, and Venture Builder

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