The Hippo: Gigantic Creature of the African Rivers

The Hippo: Gigantic Creature of the African Rivers

by MT Martin


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Short Description:
This book is filled with facts and amazing images of the Hippo. It's designed to help answer the many questions your curious children might have asked about the Hippo. You will also learn a lot of new things about the hippo that you might have never thought of before!

Long Description:
Every animal is unique. Every animal has characteristics in them that make them truly special. The hippo is one such animal. On your last visit to the zoo, you might have noticed the hippo with its huge body, enormous mouth and big teeth. You may have also noticed that for the most part, these huge animals love staying in the water.

There are a lot of facts that you can learn about the hippo in this book. It can help you answer the many questions your curious children might have asked or are eager to find out. You might also want to find these out for yourself.

What do they eat? Do they drink a lot of water? Can they swim? Why were they created with big mouths and teeth; what are these for? Are they friendly? Are they slow? How long do they live? What kinds of animals are their enemies?

These questions will all be answered and more! Let your children find out. So the next time they see a hippo, they will appreciate it more when they have understood their nature and characteristics!

To top it off, every fact in this book is accompanied by colorful pictures to create an image in your children's mind that will aid them in understanding more about the hippo!

Buy this book and let you children marvel at the amazing facts they can learn from reading this!

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