The Holy Wild Grimoire: A Heathen Handbook of Magick, Spells, and Verses

The Holy Wild Grimoire: A Heathen Handbook of Magick, Spells, and Verses

by Danielle Dulsky
The Holy Wild Grimoire: A Heathen Handbook of Magick, Spells, and Verses

The Holy Wild Grimoire: A Heathen Handbook of Magick, Spells, and Verses

by Danielle Dulsky


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Claim Your Mythic Purpose

This grimoire — a book of magick, spells, ceremonies, journaling exercises, recipes, and incantations — is an invitation to be Witch and bewitch. As you journey through this book, you will reflect and reshape your story, beholding your life’s poetry and wielding a mythic intelligence. Danielle Dulsky guides you to see through the lens of the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and ether, and to call upon age-old archetypes to heal and liberate your best self. You will become a rebel queen, hooded seer, and wild king. Rising above the ecological disaster, political gridlock, and disease of the overculture, you will become a word-witch, writing your world whole again, howling with power, and singing songs of a new world reborn.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781608688005
Publisher: New World Library
Publication date: 09/13/2022
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 501,761
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Danielle Dulsky is a heathen visionary, Aquarian mischief maker, storyteller, and word-witch. As an author and founder of the Hag School, she believes in the power of wild collectives and sudden circles of curious dreams for healing our modern aches. Parent to two wildlings and partner to a potter, Danielle lives in Pennsylvania and fills her world with art, family, and intentional awe.

Table of Contents

Love Letters on a Deathbed: An Introduction 1

Book 1 The Book of Earth

Heathen Verses from the Underworld 13

Word-Spell: Songs of Descent 14

To Begin Your Book of Earth: An Artful Invocation 14

Story Lantern: The Homecoming of Deer-Woman 16

Opening Spell: The Shape-Shifter of the Wild Earth 21

Earth Reflections 22

Earth Reflection I Hands in the Dirt 23

Earth Reflection II Permission to Descend 24

Earth Reflection III Memories of the Birth by Fire 26

Earth Reflection IV Forbidden Fruit and Dark Wings Unfurled 28

Earth Spell: A Gift for the Ground 29

Earth Presences 30

Earth Presence I Leaving the Polished Garden 31

Earth Presence II Kissing the Serpent 33

Earth Presence III The Ritual Container 34

Earth Presence IV My Bone-Deep Tattoos 36

Earth Spell: The Living Altar 37

Earth Visions 39

Earth Vision I Underworld Rising 39

Earth Vision II My Wilder Home 40

Earth Vision III The Medicinal Brew 42

Earth Vision IV The Homecoming 43

Earth Spell: Marking the Moment 44

Testament to Earth 45

Possible Additions to Your Book of Earth 46

Book 2 The Book of Water

Heathen Verses of the Sacred Rivers 47

Word-Spell: Songs of the Many Waters 48

To Begin Your Book of Water: An Artful Invocation 49

Story Lantern: The Queen of Holy Intoxication 50

Opening Spell: Sipping from the Heathen Queen's Goblet 60

Water Reflections 60

Water Reflection I The Moving Prayer 61

Water Reflection II Secret Stories of the Holy Obscene 62

Water Reflection III Saved by the Grandmothers 63

Water Reflection IV Beginning Again 64

Water Spell: Crossing the Threshold 65

Water Presences 66

Water Presence I An Unbridled Joy 67

Water Presence II The Quieter Side of This World 68

Water Presence III Benediction to the Forked-Tongued Seductress 69

Water Presence IV Spells as Conversation 70

Water Spell: Wedding the River 72

Water Visions 72

Water Vision I Art from the Fertile Dark 73

Water Vision II The Liminal Space of Creation 74

Water Vision III Witch of the Waves 76

Water Vision IV Water and Reclamation 77

Water Spell: Visions from the Well 78

Testament to Water 79

Possible Additions to Your Book of Water 81

Book 3 The Book of Fire

Heathen Verses of the Burning Temple 83

Word-Spell: Songs from the Pyre 84

To Begin Your Book of Fire: An Artful Invocation 85

Story Lantern: The Ire of the Fallen Mother 86

Opening Spell: The Oracular Fires 91

Fire Reflections 92

Fire Reflection I The Ancestral Fire 92

Fire Reflection II Reclaiming the Flames 93

Fire Reflection III You Are the Crucible 95

Fire Reflection IV The Earth Bride 97

Fire Spell: A Heathen Desire 98

Fire Presences 101

Fire Presence I Vows of the Fire-Keeper 101

Fire Presence II The Rage That Liberates 102

Fire Presence III The Original Oracle 103

Fire Presence IV What Lies Beneath 105

Fire Spell: Protecting the Hearth 106

Fire Visions 107

Fire Vision I The Flames of Transformation 108

Fire Vision II To Rise from Ashes 109

Fire Vision III The Weight of the Healer's Hands 110

Fire Vision IV Hearth of the Heart 112

Fire Spell: The Spiral of Self 114

Testament to Fire 116

Possible Additions to Your Book of Fire 118

Book 4 The Book of Air

Heathen Verses of the Griever's Breath 119

Word-Spell: Songs of Breath and the Wild Hunt 120

To Begin Your Book of Air: An Artful Invocation 122

Story Lantern: The Blood Cloak 122

Opening Spell: A Storm of Infinite Potential 126

Air Reflections 126

Air Reflection I To Die and Begin Again 127

Air Reflection II The Healer's Road 128

Air Reflection III The Ancient Antidote 130

Air Reflection IV Becoming the Wolf-Woman 131

Air Spell: Portals of the Haunted Heart 132

Air Presences 133

Air Presence I The Breath of the Sacred 134

Air Presence II An Elder Earth 136

Air Presence III The Circles Soul 137

Air Presence IV Dear Innocent 138

Air Spell: Love Thyself 140

Air Visions 141

Air Vision I The Alchemy of Relationship 141

Air Vision II Like Honey Wine from the Magdalene's Tongue 143

Air Vision III The Ministry of Unanswerable Questions 144

Air Vision IV A Joyous Death 145

Air Spell: Drumming the Heart 147

Testament to Air 147

Possible Additions to Your Book of Air 149

Book 5 The Book of Ether

Heathen Verses from the Unseen Others 151

Word-Spell: Songs of the Cauldron Keeper 152

To Begin Your Book of Ether: An Artful Invocation 152

Story Lantern: Return of the Mist Dwellers 153

Opening Spell: The Misty Bridge 154

Ether Reflections 155

Ether Reflection I The Space Between 155

Ether Reflection II The Greatest Challenge 157

Ether Reflection III The Witch's Psychic Soil 159

Ether Reflection IV The End of the Hunt 160

Ether Spell: Removing the Seer's Obstacles 162

Ether Presences 163

Ether Presence I To Live on the Fringes 163

Ether Presence II Sovereign within the Collective 165

Ether Presence III The Language We Do Not Yet Speak 167

Ether Presence IV To Be a Witch 169

Ether Spell: Naming the Patterns 170

Ether Visions 171

Ether Vision I A Subtle Wink 171

Ether Vision II The Ancestral Story 173

Ether Vision III Washing the Dust 174

Ether Vision IV The Spirit Wakes Wild 175

Ether Spell: Asking the Dream-Weaver 176

Testament to Ether 177

Possible Additions to Your Book of Ether 179

Holy Wild Spell: Gifting the Grimoire 179

Conclusion 181

Acknowledgments 185

Notes 187

About the Author 191

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