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The Internet Encyclopedia

The Internet Encyclopedia

by John Wiley & Sons
The Internet Encyclopedia

The Internet Encyclopedia

by John Wiley & Sons


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The Internet Encyclopedia in a 3-volume reference work on the internet as a business tool, IT platform, and communications and commerce medium.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780471222026
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/26/2003
Pages: 880
Product dimensions: 8.74(w) x 11.26(h) x 1.78(d)

About the Author

Hossein Bidgoli, Ph.D., is Professor of Management Information Systems at California State University. Dr. Bidgoli helped set up the first PC lab in the United States. He is the author of 43 textbooks, 27 manuals, and over four dozen technical articles and papers on various aspects of computer applications, e-commerce, and information systems, which have been published and presented throughout the world. Dr. Bidgoli also serves as the editor-in-chief of Encyclopedia of Information Systems.

Dr. Bidgoli was selected ass the California State University, Bakersfield's 2001-2002 Professor of the Year.

Table of Contents


Passwords (J. Rasmussen).

Patent Law (G. Bluhm).

Peer-to-Peer Computing (L. Camp).

Perl (D. Stotts).

Personalization and Customization Technologies (S. Braynov).

Physical Security (M. Michael).

Politics (P. Gronke).

Privacy Law (R. Everett-Church).

Propagation Characteristics of Wireless Channels (P. Shankar).

Prototyping (E. Nyberg).

Public Accounting Firms (C. Chang & A. Nellen).

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) (R. Housley).

Public Networks (D. Thompson & A. Apon).

Radio Frequency (RF) and Wireless Communications (O. Ugweje).

Real Estate (A. Bardhan & D. Jaffee).

Research on the Internet (P. Piper).

Return on Investment Analysis for E-Business Projects (M. Jeffery).

Risk Management in Internet-Based Software Projects (R. Schmidt). 

Rule-Based and Expert Systems (R. Schalkoff).

Secure Electronic Transmissions (SET) (M. Merkow).

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) (R. Boncella).

Securities Trading on the Internet (M. Flicker).

Software Design and Implementation in the Web Environment (J. Offutt).

Software Piracy (R. Moniot).

Speech and Audio Compression (P. Kroon).

Standards and Protocols in Data Communications (D. Cook).

Storage Area Networks (SANs) (V. Riabov).

Strategic Alliances (P. Adams).

Structured Query Language (SQL) (Erick Slazinski).

Supply Chain Management (G. Burke & A. Vakharia).

Supply Chain Management and the Internet (T. Lairson).

Supply Chain Management Technologies (M. Smith)

Supply Networks: Developing and Maintaining Relationships and Strategies (R. Lowson).

Taxation Issues (A. Nellen).

TCP/IP Suite (P. Mateti).

Telecommuting and Telework (R. Westfall).

Trademark Law (R. Everett-Church).

Travel and Tourism (D. Fesenmaier, et al.).

University Accessible Web REsources: Designing for People with Disabilities (J. Gunderson).

Unix Operating System (M. Shacklette).

Usability Testing: An Evaluation Process for Internet Communications (D. Zimmermann & C. Akerelrea).

Value Chain Analysis (B. Kleindl).

Video Compression (I. Freedman).

Video Streaming (H. Tuttle).

Virtual Enterprises (J. Cecil).

Virtual Private Networks: Internet Protocol (IP) Based (D. McDysan).

Virtual Reality on the Internet: Collaborative Virtual Reality (A. Johnson & J. Leigh).

Virtual Teams (J. Switzer). 

Visual Basic (D. Owen).

Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) (T. Cole).

Visual C++ (Microsoft) (B. Mayfield).

Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) (R. Morris).

Web-Based Training (P. Fahy).

Webcasting (L. Ha).

Web Content Management (J. Qin).

Web Hosting (D. Kaye).

Web Quality of Service (T. Abdelzaher).

Web Search Fundamentals (R. Wisman).

Web Search Technology (C. Yu & W. Meng).

Web Services (A. Sahai, et al.).

Web Site Design (R. Irie). 

Wide Area and Metropolitan Area Networks (L. DeNoia).

Windows 2000 Security (E. Schultz).

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) (L. Cassel).

Wireless Communications Applications (M. Guizani).

Wireless Internet (M. Zarki, et al.).

Wireless Marketing (P. Kwok).

XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language): Business Reporting with XML (J. Boritz & W. No).

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