The iPhone Photography Book

The iPhone Photography Book

by Scott Kelby
The iPhone Photography Book

The iPhone Photography Book

by Scott Kelby


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Learn to take great photos with your iPhone—the camera you always have with you!

Imagine if someone took the same photographic techniques, principles, and tools used by high-end and professional photographers, but applied them to shooting with an iPhone. Imagine the type of images you’d be able to create using those same ideas. Well, finally, somebody has.

The world’s #1 best-selling photography techniques author is about to break all the rules as he shows you how to apply the same techniques today’s top pro photographers use to make stunning images. You’re going to learn exactly how to use these techniques to create images that people will just not believe you could actually take with a phone (but with the quality of the iPhone’s camera, you absolutely can!).

Scott leaves all the techno-speak behind and, instead, treats the whole book as if it were just you and he out on a shoot with your iPhones, using his trademark casual, plain-English writing style to help you unlock the power of your iPhone to make the type of pictures you never thought could be done with a phone. You’ll learn:

    • Which tools to use to make pro-quality portraits in any lighting situation.
    • How to create stunning landscape shots that people will swear you took with an expensive DSLR or mirrorless camera.
    • Proven posing techniques that flatter your subject and make anyone you photograph look their very best in every shot.
    • How to organize and edit your photos like a pro!
    • The pros’ top tips for making amazing shots of everything from flowers to product shots, from food photography to travel shots, and everything in between.

Each page covers a single concept, a single tool, or a trick to take your iPhone photography from snapshots to shots that will make your friends and family say, “Wait…you took this?!”

Chapter 1: iPhone Camera Essentials
Chapter 2: How to Compose Like a Pro
Chapter 3: Photographing People
Chapter 4: Posing People
Chapter 5: Travel & Landscape Photography
Chapter 6: Other Cool Stuff to Shoot
Chapter 7: iPhone Camera Tips and Tricks
Chapter 8: Organizing Your Photo Library
Chapter 9: Editing Your Images
Chapter 10: Incredible Apps That Can Take Your Photos to the Next Level
Chapter 11: Awesome iPhone Accessories
Chapter 12: Photo Recipes

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781681986913
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Publication date: 03/16/2021
Series: The Photography Book , #3
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 159,951
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Scott Kelby is the world’s #1 best-selling author of photography technique books, as well as Editor and Publisher of the highly acclaimed Photoshop User magazine. He is co-host of the influential weekly photography talk show The Grid and he teaches digital photography workshops and seminars around the world. Scott is an award-winning author of over 60 books, including How Do I Do That in Lightroom?, How Do I Do That in Photoshop?, The Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers, The Digital Photography Book series, Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers, and Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It. He lives in Oldsmar, FL. For more on Scott, visit his fantastic blog at

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 iPhone Camera Essentials 1

Getting Great iPhone Photos Starts Here

How to Focus on an iPhone 2

The "Focus and Recompose" Trick 3

Holding Your Camera Still Matters 4

Keep the Flash on Your iPhone Turned Off 5

Using the Self-Timer 6

Don't "Pinch to Zoom" While Shooting 7

Keeping Your Shots from Being Too Dark/Too Bright 8

The Advantage of Shooting in RAW vs. JPEG 9

Shooting in Apple's Own RAW Format 10

Getting Really Close (and How Close You Can Go) 11

Getting Your Color Right on the Money! 12

Getting Wider Shots by Shooting in Video Mode 13

Your "Other" Shutter Buttons 14

If It's Moving, Use Burst Mode 15

How to Make the Most of the Ultra-Wide Lens 16

Using the Built-in Filters 17

How to Get to Your Camera Really Fast 18

Shooting with Night Mode 19

The More Light, the Better the Photo 20

Why Your Intent Matters When Making iPhone Images 21

Chapter 2 How to Compose Like a Pro 23

The Top Techniques to Make Your Images Stand Out

Don't Put Your Subject in the Middle 24

Working the Scene 25

Avoiding Junk around the Edges 26

Simplify the Scene 27

The Perspective Trick 28

How to Lead the Viewer into the Image 29

Avoid Distracting Bright Spots in the Background 30

Making More Dynamic Compositions with the Rule of Thirds 31

Filling the Frame 32

Creating Depth in Your Images (Layers) 33

The Framing Composition Technique 34

You Don't Have to Show the Whole Thing 35

Patterns and How to Make Them More Interesting 36

The Negative Space Technique 37

The Odd Numbers Trick 38

Your Subject Needs Room to Move 39

Creating Balance in Your Images 40

Symmetry: How to Achieve It and Why We Love It 41

Chapter 3 Photographing People 43

And Still Being Friends After They See the Shots

Shoot in Portrait Mode to Get That Pro Look 44

Aiming Your Camera for Portraits 45

Where to Focus for Portraits 46

Composition: Where to Put Eyes in the Frame 47

Composition: Overall 48

Composition: Cutting Off the Top of the Head 49

Composition: Leaving Too Much Space above the Head 50

Avoid Cropping at Limbs. Losing Fingers, Etc 51

Getting a Softer, More Blurred Background 52

This Kills More Portraits Than Almost Anything 53

The Most Magical Window Light of All 54

Better Window Light Portraits, Technique #1 55

Better Window Light Portraits, Technique #2 56

Better Window Light Portraits, Technique #3 57

Keeping the Other Side of Their Face Lit 58

How to Make Any Window Have Beautiful Light 59

Turn Off the Room Lights 60

Why Direct Sunlight Is Our Enemy 61

If You Have to Shoot in Direct Sunlight, Do This 62

The Trick to Shooting under a Tree 63

Your Shooting-in-Daylight Secret Weapon 64

When Is the Best Time to Shoot? 65

Getting the Sun Flare Look 66

When to Use a Gold Reflector 67

Where to Position a Reflector 68

When to Use a Black Reflector 69

Why Shooting on Cloudy Days Rocks! 70

Built-in Lighting Looks for Your Portraits 71

Chapter 4 Posing People 73

How to Make the People in Your Portraits Look Awesome

What Kind of Clothes to Wear 74

Get Couples Really Close 75

A Hopeful Pose, with Added Benefits 76

Turn Their Shoulders 77

Use "Peter's Jawline" Trick 78

Bends Are Good 79

When Not to Have Them Look at the Camera 80

Another Trick for Flattering the Face 81

How to Avoid Distortion in Full-Length Shots 82

Posing for Better, Longer-Looking Legs 83

Roll Those Shoulders Back 84

What to Do with Their Hands 85

The "Knee Pop" Pose Rules! 86

Leave a Gap for a Slimmer Waist 87

Chapter 5 Travel & Landscape Photography 89

They Go Together, Like Rama Lama Lama, Ka Dinga Da Dinga Dong

The Best Times to Shoot Travel and Landscape 90

You Need Something to Keep Your iPhone Very Still 91

Shooting Streams, Waterfalls, and Lakes 92

When to Use the Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens 93

Capturing the Moment vs. Composition 94

Use Your GPS for Scouting Locations 95

Where to Put the Horizon Line 96

How to Keep from Having Crooked Shots 97

Do Your Research Up Front Or 98

Getting Still Water Reflections 99

Great Light Can Make Ordinary Things Look Awesome 100

You Need a Clear Subject 101

Add Scale for Stronger Images 102

The Secret to (and Two Methods for) Shooting Food 103

Chapter 6 Other Cool Stuff to Shoot 105

This Is That Other Stuff That We Shoot That's Cool

Shooting Panos (Panoramic Images) 106

Shooting a Pano vs. Ultra-Wide Angle 107

Taking Vertical Panos (and a Few Other Pano Tips) 108

Creating Time-Lapse Videos from Your Stills 109

Shooting in Slow-Mo 110

Shooting Your Own Product Shots 111

Shooting Architecture 112

Shooting Cityscapes at Night 113

Making Great Sports Shots 114

Shooting a Still Life Scene 115

Shooting High Dynamic Range (HDR) Shots 116

Taking Control of HDR 117

Chapter 7 iPhone Camera Tips & Tricks 119

Some Really Cool Things Are Hidden Just beneath the Surface

Using Your iPhone to Light the Scene 120

Getting a Super-Crazy Close-up Shot 121

Seeing More of Your Scene Before You Shoot 122

How to Turn Off the Shutter Sound 123

Getting a Wider, More Cinematic Look 124

Want Higher Megapixel Selfies? Do This! 125

If You Think You Look Weird in Selfies, This Is Probably Why 126

How to Keep Your Facial Features from Distorting in Selfies 127

Shooting from Your Apple Watch 128

How to Shoot a Backward Pano 129

How to Keep from Experiencing the Worst Timing Ever 130

Swipe Up after Taking a Shot. That's Where the Crazy Stuff Is Hidden 131

How to Take Video While You're Shooting Stills 132

Keep from Missing an Image When You're Shooting Fast! 133

Quick Change for Your Key Video Settings 134

Leave It Like I Had It 135

Let Your iPhone Apply a Smart Effect 136

Help with Taking Shots in Low Light 137

Chapter 8 Organizing Your Photo Library 139

How to Actually Find the Photos You're Looking For

Are Your Photos Backed Up? 140

Your Basic Organization Is Already Done 141

Oh, and It Did This Stuff, Too! 142

Changing Your View to Show the Entire Image 143

Change Your Thumbnail Size by Pinching 144

How to Delete Photos (and Get Them Back) 145

How to Create Your Own Custom Albums 146

How to Add Photos to an Existing Album 147

Copy a Photo from One Album to Another 148

How to Create a Shared Album That Other People Can Contribute To 149

Putting Related Albums within One Big Album 150

All That Other Album Stuff You Need to Know 151

How to Hide Photos 152

How to See Just Your Favorite Photos 153

How to Find People by Name 154

Using Voice Commands to Find Photos 155

Adding Captions to Your Photos (and Why It Helps) 156

Narrowing Your Search 157

Sharing Your Photos on Social Media 158

How to Share a Live Photo without It Actually Being a Live Photo 159

How to Choose Which Part of Your Live Photo Shows as the Thumbnail 160

How to Print Your Photos 161

How to Send Your Image to a Print Lab 162

How to See Your Photos on Your TV 163

Chapter 9 Editing Your Images 165

How to Take Your Images from Flat to Fabulous!

Getting to Your iPhone's Photo Editor 166

You're Not Going to Mess Up Anything 167

How to Make a Copy of a Photo 168

How to See a Before/After of Your Editing 169

How to Flip a Photo That's Supposed to Be Wide 170

Cropping Your Photos Freeform Style 171

Cropping Your Photos to a Specific Ratio 172

Fixing Perspective Problems 173

How to Straighten a Crooked Photo 174

Secrets of the Amount Slider 175

The One-Click Auto Fix for Your Photos 176

How to Brighten or Darken Your Photo 177

Making Your Photo More "Brilliant!" 178

How to Fix Our Highlights Problem 179

Fixing Backlit Photos 180

Adding (or Removing) Contrast 181

A Better Way to Brighten Your Photo? 182

Setting Your Black Point 183

Making Your Photos More Colorful 184

Getting Your Color Right 185

Sharpening Your Photos 186

How to Enhance Detail in Your image 187

Reducing Noise in Your Images 188

Using Vignetting to Focus Their Attention 189

Applying a Filter "Look" to Your Photos 190

Getting the High-Key B&W Look 191

The Photos App Can Suggest Editing Ideas 192

How to Use Other Editing Apps inside the Photos App 193

Chapter 10 Incredible Apps That Can Take Your Photos to the Next Level 195

Going beyond the Photos App to Lightroom and More

Why Another App? Why Lightroom? 196

How to Get a Photo into Lightroom 197

Adding a Duotone Tint or Split Tone Tint 198

How to Fix Washed-Out Skies 199

Adding a Soft, Dreamy Glow to Your Photos 200

Removing Blemishes, Spots, and Specks 201

Adding More "Creative Looks" 202

Sharpening Portraits 203

Brightening the Face, So It's the Focal Point 204

Making Your Blue Skies Bluer 205

Editing Individual Colors 206

Removing Haze 207

Adding a Spotlight Effect 208

How to Reset or Undo Your Lightroom Edits 209

The Ultimate "Remove Distracting Stuff" App 210

Adding Sun Flares, Lens Flares, and Beams of Light 211

Adding Motion to Your Still Images 212

Creating Multi-Photo Collages 213

Chapter 11 Awesome iPhone Accessories 215

There Are a Ton of Them Out There, but These Are the Really Important Ones

Adding Extra Lenses to Your iPhone's Camera 216

Holding Your iPhone Still without a Tripod 217

An Awesome Tripod for Your iPhone 218

The Most Convenient Tripod Ever 219

Bring Your Own Tiny, Super-Bright Light 220

A Real Studio-Quality Flash for Your iPhone 221

A Clever Way to Get More Camera Lenses 222

A Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control 223

Rotating Phone Mount for Time-Lapse 224

Apple's Own Memory Card Reader 225

Making Real Prints on the Go 226

How to Carry This Stuff 227

Chapter 12 Photo Recipes 229

The Ingredients for Creating Some Really Stunning Images

Photographing Food 230

Close-Up Shots of Flowers 231

Shooting the City at Night 232

Shots of Your Pets 233

Window Light Portraits 234

Travel Photography Shots 235

Dramatic Cityscapes 236

Still Life Images 237

Shooting Fine Art Style Patterns 238

Concert Shots 239

Sweeping Landscape Shots 240

Landscape/Travel Shots 241

Exotic Travel Shots 242

Lifestyle Shots 243

Index 244

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