The January 6 Report

The January 6 Report

The January 6 Report

The January 6 Report


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The instant #1 New York Times bestseller

The official report and findings of the bipartisan Congressional investigation into the January 6 attack on the Capitol, and Donald Trump’s related coup conspiracies to overthrow the election, with an original foreword by attorney and Emmy-winning MSNBC anchor Ari Melber.

This edition includes an exclusive breakdown of the coup conspiracy, based on Melber’s reporting and real-time coverage, highlighting the multi-pronged plot against democracy. Only the authoritative House committee report can capture the full range of plots that have been exposed over time, from the violent attack on January 6 to related efforts revealed months after the insurrection. 

This definitive edition features: 

• New independent analysis of the coup conspiracy by MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber

• The historic, official text of the House Committee report on the insurrection, including the full Executive Summary with endnotes and all chapter endnotes. 

• The definitive accounting of Donald Trump’s efforts to end American democracy  

This is the only edition of the report featuring an additional, original analysis of the coup by a journalist and lawyer at the center of the action — Melber has interviewed top members of this Committee, Jan. 6 rally planners and other cooperating witnesses, and Trump White House veterans ranging from Steve Bannon to Peter Navarro (now indicted for defying this probe). His report documents how Trump’s plots comprise a continuous coup conspiracy — not a “riot” that exploded in a “single day” — and why that factual prism is vital for accountability, justice, and preventing the next coup attempt.

In chilling detail, he shows how that process might have engineered a technical effort to “override” the election on the floor of Congress—an essential map, and warning, for those who wish to protect democracy. If warnings are ignored and there is no accountability for the plotters at the top, a failed coup may become a training exercise.

This report is not only a vital document in modern American history, it can also inform efforts to protect the future of American democracy. As a matter of justice, bipartisanship, and even patriotism, this report will become essential reading for any American determined to defend our democracy.

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ISBN-13: 9780063315501
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication date: 12/29/2022
Pages: 752
Sales rank: 153,646
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 2.20(d)

About the Author

ARI MELBER is an Emmy Award–winning journalist, evening news achor, writer, and attorney. He anchors The Beat with Ari Melber on MSNBC, serves as the network’s chief legal correspondent, and is a legal analyst for NBC News. Melber received a 2016 Emmy Award for his reporting on the Supreme Court and was nominated for a 2020 Emmy for an “Outstanding Live Interview,” featuring four witnesses in the Mueller probe. He has been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, Politico, and other publications. Melber received a JD from Cornell Law School, where he was an editor of the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy. He previously practiced First Amendment law and is a member of the New York Bar.

Table of Contents


Foreword: Speaker of the House vii

Foreword: Chairman viii

Foreword: Vice Chair xiv

Executive Summary 1

Executive Summary: Overview of the Evidence Developed 8

Referrals to the U.S. Department of Justice Special Counsel and House Ethics Committee 98

Efforts to Avoid Testifying, Evidence of Obstruction, and Assessments of Witness Credibility 118

Summary: Creation of the Select Committee; Purposes 128

Select Committee Witnesses Were Almost Entirely Republican 131


Chapter 1 The Big Lie 195

1.1 The Big Lie Reflected Deliberate Exploitation of the "Red Mirage" 197

1.2 Trump's Pre-Election Plans to Declare Victory 199

1.3 Trump's Pre-Election Efforts to Delegitimize the Election Process 201

1.4 President Trump's Launch of the Big Lie 202

1.5 Post-Election: President Trump Replaces His Campaign Team 203

1.6 President Trump's Campaign Team Told Him He Lost the Election and There Was No Significant Fraud 204

1.7 President Trump Had His Day in Court 210

1.8 President Trump Repeatedly Promoted Conspiracy Theories 213

1.9 President Trump's January 6th Speech 231

Chapter 2 "I Just Want to Find 11,780 Votes" 263

2.1 The Electoral College, and President Trump's Attempt to Subvert It 265

2.2 The Plan Emerges 266

2.3 Outreach and Implementation of the Plan 270

2.4 An Outright Request for Victory 291

2.5 Some Officials Eagerly Assisted President Trump With His Plans 293

2.6 The Final Outreach to State Legislators 296

2.7 The Harm Caused by Demonizing Public Servants 300

Chapter 3 Fake Electors and the "The President of the Senate Strategy" 341

3.1 Laying the Groundwork for the Fake Elector Plan: The Chesebro Memos 343

3.2 President Trump and the Campaign Adopt the Fake Elector Scheme 345

3.3 The Campaign Legal Team Bows Out, and Giuliani Steps In 346

3.4 Some of the Proposed Fake Electors Express Concerns About the Plan 351

3.5 On December 14th, The Fake Electors Meet and Vote 352

3.6 The Fallout from the Fake Elector Plan 354

Chapter 4 "Just Call it Corrupt and Leave the Rest to Me" 373

4.1 The DOJ Found No Significant Evidence of Fraud 373

4.2 November 23, 2020: Barr Challenges President Trump's Election Lies 374

4.3 December 1, 2020: President Trump is Irate After Barr Says There is No Significant Fraud 376

4.4 December 14, 2020: Barr Submits His Resignation 379

4.5 Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue Hold the Line 381

4.6 President Trump is introduced to Jeffrey Clark 382

4.7 December 27th Phone Call 384

4.8 Congressman Scott Perry Calls Donoghue 387

4.9 December 28, 2020: The Clark Letter 389

4.10 December 29th Meeting 393

4.11 Rosen's December 30th Call with President Trump 395

4.12 December 31st Meeting 396

4.13 January 2, 2021: Rosen and Donoghue Confront Clark Again 397

4.14 January 3, 2021: Clark Informs DOJ Leadership that He Will Accept President Trump's Offer 398

4.15 President Trump's Unprecedented Attempt to Subvert the DOJ 402

Chapter 5 "A Coup in Search of a Legal Theory" 427

5.1 President Trump and His Allies Embark on a Desperate Gambit to Block Certification of the 2020 Presidential Election 430

5.2 President Trump and his Allies Exert Intense Public and Private Pressure on the Vice President in Advance of the Joint Session of Congress on January 6th 441

5.3 President Trump and his Allies Continue to Pressure the Vice President on January 6th, Threatening His Life and Our Democracy 456

5.4 President Trump Endangers Pence's Life, Causing the Vice President, His Family, and Staff to Narrowly Miss the Rioters as They Flee the Mob Attacking the Capitol 465

5.5 Aftermath of the Attack 469

Chapter 6 "Be There, Will Be Wild!" 499

6.1 How Far-Right Extremists and Conspiracy Theorists Planned for January 6th 502

6.2 The Proud Boys: "[Y]ou Want to Storm the Capitol" 507

6.3 The Oath Keepers: "He Called Us All to the Capitol and Wants Us to Make it Wild!!!" 512

6.4 "Trump Said It's Gonna be Wild!!!!!!! It's Gonna be Wild!!!!!!!" 514

6.5 "Ready to Step in And Do What Is Needed" 516

6.6 "Friends of Stone" 517

6.7 White Nationalists: "The Capitol Siege was Fucking Awesome…" 519

6.8 The Three (III%) Percenters: "#OccupyCongress" 521

6.9 QAnon: "Operation Occupy the Capitol" 525

6.10 "Occupy the Capitol" 527

6.11 How the White House and Rally Organizers Prepared for January 6th 530

6.12 "He's Calling on You, He Needs Your Help" 531

6.13 "Trump is Supposed to Order Us to the Capitol" 532

6.14 "Well, I Should Walk With the People." 533

6.15 "Potus…Likes the Crazies." 534

6.16 January 5, 2021: "Fort Trump" 536

6.17 "Together, We Will Stop the Steal" 538

Chapter 7 187 Minutes of Dereliction 577

7.1 "Reinsert the Mike Pence Lines" 581

7.2 "I'll Be There With You" 585

7.3 The President's Anger When He Could Not March to the Capitol 587

7.4 "We're Going to Try to Get the President to Put Out a Statement" 592

7.5 "He Doesn't Want to Do Anything" 595

7.6 "He Thinks Mike Deserves It" 596

7.7 "I Guess They're Just More Upset About the Election Theft Than You Are" 597

7.8 "Stay Peaceful!" 599

7.9 "The President Needs to Stop This ASAP" 600

7.10 "We Love You. You're Very Special" 603

7.11 "Remember This Day Forever!" 607

7.12 President Trump Still Sought to Delay the Joint Session 608

7.13 He "Just Didn't Want to Talk About It Anymore" 610

7.14 President Trump's "Rhetoric Killed Someone" 611

Chapter 8 Analysis of the Attack 637

8.1 The Mob Assembles in Washington 639

8.2 March of the Proud Boys 642

8.3 The Initial Attack 645

8.4 President Trump's Mob Descends on the U.S. Capitol 647

8.5 The Mob Surges 651

8.6 The United States Capitol is Breached 653

8.7 President Trump Pours Fuel on the Fire 659

8.8 The Evacuation 664

8.9 Clearing the U.S. Capitol Building and Restricted Grounds 666


Recommendations 689


Appendix 1 Government Agency Preparation for and Response to January 6th 693

Appendix 2 DC National Guard Preparation for and Response to January 6th 724

Appendix 3 The Big Rip-Off: Follow the Money 770

Appendix 4 Malign Foreign Influence 806

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