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The Jesus Seeds: Igniting Your Soul-Guided Life

The Jesus Seeds: Igniting Your Soul-Guided Life

by Laurel Geise
The Jesus Seeds: Igniting Your Soul-Guided Life

The Jesus Seeds: Igniting Your Soul-Guided Life

by Laurel Geise


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At the core of every soul, the seeds of truth and grace await the right frequency of light to awaken them. With this activation, they burst open, allowing wisdom to flood the soul and rise to the cognitive level of the mind. In this awakening comes access to the cosmic encyclopedia of life.

Congratulations on following your intuition. By simply picking up this book, you embark on your journey to activate these seeds. You have taken a step to lift and shift your consciousness. The words will create a vibrational expansion within your awareness. As an evolutionary primer, it is not important to intellectualize what you are reading but rather to feel the energy of what is being communicated in your heart, body, and soul.

As you read, you may feel lightheaded, fall asleep, or feel tingles of remembrance moving through your body. Whatever your experience, continue to absorb the energy of the message. The precepts shared are not meant to change or replace any practice or belief system that you have but rather to deepen your experience as you awaken to the potential that resides in you.

This is a work that has been two thousand years in the making. Empowerment is at your fingertips. Seize it, and ignite your soul-guided life today.

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ISBN-13: 9781452572536
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/02/2013
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

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The Jesus Seeds

Igniting Your Soul-Guided Life


Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Laurel Geise
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-7253-6



The Seeds

At the core of every soul lie the seeds of truth and grace, waiting for the right frequency of light to awaken them, and then they burst open. It is the bursting of the seeds that brings forth his wisdom into the soul, and it rises to the cognitive level of the mind. Deep inside, we know intuitively that all wisdom, knowledge, and truth are within us; right at our fingertips, we have access to the cosmic encyclopedia of life. The journey we embark on now will allow us to activate these seeds. Known as the Jesus seeds, the awakening of this wisdom within us is through the touch or vibration of divine grace.

Allowing ourselves to be open to divine grace and consciously committing to our evolution prepare us to be awash in divine wisdom. This insight allows us to understand that evolution is a two-way street: it is the willingness and eagerness of the soul to touch the Divine, and the ever-mysterious grace of the Divine reaching to reignite the soul. Sloughing off the blanket of amnesia, the soul receives the divine frequency or vibration and drinks like a man lost in the desert and dying from thirst. The engorgement of the soul with the divine vibration accelerates our evolution.

The soul pushes to the forefront of the personality and takes the lead on the journey to evolve. When we are open to learning, new ideas and experiences are like rocket fuel to the soul. This divine push, or jump-start, propels us to move further into previously unknown states of awareness. The jump—or sometimes leap—into new levels of consciousness opens us to the miracles of the ages. When the miracles begin, the evolutionary journey becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The previously unbelievable becomes not only believable, but it is also our new reality.

As we build this new worldview, we will find that the process may not be linear. We are conditioned to believe that construction requires a brick-by-brick building of reality—but what if we do not need to labor with the bricks? What if we can imagine and then manifest? What if we can imagine what is needed and then effortlessly manifest with God's grace? This may seem impossible, because we are used to toiling and expending large amounts of energy to create. What if we shift this thinking to a new level of awareness? What would life be like if we could engage in manifesting our world in an instant rather than struggling with the bricks? Let's see what this life could be and what we need to embrace to achieve this new worldview.

The Creation

All of creation begins with the breath. Inspiration is the movement of the God-force into your body. When you feel the rush of the molecules into the lungs, the energy dissipates throughout the cells into the molecular building blocks of our existence. Exhalation brings the spirit of creation from within us out to the universe around us.

This ever-present cycle of receiving and giving of the life force illustrates our perpetual links to the Divine. Ruach, a Hebrew word meaning "divine spirit," infiltrates our bodies and minds to the subtlest levels of the microcosm. Awareness of the breath and her permeation of our being brings our attention to the present moment.

Present moment awareness is the pinnacle of God's presence. When we afford ourselves the luxury of single-minded presence, we can open to the vast glory of Christ consciousness. Many meditations of Eastern origin focus our awareness on the breath. Using this technique, we can focus our attention on this moment, the present moment. The present moment does not contain the past or the future; it only captures the eternal present moment, the precise portal into multiple dimensions. Going deeper into the present moment allows us to delve deeper into Christ consciousness. This divine level of awareness is ever-present—we simply have to become aware of its presence.

Jesus said, "The Kingdom is within you and it is outside of you." He was speaking of the ever-present Christ consciousness. Abiding in Christ consciousness is being in the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is not some faraway place one can only travel to after death. Heaven exists here—today. Heaven is the eternal immersion of the soul in the frequency of Christ consciousness.

The soul vibrates inherently at the level of Christ consciousness. When born into the physical density of a human body, she forgets her natural state of existence; she sees the three-dimensional view of our earth and believes this is her only reality. The soul understands where she is but has a deeper longing for a connection that seems lost. She will spend her lifetime seeking this last piece of herself, knowing all along that there is more, that more is possible.

The connection to kingdom consciousness is what the soul is longing for, what she seeks and knows at her core is possible. Trying to communicate the deep longing of this essential need in words is difficult. Language can be a barrier to fully expressing our needs and experiences. Let's call this deep-seated longing for immersion in kingdom consciousness our birthright.

Our birth into a physical body places us in a density paradigm of a lower frequency than before our birth. The soul vibrates at a much higher frequency before she arrives in the physical body. It is the lowering of the soul's frequency from kingdom consciousness pre-birth to earthly consciousness post- birth that gives rise to this longing for kingdom consciousness, the frequency of home.

Understanding that kingdom consciousness, or Christ consciousness, is our birthright may seem appalling to some members of society. However, our souls know at their deepest level that this is our truth, our home, and our birthright. Known by many names, including Krishna consciousness and Buddha nature, this level of consciousness or frequency resonates within every soul. The secret is to let this frequency radiate out from us to all of those around us. This is the primary tenant of our birthright. Let the frequency of your soul radiate throughout the world.

Let's think about this for a minute. Each person is born with the birthright to vibrate at the frequency of Christ consciousness. At this level of vibration, the soul dances in Christ consciousness, radiating like the sun in all directions. This level of consciousness emits love, health, abundance, prosperity, joy, and peace to all it touches. If this level of consciousness is our birthright, why are we all not currently vibrating at this level? Why are we not dancing in kingdom consciousness? Why are we not insisting that this right, given to us at birth, be activated?

There are many levels to unravel to reach the answers to these questions. The simplest answer is that we have forgotten our brilliance and our birthright. Before we are born, the angels tell us that we will discover a great secret when we are born, but that we will not remember it right away. The angels lightly touch our faces between the nose and chin, leaving us with a small cradle beneath our noses. This cradle reminds us that the secret will be found right under our noses when we wake up. Ironic as this paradox is, when we once again realize that we always had and always will have the ability to vibrate at the Christ consciousness frequency, we will laugh at the fact that we actually forgot this secret.

What does it take to reclaim our birthright? What can we do to reignite Christ consciousness in our lives? How do we jump-start the remembrance of this vibration and create heaven on earth? The first step involves recognition.

Recognizing the Divine Within

With every breath we take, the soul begs us to remember our divinity. The Holy Spirit, inhaled as an elixir of potential, washes through us and beckons the flame of remembrance to ignite. However, our day-to-day existence counters this potential and sweeps it away as we focus on worldly goods and desires. We are continually drowned in external stimuli, moving our awareness in a multitude of directions. In addition, our minds generally look to the past or plan a future—anywhere but the present moment.

The leap from everyday awareness to kingdom consciousness takes place in the blink of an eye. As Jesus described, a fish swimming in water is not aware of the water. Likewise, we are surrounded by Christ consciousness and are not even aware of it. Thus, the recognition takes place in the blink of an eye, because it is always there. Christ consciousness is. Kingdom consciousness is. It is already within you and around you; you just have to recognize, or re-cognize, its existence. To understand it requires knowledge of it and the experience of it. How do we find kingdom consciousness?

Knowledge of Christ consciousness is easy to obtain. Thousands of books have been written, extolling the virtues and characteristics of Christ consciousness. Love, peace, prosperity, joy, abundance, and vitality are just some of the facets this level of awareness manifests. Saints and sages provide wisdom-filled quotes in an effort to convey the experience of Christ consciousness. However, we know that words limit the expression of our experiences. To distill an extraordinary experience into a word made up of consonants and vowels constricts the expansiveness and depth of an experience. The true experience of Christ consciousness is in our bodies.

Sri Aurobindo spoke of the divinization of the human being. The ability of the human body to be the conduit of energy between the earth and the heavens affords us the opportunity to experience Christ consciousness. The vibration of Christ consciousness is higher than our everyday level of vibration; it is the density and lower vibration of the body that deceives the soul into believing that she needs to vibrate at this lower level of existence. The soul longs for a higher vibration and always seeks this avenue of expansion. When given an opportunity to experience this higher frequency, the soul gushes with remembrance of what is possible, and the quest for a higher level of vibration is initiated.

Like the knights of King Arthur's Round Table, the soul pledges to seek and find reconnection with Christ consciousness. This sacred quest envelops the soul as she strives to become fully emerged in the vibration of kingdom consciousness. The secret has been revealed. Christ consciousness is our true nature; it is the soul's responsibility to awaken this potential in the body. This awakening is what Sri Ramakrishna refers to when he says once you are awakened, you will search for the Divine like a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond. The urgency of this desire to reunite with Christ consciousness swells into an overabundance of lust to taste this level of vibration again. And so, the quest begins.

The Quest

In King Arthur's court, the knights of the Round Table were tasked with finding the Holy Grail. Each knight took an oath and pledged to dedicate his life to seeking the Holy Grail, and once found, to serve the purpose found in the Holy Grail. There were two questions the knights would ask the Holy Grail when it was found. First, whom does the Grail serve? Second, what is the meaning of life? It is these answers that would guide the knights for the rest of their days.

Similarly, when the soul is awakened, she knows the quest has begun. Her longing cannot be diminished by earthly treasures, but rather it demands the heavenly wisdom of her potential. In seeking, she finds the Holy Grail and can ask her questions to support her quest.

Whom does the Grail serve? The light of God, the highest vibration.

What is the meaning of life? To serve the light.

With these answers, the soul knows she seeks the highest vibration of kingdom consciousness as her quest. Like a fish swimming in water, she must bring conscious awareness of the vibration of Christ consciousness to the body for recognition.

Bringing the Vibration Home

By looking at the human body as a microcosm of the universal macrocosm, we find the evolutionary steps required to move beyond our current form in the secret of vibration. On the earth plane of existence, the density keeps us in a holding pattern. We continually circle the activities of our day in the same level of awareness. Our quest, if we choose to accept it, is to move to successively higher levels of awareness. Think of it like Jacob's ladder. In his dream, Jacob saw a ladder going from earth to the heavens. On the ladder, he saw angels climbing up to heaven. Like the angels, we can climb each rung of the ladder and, with each step, raise our level of vibration.

Raising our level of vibration allows us to simultaneously access higher dimensional reality. There are untold levels of awareness and corresponding levels of vibrational frequency. Every soul has its own path to kingdom consciousness. It is said there are as many paths to God as there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world; with this as our compass, every soul's guide map is different. However, there will be a commonality to some experiences, and thus we will chart a new language to navigate our individual paths to Christ consciousness.

To think about different levels of consciousness and our experience in each level, let's compare three levels of consciousness we are all familiar with—deep sleep, dreaming, and the awake state. In deep sleep, our consciousness appears to be dulled, and little remembrance of this experience rises to the level of our awareness. In the dream state, our consciousness is more aware as we participate in dreams. We may or may not be aware of our dreams when we wake up, but sometimes we can remember the stories of our subconscious. In the awake state, we are fully aware of our surroundings, remember some of our dreams, and usually have no recollection of the deep sleep state. Each of the three levels of awareness is essential for our health. However, the experience of each level is very different.

Let's take this a step further. We have all had experiences of different levels of awareness. When we discuss how we felt in each level or state of awareness, our stories will have common threads but will also be vastly different in viewpoint, explanations, and individual experience. If we take this same paradigm and apply it to the untold number of states of awareness available for us to explore, we can see how it would be helpful to build a vocabulary around our experiences so that we can share our quest for the higher vibration of Christ consciousness with others.

Raising our vibration literally means just that: raising the vibration of every part of our existence, raising the vibration of each cell in our bodies, raising the vibration of every thought in our minds, and raising the vibration of the environment around us. These different areas of our life are not separate but are rather intricately interwoven. As such, a change in one aspect of our existence will impact all areas of our lives. As we begin to chart our paths to higher realms of awareness, it is essential that we keep the interconnected nature of existence as a primary tenant of our evolution. As my body changes, my thoughts change; as my thoughts change, my environment changes. As all of these change, my level of vibration changes.

In deep sleep, dreaming, and awake states of awareness, we do not find ourselves in one level of consciousness at all times. We move between these states of awareness. I wake up in the morning and spend my day in the awake state. In the evening, I transition to the dream state and then move into deep sleep states throughout the night. This cycle of awareness is a continuous shifting of our consciousness and level of vibration.

As we begin to consciously experience higher levels of vibration, our experiences will change. The characteristics of each level of vibration are different and thus our experiences are different. This is the excitement in the quest. Like Christopher Columbus exploring new worlds, we will explore new vibratory worlds. In each new world, our experiences will be different. Naturally, we may feel fear in opening ourselves to the unknown. The unknown is only the unknown until we experience it and expand our worldview to include it. Then the unknown, or the miraculous, becomes part of our everyday reality.

Excerpted from The Jesus Seeds by LAUREL GEISE. Copyright © 2013 by Laurel Geise. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface....................     ix     

Part I....................          

Introduction....................     3     

The Seeds....................     9     

The Creation....................     11     

Recognizing the Divine Within....................     15     

The Quest....................     19     

Bringing the Vibration Home....................     21     

The Vibratory Scale....................     25     

A New Reality....................     29     

Seeing the World through God's Eyes....................     31     

The Greater Now....................     35     

The Calling....................     37     

Part II....................          

The Next Chapter....................     41     

Hieroglyphics....................     45     

Connecting with the Soul....................     49     

Vibrational Density....................     53     

The Continuum of Change....................     57     

Seeing a New Future....................     59     

Our Home, Our Kingdom....................     61     

Living in the Kingdom....................     65     

The Bridge....................     67     

Higher Senses....................     71     

The Continuation of the Christ Consciousness....................     75     

The Hum of God's Love....................     77     

The Authentic One....................     81     

Part III....................          

Our New Life....................     87     

A Collective Blink....................     91     

The Bridge Builders....................     93     

The Leap....................     97     

Are You Ready?....................     101     

What Are the Signs?....................     103     

Walk in His Steps....................     107     

Appendix: Soul Journaling....................     113     

In Gratitude and Appreciation....................     117     

About the Author....................     119     

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