The Jewish Holiday Table: A World of Recipes, Traditions & Stories to Celebrate All Year Long

The Jewish Holiday Table: A World of Recipes, Traditions & Stories to Celebrate All Year Long

The Jewish Holiday Table: A World of Recipes, Traditions & Stories to Celebrate All Year Long

The Jewish Holiday Table: A World of Recipes, Traditions & Stories to Celebrate All Year Long


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For many Jews, the meal is the holiday

Collected by the Jewish Food Society, an organization dedicated to preserving Jewish cuisine around the world, the 135 recipes and accompanying stories in The Jewish Holiday Table are a dazzling expression of all the ways we celebrate through what we bring to the table.

Discover menus for a Persian Rosh Hashanah feast, a Ukrainian-Mexican Seder, an Iraqi spread for Purim. And a memorable Hanukkah tale of grandmothers competing in a doughnut duel, with one’s Moroccan sfenj recipe challenging the other’s Egyptian zalabia. Reflecting three thousand years of love and loss, culture and change, each dish captures the soul of what’s served in a Jewish home on a Jewish holiday.

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About the Author

Naama Shefi is a kibbutznik and New Yorker whose work sits at the intersection of food, culture, community building, and art. In 2017, she founded the Jewish Food Society, a nonprofit organization, which preserves and celebrates Jewish culinary heritage through a digital recipe archive and dynamic events. In the summer of 2021, she launched Asif: Culinary Institute of Israel, a center in Tel Aviv dedicated to exploring the diverse and creative food culture of Israel. She lives on the Lower East Side with her husband, Ilan, and their daughter, Ella.

Table of Contents

A Season for Intentions: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot
Rosh Hashanah
A Persian Grandmother and Her Secret Recipes
Rottem Lieberson
Whether in Toronto or New York, the Meal Is the Holiday
Mitchell Davis
Finding a Link to India and Iraq in a London Kitchen
Max Nye
A Tunisian Matriarch’s Recipes Find a New Home in Buenos Aires
Jessica Solnicki
Yom Kippur
A Moroccan Lemon Chicken to Ask Forgiveness With
Kathy Berrie
The Child Who Rode Through the Desert on a Camel
Erez Pinhas
A Gravlax Recipe That Arrived by Mail
Devra Ferst

Fava Bean Soup for an Always-Open Sukkah
Ron Arazi
The Bukharian Grandma on YouTube
Svetlana Davydov
A Time for Light and Parties: Hanukkah and Purim
A Secret Hanukkah Celebration in Italy
Lorenza Pintar
Danish Christmas Sweets for a Very Merry Hanukkah
Margit Scheftelowitz
An Egyptian-Moroccan Winter Fry-Off
Nir Mesika
The Latkes That Helped a Ukrainian Family Survive
Elizaveta Vigonskaia

“Tables of Happiness” from Medieval Spain  Live On in Zimbabwe
Stella Hanan Cohen
Hungarian Purim Sweets to Take Pride In
Yonit Naftali
An Iraqi Purim Spread Fit for a Party with Card Games
Ilana Isaac
Jewish Hospitality and the Joys of Spring: Passover and Shavuot
A Soviet Seder Led by a Seven-Year-Old
Sasha Shor
A Ukrainian-Mexican–New York Kind of Seder
Fany Gerson
A Spring Table Inspired by My Greatest Teachers
Rinat Tzadok
A Mina Recipe from Izmir That’s Six Generations Strong
Alexandra Zohn
Moroccan Sweets for a Mimouna Party in Rabat or Virginia
Ruth Stulman

The Queen of the Shavuot Table
Alon Hadar
A Holiday Parade of Tractors, Babies, and First Fruits
Hila Alpert
The Bulgarian Grandmother with the Golden Touch
Ron Levy-Arie
Shabbat: A Holiday for Every Season:
Shabbat Picnics and Living Jewishly
Naama Shefi
Cakes for a Pre-Shabbat Kaffee und Kuchen
Idan Cohen
Blessing Dabo in the Middle of the Desert
Beejhy Barhany
A French-Ashkenazi Shabbat Menu for Friends
Anna Polonsky
An Iraqi Breakfast and a Heritage to Be Proud Of
Tami Shem-Tov
A Moroccan Shabbat Feast by Way of Brazil
Esther Serruya Weyl
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