The Last Word

The Last Word

by Cassius Ali


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The Last Word by Cassius Ali

The book "The Last Word" gives expression to the many different views we may experience in our lives, fears, hopes, low moments, happiness and much more. This book will make you feel times of regret, loss,and wonder again. Time moves so fast. You may have lost child like moments that are let go as adults. Take a look back when love was new or realized your best friend wasn't really your friend at all. Relive those forgotten moments that will give you the courage to have "The Last Word".

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ISBN-13: 9781468557350
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/09/2012
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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The Last Word

By Cassius Ali


Copyright © 2012 Cassius Ali
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-5735-0

Chapter One

A call to faith

Some of us believe that having faith
is just saying a prayer.
That if we put our problems in God's hands
the answers will always be there.
That's not always true there has to be an effort from you.
No one said life was fair.
Think about the times when you felt you've lost it all,
you wanted to give up, What gall?
when you've felt like
no one cared for you,
you can remember thinking
what am I going to do?
Believing no one
could hear your prayers.
The times when you lost all hope,
The times when despair
had you on the rope.
That is the time you need to trust.
That's when you got to believe,
it's a must.
How often do we overlook the fact our prayers
are answered in the kindness of others?
Or our Love from God is often expressed through
those around us?
For some, it's the love of a child. With all that goes into the relationship
we learn things that are worth having are worth working for.
Others put their hearts and souls into wives, husbands,
family members and friends.
With this we still crave more as if it's not enough.
Think about the prayer you make after you lose, think about the fact you get to
Will you answer the call to faith to cherish the love?
Will you trust in his blessings?
Shall we believe in him as we believe in the blessing of love?
Let's not forget life is
a fleeting moment
but it's a miracle in itself.

By: Cassius Ali

    A Dream

    I close my eyes to find my path.
    I float down stream without a raft.
    I search for the door that will lead me home.
    I am lost in the past without a phone.
    I know the answers are here within me,
    the words "know thy self" is the key.
    I tell myself I just don't care about the things I see.
    The truth is these things are frightening me.
    I feel like I'm in the middle of a nightmare.
    On a river that feels like my future, this isn't fair.
    I'm afraid but I won't cry.
    I know I'm strong, I feel I can fly.
    This dream seems so real.
    Could I be awake?
    Is this world a fake?
    I'll let you guess, maybe you
    can figure out this mess.
    Like most people in the world
    I'm confused.
    To that I will confess.

    By: Cassius Ali


Addiction leads to heart ache and pain.
When we try to take it away from you
Our efforts are in vain.
You tell yourself it has nothing to do with me,
I care for you this isn't sympathy.
You're out of control when you don't get your fix,
You scare me sometimes like the numbers triple six.
I don't really have a plan that may get you out of this pit you've fallen in to
What I do have is a desire to try and help you.
I want to remind you this can't be what's in your heart, but just the same
your addiction is tearing us apart.

By: Cassius Ali

All this time

I thought we we're building a life together.
I thought we shared a bond.
When did things become so empty?
When did I become so alone?
We have nothing to say if it's not a problem on our mind.
There's nothing to give if it's not an effort on my part.
All this time I thought I had someone who loved me.
All this time I believed someone cared.
It seems you were only looking out
for yourself.
It seems you left my heart up on the shelf.
I can't go on like this because you make me feel empty inside.
I can't go on believing you love me,
your lack of emotion and compassion you can't hide.
All this time seems like such a waste.
All this time it seems I had such
bad taste.

By: Cassius Ali


You never think of me.
You have left me alone.
There isn't anything to say.
There isn't hope for us anyway.
I realized you have no love for me.
I finally see we couldn't be.
This love story took a wrong turn.
I am trying to understand why our love had to burn.
I guess I need time by myself.
I guess I should put romance on the shelf.
I need time to fix this broken heart.
It's clear we need time apart.

By: Cassius Ali

Apple berry treats

In this life I don't seem to get the things I want,
so I find pleasure in eating my favorite treats.
Like when I want to hold your hand,
you tell me I can't be your man.
I eat pancakes in the middle of day.
When I want to talk to you and you don't pick up
the phone
because you have nothing to say, I eat cake.
I can't help myself wanting you is something I can't fake.
I really do think about you all day.
So, I chew on candy when I'm hoping you pass my way.
Cherry pie when you catch my eye,
Glazed donuts when I get lonely for you
I guess putting on weight is just what I'm going to do.
Still I can't find anything to take the place of you.
OH, I really want your apple berry treats.
If you let me in your kitchen I would have a feast.
Tell me what am I supposed to do
When I'm hungry only for you?

By: Cassius Ali

As for me

I told you this before,
I'm not taking this anymore.
That last time was the last time.
It's your turn to face this world alone.
It's you who has to deal and atone.
You held me down,
You made me feel like I would drown.
Look at me now I'm stronger than before,
Look at me now I see I don't need you anymore.
It's time to be the person I was meant to be.
You never let me fly.
Now that I stepped away from you,
I'm reaching new highs.
I'm making up for overdue flights leaving you, to ask why.
Ask yourself when did this once ugly duckling turn into a beautiful swan?
Ask yourself why did she fly away from me?
There'll be no kiss good-bye.
Every dove needs love.
Every bird needs to fly.
In this relationship you didn't try,
You didn't know what you had.
By the time you figure it out
you'll be the one that's sad.
As for me the time has come to grow.
As for me the time has come to let go.
I felt lonely being with you.
Thinking only of yourself
was all you would do.
I may feel empty without you now
But I plan to fill my life with happy memories.
Maybe learn to trust again,
Maybe find a love that I won't have to wonder where it's been.

By: Cassius Ali

Before I'm done

I dare to fight the good fight.
I dare to believe there is hope.
I strive to improve my life.
I smile when others believe I'll lose.
This is life and I paid my dues.
I'll dance when there is choice, if I get to choose.
I'll think of happier times whenever I lose.
I sing when I've been wronged.
I think of the message in a song.
God, I believe in you.
I know of all the good you can do.
I'll remember someone waits for me.
I believe love last eternally.
I have faith in your heart.
I pray we will never be apart.
I'll wait for you after the lights go dim.
I'll fill your glass to the rim.
I'll hold a candle to light your way.
I'll write you this poem to remind you of this day.

By: Cassius Ali

Being without you

I can go without summer or fall but I can't go without your call.
I can give all my money away
but I can't go without hearing your voice,
not even for a day.
I love the smell of pretty flowers just
like the next man
but I would choose you over any other I'm your biggest fan.
Being without you brings me down,
you're the best I've ever found.
I mean I can do without
the sun or the rain
but without you I would go insane.

By: Cassius Ali


I am the chill you feel in December,
I am the fright you will always remember.
I watch you as you sleep
But you won't find me because I creep.
I know your every fear and when I strike
Your mother won't be around to wipe your tear.
I am the nightmare who walks in the day.
I have eyes that hypnotize,
And words that will haunt you
Oh, no you can't turn away.
So, you want to know my name?
First, recognize my game!
I'm mean, I'm dark
with the power of fire!
Your fear is my spark.
I creep under your bed,
I'll hide in your closet.
I'll watch you all night waiting until your alone,
To jump out of the shadows!
Just to watch you cry.
My mother doesn't know me
So, you can't go run and tell.
You know the name of the place
you just fell.
I am he you'll wish never to meet!
I am he you'll never defeat!
My goal is to steal your heart
And darken your dreams
That is my plan
And you may call me
the Boogieman.

By: Cassius Ali

Broken bonds

Like a circle that has been broken we're incomplete,
when it comes to this relationship let's admit defeat.
Our bond has come to an end.
You feel like nothing more than a friend.
You've forgotten promises made
I'm no longer the thing on your mind.
Why are broken hearts so hard to define?
Mine is sad, mad, and hurting
throughout the night
trying to hold back tears.
At the same time
feeling like it wants to fight.
Broken bonds are all I have now.
What am I to do?
It's hard to move on when all
I can do is think of you.

By: Cassius Ali


Family has always been important to me
It makes me think of home and security.
I noticed you spent all your time with
Friends drinking wine.
I never stopped believing our family
Would be fine.
It seemed Mother loved you best.
I was hurt but I still put you before the rest.
Money was something you never kept
So, I gave to you.
When was I going to get paid back?
No one knew.
I over looked the chains, watches and clothes
because you said it was a gift.
How about the many times you gave a party
But didn't invite me? As if.
I choose to love you even though
You choose to neglect.
For me depression and loneliness
Was the effect
I must say this family has let me down.
I can cry for attention but
You didn't hear a sound.
Brother, we're like Cain and Able
Our story is an epic fable.
I plan to walk away
While for your troubles
You plan to make me pay.

By: Cassius Ali


You're the boss, the leader, the man.
You're the one with the vision and the plan.
You like to tell everyone what to do.
If there is a need for direction it comes from you.
In a personal relationship you take the reins,
If you were on a choir you'll want to say who sings.
You don't hear the sound of my voice.
You can't see it but you're changing my choice.
It was meant to be a shared relationship.
We were supposed to decide things together.
At some point you made me your first mate.
If I knew you had to be the captain,
You never would have gotten a first date.

By: Cassius Ali

Carry on

I pick up after you but you let me down.
I look after you but you turn away from my concerns.
I've been through very hard times.
I was so hurt that I felt I couldn't carry on.
I learned there is nothing that could hold me down,
not for long.
You can count the lines of tears falling from my eyes.
You can smile in my face and tell me lies.
You may go and leave me behind
it'll be thoughts of me
that will stay on your mind.
On this day I know I deserve to be loved.
On this day I know I am favored by God,
Because he taught me I can survive
The abuse you put me through.
I learnt if you chose to hurt and scorn
You'll weep what you sow.
I learnt there's still hope for me,
There is love in me and I chose to let it grow.

By: Cassius Ali


Dear co-worker of mine,
I see fate hasn't been kind.
You always cry you have a pain,
when a promotion comes around
you look in vain.
It's clear that you don't like to work.
I know when I turn my back
you talk like a jerk.
The boss doesn't see what you're about.
They don't know that if you don't get your way you pout.
You act like a child playing games,
You know who you are
There's no need for names.
You're the one everyone calls lame.
You're usually the boss's son
or helped by another.
If they ever leave the company you better run for cover.
You seem to think you're hot stuff
But you don't even know your own job.
I'm here to tell you that your co-workers
have had enough.

By: Cassius Ali

Dark intentions

At birth I've made up my mind,
I decided to be selfish and unkind.
I will take what I desire and set anyone
who stands in my way on fire.
If you're greater than myself,
I will make you my friend.
But only to make sure it's me
Who causes your end.
I'll make you feel like you're on top.
I'll plant my Dark intentions
in your mind like crop.
I'll walk in the shadows of your world
watching everything that you do.
I'll corrupt everything and everyone you ever knew.
I'll make you give up on hope,
you'll have nothing, not even
your soul when I'm through.

By: Cassius Ali


    You held me back from feeling like myself. You tormented me
    all through the day with thoughts of despair.
    You make it even worse in the night with thoughts of worry.
    Thinking everything will go wrong.
    You hurt my body with fatigue and pain that drags me down.
    The only facial expression you allow is a frown.
    You've made me feel my family didn't care about me.
    You built a wall around me so dark I couldn't see.
    Here I am now broken and lost
    thanks to you.
    Still, my heart and life isn't through.
    After all the pain that drove me insane
    I'll keep fighting no matter what you do.

    By: Cassius Ali

Did you hit that?

You said that girl was going to be your lady.
I think you act real shady.
You told her lots of lies,
You told her you're a vegetarian.
I saw you at the burger shack
During all you can eat.
You told her you could dance but you have two left feet.
When the lies didn't work
You acted like a jerk.
Told her you couldn't be friends any more
The truth was if you weren't having sex
you thought the relationship was a bore.
The truth for once, did you hit that?
Oh, I already know you didn't
cause I checked your stats.
The Lady shouldn't worry her head,
You're a fake and probably bad in bed.
You lied about being her friend.
Saying good-bye to you is
how this story will end.

By: Cassius Ali

Don't take my heart

Don't take my heart with you.
You told me you wanted to go.
You said I was holding you back, you needed
to grow.
Don't take my heart with you.
I can be all you ever wanted.
Everything you'll ever need.
I'll starve to give you more.
You're the person my heart adores.
Please don't pack your bags; I don't want you to go.
If there is someone else for me
I don't want to know.
You told me I was no longer your dream.
How could a love so sweet
Treat a heart so mean?
You want to walk away that wasn't the plan.
How can this be?
I thought I was your man.
Don't take my heart with you.
You want to move on, I know it's true.
I'll never love anyone else,
not the way I love you.

By: Cassius Ali


Excerpted from The Last Word by Cassius Ali Copyright © 2012 by Cassius Ali. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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