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The Law of Attraction: How it Really Works ... Honest!

The Law of Attraction: How it Really Works ... Honest!

by Tim Hoehn


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The Law of Attraction is an amazing universal law that has been working in your life since the day you were born - probably without your direct knowledge. Simply stated it says that you attract into your life what you think about and focus your attention on; that thoughts become things! Once you grasp that basic principle and correctly learn how to proactively use this law, your life will never be the same and will be what YOU want it to be.

Many have read about this law, given it a try, and not had great success. The reasons vary, but my research indicated that mostly it is due to an incomplete understanding of how this law actually works and manifests itself in your life.

This book contains information crucial to your personal success with this law. When you understand how this law MUST work in harmony with all of the other laws of nature, you will then have the key to deploying it successfully into your life forever.

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ISBN-13: 9780989275101
Publisher: SeaDog Press, LLC
Publication date: 04/25/2013
Pages: 210
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

This is the first book I have written and I'm kind of getting to the party a little late in life I guess. As I write this, I am in my mid-sixties having just recently discovered the full reality of the great truth of the wonderful Law of Attraction. I decided to use it as the first book in a series of four that will lead you on a journey to "Becoming the Captain of Your Destiny".

I have a religious background with a bible college degree and I am also a mechanical engineer. I have not done any pastoral work for close to twenty years now, but spent twenty-five years in pastoral ministry immediately after graduating from college.

At the conclusion of my pastoral years, I actually gave up on organized religion, being very discouraged by what I perceived to be an institution that had lost its way. Sadly, almost as a proof of what I had observed, none of my colleagues with whom I had been very close friends for decades would even return my phone calls of continuing friendship. I was at a loss to explain to my children why their friends were now ignoring them.

But my spiritual life is so much richer today than it has ever been, and I feel more aligned with God and the universe than I ever have. I know that all of my past life experiences have been specifically orchestrated to bring me to this time because I have something very important to contribute.

I guess the dichotomy of my career as an engineer and a devout student of the Bible and other spiritual writings has uniquely positioned me to be able to understand in great detail the spiritual side of this law along with the quantum mechanics side of the universe that works in harmonious concert with this law. These two things are inextricably and eternally intertwined and are awe-inspiring.

My only request of you, the reader, is that you try to set aside preconceived notions about this law and approach it with an open mind and genuine, childlike, curiosity. I think you will be happy with your discoveries.

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