The Letters to Timothy and Titus

The Letters to Timothy and Titus

by Robert W. Yarbrough


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The Pastoral Letters—1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus—have made an enduring contribution to understanding the role of pastors in the church. With a spirited devotion to the text, Robert Yarbrough helps unlock the meaning of these short but rich letters in this commentary.

In keeping with the character of Pillar New Testament Commentary volumes, The Letters to Timothy and Titus offers a straightforward reading of these texts. Their primary concerns—God, salvation, and the pastoral task—remain central to Yarbrough’s thorough and comprehensive exegesis. Engaging with the best scholarship and resources, Yarbrough shows how these letters are as relevant today as they were to the early Christians. 

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ISBN-13: 9780802837332
Publisher: Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
Publication date: 09/25/2018
Series: Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC) Series
Pages: 608
Sales rank: 921,984
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About the Author

Robert W. Yarbrough is professor of New Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, coeditor of the Baker Exegetical New Testament Commentary series, and coauthor of the widely used textbook Encountering the New Testament.

Table of Contents

List of Tables ix

Editors Preface xiii

Author's Preface xv

Abbreviations xix

Bibliography xxiii

Introduction 1

I The Pastoral Heritage and the Pastoral Epistles: Eight Theses 1

II History, Exegesis, and Theology: The Primacy of God in the PE 11

III God the Father in the PE 16

A God the Father in 1 Timothy 16

B God the Father in 2 Timothy 17

C God the Father in Titus 18

IV God the Son in the PE 19

A Jesus in 1 Timothy 19

B Jesus in 2 Timothy 22

C Jesus in Titus 24

V God the Spirit and His Fruit in the PE 24

A The Spirit in the PE 25

B The Spirits Work in the PE 25

VI Paul as Working Pastor: Exposing an Open Ethical Secret 28

A Introduction 28

B The Prominence of Work in the PE 30

C Paul as Worker: Contemporary Discussion 40

D Concluding Observations 41

VII Places and Their Connection with the PE 46

A Ephesus 46

B Crete 49

VIII People in the PE 51

A Titus 51

B Timothy 53

C Paul 56

IX Key Terms and Phrases in the PE 60

A Savior, Salvation 60

B Godliness 62

C Trustworthy Sayings 64

D Sound Doctrine 65

X Questions of Introduction 67

A The Orientation of This Commentary 67

B The Authorship Question 69

C A Pre-New Look Vantage Point 78

D Pauline Authorship of the PE in Global Christian Perspective 87

The Letter of 1 Timothy

The Text and Title of 1 Timothy 93

Commentary on 1 Timothy 96

I Greeting (1:1-2) 96

II Rallying Timothy's Resolve (1:3-20) 100

A Timothy Charged to Oppose False Teachers (1:3-11) 101

B The Lord's Grace to Paul (1:12-17) 119

C The Charge to Timothy Renewed (1:18-20) 130

III Order in Church and Life (2:1-6:2a) 137

A Instructions on Worship (2:1-15) 137

B Qualifications for Overseers and Deacons (3:1-13) 189

C Reasons for Paul's Instructions (3:14-4:16) 215

D Subgroup Care: Widows, Elders, Slaves (5:1-6:2a) 256

IV Final Clarification and Exhortation (6:2b-21) 305

A False Teachers and the Love of Money (6:2b-10) 306

B Final Charge to Timothy (6:11-21) 320

The Letter of 2 Timothy

The Text and Title of 2 Timothy 345

Commentary on 2 Timothy 347

I Greeting and Reasons for Writing (1:1-18) 347

A Greeting (1:1-2) 347

B Thanksgiving (1:3-5) 350

C Appeal for Loyalty to Paul and the Gospel (1:6-14) 354

D Examples of Disloyalty and Loyalty (1:15-18) 367

II Priorities for Timothy (2:1-3:9) 369

A The Appeal Renewed (2:1-13) 370

B Dealing with False Teachers (2:14-3:9) 383

III Concluding Reminders, Instructions, and Greetings (3:10-4:22) 417

A A Final Charge to Timothy (3:10-4:8) 417

B Personal Remarks (4:9-18) 446

C Final Greetings (4:19-22) 456

The Letter of Titus

The Text and Title of Titus 463

Commentary on Titus 465

I Greeting (1:1-4) 465

II Confirmation of Titus's Mission (1:5-9) 475

III Description of the Gospel's Opponents (1:10-16) 490

IV Summary for Pastoral Direction (2:1-10) 504

V Motivation for Ministry (2:11-15) 524

VI Standing Orders for Believers (3:1-11) 536

VII Closing Requests and Blessing (3:12-15) 556


I Subjects 561

II Authors 565

III Scripture References 570

IV Extrabiblical Literature 600

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