The Lieutenant Reim Collection Set (Reim 1 - 5): An East German Spy Series

The Lieutenant Reim Collection Set (Reim 1 - 5): An East German Spy Series

by Max Hertzberg
The Lieutenant Reim Collection Set (Reim 1 - 5): An East German Spy Series

The Lieutenant Reim Collection Set (Reim 1 - 5): An East German Spy Series

by Max Hertzberg


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All the Lieutenant Reim Books (Reim 1 - 5)

1. Stasi Vice

For Lieutenant Reim of the Stasi, life in East Berlin is a satisfying blend of days behind a desk and nights in front of a bottle.

But when a senior officer has a messy affair, it falls to Reim to do the clearing up. It's a straightforward job. Lean on a few people to get them to shut up. Intimidate neighbours, bribe officials and appeal to the socialist conscience of Party members. But as Reim starts his interrogations, he realises his boss is hiding more than just a lover. Reim investigates his superior-and what he uncovers puts his own life at risk.

2. Operation Oskar

Lieutenant Reim of the Stasi is down in the dumps. Literally.

Sent to Schöneiche landfill site on a punishment assignment, Reim soon discovers Soviet soldiers searching the tip for porn, Westerners smuggling cigarettes and a truck driver with something to hide.

Determined to find out more, Reim is soon caught up in a case that takes him over the Berlin Wall to the capitalist West. But when the KGB and the British occupation forces in Berlin begin to take an interest, Reim has to ask whether Operation Oskar is worth risking his life for.

3. Berlin Centre

A West German police officer defects to the GDR, bringing evidence of a mole in the Stasi.

As rumours of a Western spy spread through Berlin Centre, Reim is sent to Bonn on a mission to catch a mole he doesn't want to find - does his reluctance to investigate have anything to do with the secrets he'd prefer remained hidden?

4. Baltic Approach

When the West German, Werner Seiffert, crosses the Berlin Wall to ask for an agent by name, the Stasi want to know why.

Lieutenant Reim is haunted by the deaths of two of his colleagues, but has to leave his ghosts behind when he's ordered to find and arrest Seiffert.

He follows the trail north to a seaside hotel populated by spies and winter holiday makers, but is the man Reim tracks down the one he was sent to find? And can the West German force the Stasi to re-open a case that Reim had hoped was closed forever?

5. Rostock Connection

Rumours of a mole in the Stasi's foreign intelligence wing just won't go away, and once again Lieutenant Reim is tasked with investigating.

But six months after he first heard reports of a Western agent in the ranks of the Stasi, he's no closer to finding enough evidence against the officer he believes to be responsible for the leaks.

To find the traitor and close the case, Reim has to go deeper undercover than ever before-but will he survive the final showdown with the agent he's tracked across the Iron Curtain?

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ISBN-13: 9781913125196
Publisher: Ov Press
Publication date: 04/01/2022
Series: Reim
Pages: 816
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 2.02(d)
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