The Little Book of Bridge: Learn How to Play, Score, and Win

The Little Book of Bridge: Learn How to Play, Score, and Win

by Brent Manley


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A comprehensive guide to the classic card game of bridge, including an overview of the basics, tips and techniques how to play—and strategies to win; perfect for new bridge players and experienced pros alike.

Bridge is all about memory, bidding, and skill. It is one of the most popular card games in the world, and is played by millions of people worldwide in tournaments, clubs, and cruises, as well as online. New to the world of bridge? No problem! Learning any new game can be challenging, especially one as complicated as bridge. But mastering a complex game can be very rewarding. Whether you are a complete novice or a casual player looking to brush up on your skills and techniques, The Little Book of Bridge can help you play your cards right and get ahead in this classic game.

With a comprehensive breakdown of all the cards involved in the game, detailed information on scoring, tips on how to improve your skills, strategies for winning, and a tear-away cheat sheet, this guide will have even the newest bridge enthusiast winning in no time flat.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781507207994
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 06/26/2018
Series: The Little Book of
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 636,437
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Brent Manley is the editor-in-chief of The Bridge Bulletin, the bridge magazine with the world's largest circulation published by the American Contract Bridge League. He has been on the staff of the magazine since 1989 and has been editor since 1997. A tournament bridge player since 1975, his master point holdings put him in the top five percent of tournament players. He has written extensively about the game for more than a decade and edited most of the world's best-known bridge writers. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Part 1 Bridge Basics 9

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Game 11

Getting Started: Bridge Basics 13

Be a Good Partner 15

How to Use This Book 15

Chapter 2 Key Points to Get Started 17

Bridge Jargon 17

A Quick Summary 18

Let's Play 19

How the Bidding Works 20

Listen Closely 22

How You Play a Contract 24

Scoring 29

Part 2 Bidding, the Language of Bridge 33

Chapter 3 Communicating at the Table 35

Choosing a Bidding System 35

High-Card Points and Their Importance 37

Every Bid (or Pass) Communicates 39

Major or Minor Opening? 41

The Captaincy Principle 42

The Importance of Shape 45

Openers at the Two Level and Higher 49

Chapter 4 Your First Auction 53

Partner's First Response 54

Major or Minor Opening? 55

Opener's First Rebid 61

Chapter 5 Competitive Bidding 66

The Opponents Open the Bidding 66

Principles of Overcalling 67

Takeout Doubles 71

Other Competitive Doubles 74

Responding to Partner's Overcall 78

Balancing 80

You Open and They Compete 82

Chapter 6 Useful Bidding Tools and Other Pointers 85

Responding to a Takeout Double 85

The Doubler's Second Call 90

Competing Against Preempts 95

The Rule of Eight 96

Cuebids 98

In the Balancing Seat 102

Part 3 The Play of the Hand 105

Chapter 7 Declarer's Priorities 107

Card Play 107

Spotting Entries 108

Unblocking and Counting Cards 111

Delayed Winners and Counting Losers 116

Chapter 8 When You're on Defense 121

Listening to the Auction 121

Opening Leads on Defense 126

Opening Leads Against No-Trump Contracts 126

The Opponents Have Used Stayman 128

Leads Against Competitive No-Trump Contracts 131

Part 4 Duplicate Bridge and Resources for Further Study 137

Chapter 9 Why Duplicate? 139

Duplicate Basics 139

Scoring Differences 143

Why Duplicate? 148

Chapter 10 Resources to Improve Your Game 153

Bridge-Related Websites 153

Personal Websites 154

Online Bridge Play 155

Bridge Magazines 156

Recommended Books 156

American Bridge Association 158

ACBL 158

Glossary 159

Index 174

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