The Lonely Dead

The Lonely Dead

by April Henry


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ISBN-13: 9781250157577
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Publication date: 01/29/2019
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 60,598
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

April Henry is the New York Times bestselling author of many acclaimed mysteries for adults and young adults, including the YA novels Girl, Stolen and The Night She Disappeared and the thriller Face of Betrayal, co-authored with Lis Wiehl. She lives in Oregon.

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The Lonely Dead 2.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
JadedStar 26 days ago
Unfortunately, I read this. I'm sorry to say this so bluntly, but this sucked. It read like an early-middle grade and not YA. The writing is lazy, and the characters are dull and undeveloped. The story was not fleshed out well, and the characters' reactions were absolutely unrealistic. It was very plain and simple which is disappointing because it had so much potential. I only kept reading because the story was about ghosts. I used to write stories and poems many years ago, and I've had a few ideas for books but I'm hesitant to write one for fear it will turn out like this.
Readingjunky 4 months ago
This reviewer eagerly awaits all new books by April Henry. THE LONELY DEAD did not disappoint. Adele can't believe she has become the main suspect in the death of her ex-best friend Tori. True, Adele was caught kissing Tori's boy friend during a drunken game of hide and seek, but that was an accident. It was on the way home from the party that Adele came face to face with the dead Tori. Thanks to an inherited ability from her mother and grandmother, Adele sees the images of the dead tethered to their remains. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, Adele doesn't see the images if she takes her medication, but recently she stopped, claiming to feel more like herself without the drug. The result - Tori appears to Adele tethered to her dead body buried in a shallow grave in the woods. Tori begs Adele to help find her killer. A call from a nearby payphone sends the police to the woods where Tori's body is recovered and funeral proceedings follow. Adele continues to communicate with Tori's ghost attempting to find out the truth. Adele's decision to report Tori's death backfires as police repeatedly question her about her presence in the woods after her confrontation with Tori at the party. Not able to explain her visions of the dead, Adele begins to doubt her own innocence and believes it might be easier to simply confess. THE LONELY DEAD is classic April Henry with page-turning suspense and spot-on details. This may be my favorite yet.
book_junkee 5 months ago
I had read a couple of April’s other books and I loved this premise, sadly I was pretty disappointed. Also, two stars might be too high. I wanted to like Adele, but her inner monologue was not something I could settle into. I get that she’s struggling with family history and current events, yet I didn’t feel empathy. All of the other characters are clichéd and flat. No one felt fleshed out and developed as they should have been. Plot wise, it was very boring. The reveals were obvious and everything felt dumbed down. And not because I’m not the target audience, more like the reader wasn’t expected to be able to figure it out. There wasn’t a sense of urgency or tension that I expected from a story like this. Overall, it was an intriguing premise, but the execution didn’t work for me. FYI: lots of talk about schizophrenia, mental illness, taking medication, and references to being “plump”. All of this was done in perhaps not the best way. **Huge thanks to Henry Holt for providing the arc free of charge**